5 Instagram Cats Wearing ‘Mustaches’ For Movember

(Picture Credit: Westend61/Getty Images)

Every year, November is transformed into Movember. What’s Movember, you ask? Well, it’s a month-long event that involves people growing mustaches–mustaches plus November equals Movember.

The focus on facial hair is to bring awareness to men’s health issues like prostate and testicular cancer, as well as mental health problems and suicide.

What’s this got to do with cats, you might well be asking ask this point? The answer is simple: There exists a clowder of fine felines who pride themselves on their fantastic mustaches–as this photo roundup shows. (Aside: Spare a thought for those totally hairless felines.)

Here are some cats with glorious mustaches to help raise awareness of Movember.

1. Hamilton The Hipster Cat

Hamilton is one of the original social media stars. His claim to fame is his finely-tuned mustache, which is twisted up at the very ends in an oh-so-stylish manner.

As November is also election month in the United States, here’s a snap of Hamilton using his fame to encourage fans to do the right thing and vote.

2. Tom Selleck The Cat

If you were told that there was a cat called Tom Selleck, you might naturally assume that there was some degree of fantastic facial hair going on with the feline. In this case, you’d be right!

Tom Selleck The Cat is a dapper tuxedo kitty who sports the sort of dramatic black mustache that would be a hit in any self-respecting ’80s action caper.

3. Mr. Mustachio

Another image-conscious feline with a thing for facial hair, here’s Mr. Mustachio. He’s a former feral who now lives the cozy life in his forever home with a number of siblings.

We have it on good authority that Mr. Mustachio’s pencil line ‘stache is all his own work.

4. Snyder

If you were able to cultivate a mustache as rarefied as Synder’s, you too would parade around town showing it off, right?

5. Sabitan

Finally, feast your eyes on Sabitan.

He’s a tuxedo chap from Tokyo who likes to claim that he’s created a “four leaf clover mustache,” although in reality it looks more like a pretty sketchy goatee.

Does your cat have a beautiful, natural mustache? Are you celebrating Movember with your mustache-wearing feline? Let us know in the comments below!

Jayne Taylor

Jayne started out as a veterinary nurse before she had her son, Joshua, and later her daughter Lily. Jayne is a passionate cat lover and has two fur-babies in Max and Silky. She admits to have a particular soft spot for russian blue cats and says she does her best not to make Max jealous when she pays special attention to Silky her russian blue. While Jayne was on maternity leave she noticed it wasn't easy to find the information she wanted about her beloved animal so she decided to start Cat Informer!

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