5 Tips For Travelling With Your Cat

Many people love traveling and being cat parents it is difficult for them to leave their cats under someone else’s protection and care. The best solution is to carry your cat with you and for that, you have to keep in mind some traveling tips to make your job easier we have mentioned the 5 tips for traveling with your cat in this blog.

5 Tips For Travelling With Your Cat
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If you follow and take care of the below-mentioned tips while traveling with your cat then it will not only make your travel easier and smoother but will be good for both of you.

1. You Need To Have A Correct Cat Carrier

You will find a lot of cat carriers in the market but among those you have to find the best cat carrier for your cat so that you can easily take your cat anywhere with you.

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Make sure to buy a cat carrier that has a front and top opening so that your cat gets ample fresh air while traveling and also makes it easy to take your cat out of the carrier without any hassle. You can also place a blanket inside the carrier so that your cat stays warm as it loves warm places. Make sure you give the carrier a try before traveling so that you see whether it is perfect for your cat and also to ensure that your cat gets used to it.

Get a large carrier in which your cat can easily stand and if you have a large cat then you should prefer to buy dog carrier bags for their comfort and safety.

2. Consult the Veterinarian If You Have An Anxious Cat

Cats are quite sensitive when it comes to mental health as they easily get anxious or depressed when you don’t give them enough attention or do not look after them.

Anxious Cat
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So, before going on a journey make sure you take your cat to its veterinarian so that he/she guides you regarding how to cure or prevent anxiety. The veterinarian will suggest you the following medicines according to your cat’s health and age:

  • Alprazolam
  • Solliquin
  • Buprenorphine
  • Gabapentin

3. Get Enough Cleaning Supplies

Accidents are bound to happen on trips so you have to always be well-prepared for what’s to come. So, make sure you carry some extra blankets and towels with you while you and your cat are traveling.

Get Enough Cleaning Supplies
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Carry water, cleaner, and paper towels if you are traveling by car because you might need to clean up the cat’s urine, urine, or stool. The towels or blankets can also act as absorbents in the cat’s carrier in case you need them.

And if you are traveling by air with your cat, you should carry some unscented baby wipes or wipes designed for cats as it will be enough for cleaning your cat on the plane.

4. Carry Your Cat’s Litterbox

Litterbox is an essential product that might be very much important product needed by your cat on a journey.

Cat in a litter box
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You have to be sure that you carry the litterbox and litter that you usually use for your cat as your cat might refuse to use some other litter or litterbox and will always prefer the one it is used to. As they can smell and identify whether it is their own litterbox and litter or not.

5. Carry Your Cat’s Favorite Toys and Treats

Your cat’s smell can identify whether the things around it are its usual thing or not. So, to make your cat happy make sure you carry its favorite toys, blankets, and treats with you so that it feels at home even while traveling.

Cat with a toy
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Carrying your cat’s favorite toy and blanket will make them feel at ease and will also ensure that they have a happy, safe, and comfortable journey.

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We hope we have provided you with some important and essential tips that you need to focus on while traveling with your cat by car or by plane. Just make sure you take care of these tips and have a safe journey with your feline friend.

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