7 Best Cat Litter Subscription Services In 2023

Being a cat owner and keeping a check on your cat’s litter can sometimes be hectic and worrisome as you will have to keep yourself reminded of when the litter ends. But all these issues are solved by cat litter subscription services that ensure you get the cat litter delivered to your doorstep on a timely basis. So, in this blog, we have mentioned the 7 Best Cat Litter Subscription Services In 2023.

7 Best Cat Litter Subscription Services In 2023
image source: World Animal Foundation

List Of 7 Best Cat Litter Subscription Services In 2023

  1. Chewy
  2. Kitty Poo Club
  3. Tuft and Paw
  4. Catalyst Pet Cat Litter Subscription
  5. Pretty Litter
  6. Boxiecat
  7. Skoon All Natural Cat Litter

7 Best Cat Litter Subscription Services In 2023

1. Chewy

image source: Chewy.com
  • Chewy is not a proper cat litter brand but it is rather a cat product shopping website where you can find ample products related to your cat including cat litter.
  • Chewy allows you to select a subscription to any of the cat litter brands and have the litter delivered to your doorstep on a timely basis.
  • It is not specific or confined to a particular brand as you get the chance to select and choose a cat litter for your cat among a variety of cat litter brands.
  • It also gives you the benefit of switching to another cat litter brand if you are not satisfied with the previous one that you subscribed to.

2. Kitty Poo Club

Kitty Poo Club
image source: kittypooclub.com
  • Kitty Poo Club allows you to customize your cat litter subscription box according to your need and requirements.
  • You also get to choose from Basic, Purrfect, and Super bundle which starts from $19.59, and with these subscriptions, you get a disposable litter box filled with your desired litter delivered to your doorstep every month.
  • You can choose from a variety of litter which includes clay, silica, diatomite, fine-grain litter, and organic soy litter and you can also opt-out from buying a litter box and only go for litter bags.
  • It also allows you to add your desired goodies or add-ons such as cat toys, scooper, etc. added to your bundle.

3. Tuft and Paw

Tuft and Paw
image source: tuftandpaw.com
  • This brand of cat litter allows you to get access to its amazing flushable, ultra-low tracking pellets, and minimal cat litter that is perfect for your cat.
  • This litter is made of non-toxic ingredients that as a soybean by-product called tofu.
  • This cat litter is environment friendly as you do not have to bury it in the land rather it is flushable and disintegrates easily in water.
  • You can get this cat litter bag every month at the price of $29 which is the starting subscription of 1 month’s supply. You can also choose a 3-month subscription which allows you to save 10% and pay $79 only.

4. Catalyst Pet Cat Litter Subscription

Catalyst Pet Cat Litter
image source: catalystpet.com
  • Catalyst Cat Litter allows you to choose from three varieties of cat litter; Healthy cat, multi-cat, and unscented and you can buy the one you need according to your requirement.
  • It is a sustainable cat litter that has been created from upcycled softwood fiber and has features like superior odor control, great clumping, low dust, and lightweight.
  • It also saves you from spending extra money as one pound of catalyst litter is 4 lbs of clay litter and has got two times more absorption.
  • It allows you to subscribe to 10lb cat litter every month starting from $19 and for 4 months you get 14 lbs for $49.40.

5. Pretty Litter

Pretty Litter
image source: prettylitter.com
  • Pretty Litter brings to you the world’s smartest litter that has got great health monitoring features.
  • It accesses and analyzes your cat’s urine and tracks and monitors the health of your cat by changing the color of the litter signifying if your cat has any problem.
  • It is made of silica gel which ensures that eliminates odor, absorbs moisture, is lightweight, and is convenient.
  • You get the subscription services of pretty litter for a single cat starting at $24 per month and for 3 cats starting at $66 per month.

6. Boxiecat

image source: Amazon
  • Boxiecat brand brings you two versions of its super amazing litter; one is lightweight plant-based litter and the other is Boxiecat premium clay.
  • In addition to this, you get a choice to buy from different types of litter which are BoxiePro, Boxiecat Extra Strength, Boxiecat Scent-Free, and Boxiecat Gentle Scented.
  • With a one-time purchase, you get the desired litter delivered to your doorstep easily.
  • It doesn’t provide any trial as it has a one-time feature available for you.

7. Skoon All Natural Cat Litter

Skoon All Natural Cat Litter
image source: skooncatlitter.com
  • This brand presents itself as an environment-friendly and all-natural cat litter brand that is made of a different material called diatom pebbles.
  • It is a biodegradable litter that is completely safe for your cat and doesn’t contain any chemicals and is 100% odor control litter.
  • This comes in original, lavender, and fine-grain variants and all you have to do is choose your litter and enter the number of cats you have for trying this brand for free.
  • Moreover, it is hypoallergenic and dust-free, you can choose to get a disposable litter box along with your litter delivered to your doorstep.


We hope you can get rid of constant buying of litter everytime as these cat litter subscriptions will make your life much easier and deliver the cat litter to your doorstep every month.

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