About us

Welcome to Cat Informer, where we specialize in information about cat care, health, wellbeing and treatments, toys and accessories and providing you with recommendations of the best cat products available.

We are an international team who all have a passion for cats having grown up surrounded by them we all know what superb pets and companions they make.

Our mission is to provide the very best in information about cats whether it is cat beds or flea treatments for cats we have you covered. We know that whether it is taking care of a kitten or dealing with feline urinary tract infection you want the best for your furry friend. We am to provide you with relevant information and advice about the best products in the market to assist you.

Our entire team are long time cat lovers who have a long history of nurturing healthy cats, know a lot about different cat breeds and make practical recommendations and advice for both you and your feline.

With our leading experienced team, you can trust that you are in the best hands with the latest information to help not only keep your cat in a healthy condition but also to help you with the knowledge you need.

In addition to cat care and product recommendations we also have a range of eBooks available and for those who want some quick entertainment, be sure to check out our range of cat videos.

Our Team

Jayne Taylor

Jayne is the co-founder of Cat Informer along with her brother Ethan. She is a passionate cat lover and mum to Joshua and Lily.

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Ethan Davies

When Jayne’s brother Ethan heard she was developing Cat Informer he was not going to miss out on being involved. Both Ethan and Jayne grew up with cats thanks to their mother who adored them as low maintenance pets.

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Mary Sullivan

Mary’s love of cats came from growing up with her grandmother who loved cats so much they seemed to adopt her! Mary has her grandmother to thank for instilling a love of cats in her.

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