100 Aesthetic Russian Blue Cat Names (Male & Female)

100 Aesthetic Russian Blue Cat Names (Male & Female)

Russian Blue cats are known for their blue-gray coat, green eyes, and physique. Naturally, with so many good qualities, it is essential that you also provide them with an aesthetic moniker. Hence, we’ve curated this list of 100 aesthetic names for Russian Blue Cats!

Aesthetic Russian Cat Names

ClassicalFemaleMaleFemale (Personality)Male (Personality)

10 Aesthetic Russian Cat Names: Classical

  1. Anastasia (Greek, meaning “resurrection”)
  2. Boris (Slavic, meaning “short”)
  3. Dimitri (Greek, meaning “earth-lover”)
  4. Ivan (Slavic, meaning “God is gracious”)
  5. Nikolai (Slavic, meaning “victorious people”)
  6. Sergei (Slavic, meaning “protector”)
  7. Svetlana (Slavic, meaning “light”)
  8. Tatiana (Latin, meaning “fairy queen”)
  9. Vasily (Slavic, meaning “kingly”)
  10. Yuri (Slavic, meaning “farmer”)

20 Aesthetic Russian Cat Names: Female Cats

  1. Anastasia (Russian royalty)
  2. Svetlana (Russian for “light”)
  3. Nastya (Russian nickname for Anastasia)
  4. Galina (Russian for “calm”)
  5. Irina (Russian for “peace”)
  6. Yana (Russian for “God is gracious”)
  7. Luda (Russian for “famous battle-maiden”)
  8. Natasha (Russian for “birthday”)
  9. Tanya (Russian for “fairy queen”)
  10. Zoya (Russian for “life”)
  11. Katya (Russian for “pure”)
  12. Elena (Russian for “bright, shining light”)
  13. Alena (Russian variant of Elena)
  14. Vera (Russian for “faith”)
  15. Oksana (Russian for “praise be to God”)
  16. Sveta (Russian for “star”)
  17. Daria (Russian for “queenly”)
  18. Lila (Russian for “God is mine”)
  19. Polina (Russian for “small”)
  20. Yulia (Russian for “downy-bearded”)

20 Aesthetic Russian Cat Names: Male Cats

  1. Ivan (Russian for “God is gracious”)
  2. Dmitry (Russian for “earth-worker”)
  3. Alexei (Russian for “defender”)
  4. Nikolai (Russian for “victorious people”)
  5. Sergei (Russian for “protector”)
  6. Roman (Russian for “citizen of Rome”)
  7. Vitaly (Russian for “of life”)
  8. Boris (Russian for “short”)
  9. Ivan (Russian for “God is gracious”)
  10. Vadim (Russian for “ruler”)
  11. Andrei (Russian for “manly, brave”)
  12. Vasily (Russian for “kingly”)
  13. Yury (Russian for “farmer”)
  14. Maxim (Russian for “greatest”)
  15. Pavel (Russian for “small”)
  16. Oleg (Russian for “holy”)
  17. Stanislav (Russian for “stand with glory”)
  18. Konstantin (Russian for “steady, constant”)
  19. Mikhail (Russian for “who is like God”)
  20. Artem (Russian for “bear”)

25 Aesthetic Russian Cat Names: Female (Personality)

  1. Luda (Russian for “famous warrior”)
  2. Nika (Russian for “victory”)
  3. Mila (Russian for “dear one”)
  4. Tanya (Russian for “fairy queen”)
  5. Sonya (Russian for “wisdom”)
  6. Darya (Russian for “wealthy”)
  7. Oksana (Russian for “praise be to God”)
  8. Yana (Russian for “God is gracious”)
  9. Zoya (Russian for “life”)
  10. Masha (Russian for “of the sea”)
  11. Irina (Russian for “peace”)
  12. Natalia (Russian for “birthday”)
  13. Galina (Russian for “calm”)
  14. Svetlana (Russian for “light”)
  15. Anfisa (Russian for “bringer of good news”)
  16. Ulyana (Russian for “well-born, of noble birth”)
  17. Elena (Russian for “light”)
  18. Yulia (Russian for “downy-bearded”)
  19. Nastya (Russian for “resurrection”)
  20. Alena (Russian for “fair, good-looking”)
  21. Polina (Russian for “small”)
  22. Katya (Russian for “pure”)
  23. Liza (Russian for “God is my oath”)
  24. Vera (Russian for “faith”)
  25. Varvara (Russian for “stranger”)

25 Russian Cat Names: Male (Personality)

  1. Ivan (Russian for “God is gracious”)
  2. Boris (Russian for “short”)
  3. Alexei (Russian for “defender”)
  4. Nikolai (Russian for “victorious people”)
  5. Dimitri (Russian for “earth-worker”)
  6. Sergei (Russian for “protector”)
  7. Vadim (Russian for “ruler”)
  8. Yuri (Russian for “farmer”)
  9. Pyotr (Russian for “rock”)
  10. Denis (Russian for “follower of Dionysus”)
  11. Rostislav (Russian for “bright glory”)
  12. Valery (Russian for “strong, healthy”)
  13. Oleg (Russian for “holy”)
  14. Arseny (Russian for “virile”)
  15. Maksim (Russian for “greatest”)
  16. Fyodor (Russian for “gift of God”)
  17. Konstantin (Russian for “constant, steadfast”)
  18. Roman (Russian for “Roman”)
  19. Andrei (Russian for “warrior”)
  20. Anatoly (Russian for “sunrise”)
  21. Viktor (Russian for “victor”)
  22. Pavel (Russian for “small”)
  23. Gennady (Russian for “well-born”)
  24. Ivan (Russian for “God is gracious”)
  25. Dmitry (Russian for “earth-worker”)

We hope you were able to provide your cat with a great moniker that suits them. Feel free to check out our other cat-naming articles as well as information articles on our website!

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