5 Best Natural Antibiotics for Cats

Cats have strong immunity against various diseases. However, they are not immune to infections and bacteria that can make them sick. Therefore, antibiotics work as a shield against these agents. 

Currently, cat parents are more interested in natural antibiotics for cats. In this article, we will discuss if natural antibiotics are safe for cats and whether they can take the place of pharmaceutical antibiotics or not. 

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8 Flowers and Air-purifying Plants That Are Safe for Cats

If you have plants or flowers at home and see your cat smelling or chewing it, you might be curious if it is safe for the cat. Yes, most of the plants are safe for cats, but there are some risk factors too. 

Did you know that certain plants and flowers can be dangerous for your cat? While normal plants might cause a mild stomach upset, some plants are toxic for cats and can cause serious health issues. 

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How Well Do Cats and Dogs Hear?

Dogs and cats are a special category when it comes to hearing. So, first of all, let me clarify that both dogs and cats hear better than us, especially in the upper ranges. You might have noticed they can be nowhere in sight yet never miss the opening of a packet of chips or cookies. 

Of course, cats and dogs have selective hearing when it comes to us. However, their sense of hearing is phenomenal, so it will seem that most dogs and cats will only hear us when they want to. 

So now the question arises, do dogs hear better than cats, or do cats hear better than dogs? Let’s find out! 

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Diabetes Mellitus in Cats: the Ultimate Solution

Diabetes mellitus is a potentially debilitating condition in cats. This disorder is mostly seen in obese cats of around seven years old. In addition, cats that diet high on carbohydrates are prone to this disorder. 

Typically, diabetes in cats occurs when the cells develop resistance to insulin, a hormone that aids the entry of glucose to cells. This raises the glucose levels in the bloodstream. 

Diabetic cats mostly suffer from Type II diabetes. In this case, the body cells no longer respond to insulin which leads to elevated levels of glucose.

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Types and Facts About Siamese Cats

The Siamese cats are a unique breed among the cat family. You might have already seen them before- blue-eyed, long neck, unique coat etc. They are very affectionate towards their owners. Being an intelligent breed, you can train them quite easily. 

The Siamese cats are born all white or cream-coloured. However, Siamese cats change colour after birth as the week progresses. Talking about colours, there are 32 different types of colours seen in Siamese cats to date. 

Let’s find out about the different types of Siamese cats according to their personality and colours- 

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Best Cat Carrier for Cats Who Hate Carriers [2021 Edition]

Cats are not known for being affectionate towards their owners. They can be pretty standoffish and even hostile at times. When you try to put your cat in a carrier, they might panic. Also, it looks like they want to scratch your eyes out.

If you’re a cat owner, you know the struggle of trying to get your cat into its carrier. Especially when your cat is nervous or stressed! It can be an absolute nightmare! So this article will tell you all about the best cat carrier for cats who hate carriers.

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What Is Catnip: Obtain the Best Use of it

Anyone who has zero knowledge of catnip (other names: Cataria, Nepeta Cataria) can assume that this is a safe weed that gets your cat high. The feline species contract relaxed and happier by inhaling the nepetalactone substance of the herb. 

If you are curious about catnip, this article is to clear all your doubts about this herb. If you feed your feline friend with catnip, you shall also learn to control the dosage, as too much catnip will give your cat an upset tummy. 

Feline species are genetically attracted to this plant. It is funny how cats act drunk after consuming the herb as they roll, meow, growl and vocalizes. Some cats get energetic and start running and jumping. However, 33% of the cat species do not seem to react to this at all. 

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13 Reasons Why Your Cat Disappears Suddenly

Cats are very independent animals, and they can look after themselves. That is why the owners allow the cat to go out and roam themselves. They often return when they get hungry and do not go missing for more than a few hours. 

Most cats happily return home before it gets dark and they make themselves comfortable. When they are out, they stick to their territory and play around the house. 

Unfortunately, this is not always true that cats will come back. Sometimes they go disappearing for days leading the owners to many sleepless nights. Why have they gone missing? How to prevent them from disappearing?

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How Long Can CATS Go Without EATING?

Cats normally get hungry very often and the owners need to feed them repeatedly. But it seems unusual when they refuse to eat or go without eating for a day.

You need to know about your feline friend’s food habits to look after them better. Sometimes this might be normal for cats not to eat, but cats stop eating for some health reasons in many cases. Should you worry if your cat stops eating? Let us know how to deal with it.

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Maine Coon vs Norwegian Forest Cat

Before choosing your pet, you need to determine what you choose according to your conditions and customizations. For example, if you decide between a Maine Coon and a Norwegian Forest Cat, you’re in the right place then.

Please stick with me till the end to choose your cat based on your conditions. I hope you leave here with an answer.

Maine coon and Norwegian forest cats are identical, but their breeds are different and both need extra care and environment. Therefore, you need to know well about their requirements before purchasing them.

Are you getting confused?  If you are, then don’t; below I have mentioned the key factors you should know before choosing your right cat. Make sure you don’t make the wrong choice by skipping it!

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