14 Low Shed Cats and Cats That Don’t Shed

Cats are adorable creatures, but they often shed hair that gets tiring to clean repeatedly and requires an extra budget for grooming your cat with tools like cleaning slicker brush, cat comb, etc. 

The sofas and carpets are often filled with cat fur, making a real mess. If you already own a cat, you would know better how to clean the couch and carpet with the lint roller several times. 

You also require grooming for your cat, who sheds hair. If you don’t groom your pet regularly there would be cat fur all over the house. Does it sound problematic? Don’t be afraid there is a solution for this. Cats that don’t shed save the house from their furs as well as being beneficial to allergic people. 

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6 Best Chew Toys for Cats [Never Bore Your Cat Again]

Is your cat chowing down on everything in the house? Then a cat toy designed especially for chewing might well be beneficial. These long-lasting chew toys provide excitement and exercise.  At the vomisame time, it also diverts your cat’s attention away from forbidden things in your house. 

The best cat chew toys satisfy your cat’s need to gnaw in a non-destructive way. They’re tasty, safe, and some even help with oral hygiene. It’s a chewable toy that gently removes oral waste, has a new mint smell, and is the perfect weight for batting and tossing. 

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18 Underrated Cat Blogs [Goldmines You Missed!]

Are you searching for the best cat blogs for taking care of your cat but you are not finding a suitable one? Many awesome blogs are often left behind in the competition but they actually serve you the quality and information. 

Today we will have a look over the most under-rated cat blogs that deserve more love from us. These are the actual goldmines I have listed for you after a prolonged digging. Let’s get it started!

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Simply Nourish Cat Food Review + 6 better alternatives

Have a cat in your household that you want to administer some feeds to? We are glad to let you know that you have come to just the right place. Here, we have lined up and are going to showcase many of the leading cat feeds that have been touted to deliver healthy cats. 

While compiling this list, we have taken into consideration the nutritional values of these cat feeds, the species of cats for which they may serve or are intended, and the quantities in which they may be administered. We hope that by reading through, you will gain the head start you need to pick a great one. 

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7 Best Cat Foods without Carrageenan [Must Know for Cat Owners]

Carrageenan free cat food has gained popularity because it has several benefits. Carrageenan is used as a food thickener, and it has no nutritional value. From research, there is evidence it can lead to undesired side effects in cats. 

Pet lovers would like to get the best food for their pets, and they are looking for ways to avoid food with carrageenan. Wet cat food without carrageenan is believed to be of high quality.

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Skoon vs Sustainably Yours Cat Litter Comparison [2021]

It is essential to carry out Skoon vs. Sustainably Yours Cat Litter comparison so that you can know the best product to buy. The two cat litters have specifications that will make you prefer one over the other. You need to check out the different features available on the litter before buying. 

One of the features to check out is the non-tracking nature of the cat litter. Cat litter that will not stick to the foot of the cat is the best to buy. It will contribute towards making the home stay clean. 

Carry out research and it will be possible to locate the perfect cat litter that will work well on your floor. They carry based on price and other features. 

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How to Force Feed Your Cat in the Right Way?

There are times when you will have to force feed your cat. Cats can lose appetite due to several reasons. For example, it can fall sick and fail to eat. Administer medication, then start feeding a cat to get the necessary energy to keep the organs working for the cat to recover fast. 

Force-feeding a cat is not easy, but you can manage provided you have the right tools. First, start by investigating the cause of a lack of appetite in your cat. After you have identified the cause, you can get the right medication and administer it. In some cases, you will have to force-feed the cat so that it can take the medication. Here are some of the things you need to know how to force-feed a cat:

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Why Does My Cat Chew on Cardboard?

Owning a cat presents an opportunity to have a cheerful and contented playmate. Then again, as your furry family member grows up, it’s possible you’ll get worried when you notice your cat chew on cardboard boxes.

 There are a few reasons why your furry friend might adopt this behavior.  Whatever the reason, you should stay close and keep an eye on your cat and look for any noticeable changes that may help determine the new behavior’s cause. 

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Best Cat Food for Older Cats That Vomit

Cats are the friendliest pets,  which is why we keep them as pets, however, as with humans, some can be sensitive and require more attention and consideration as they grow older.

One of the primary areas to monitor and take particular attention to is what you feed your cat as it ages. This is due to the fact that cats do vomit when their food is not digested. This could be due to a sensitive digestive system which can change as your cat ages. 

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