11 Rare Cat Breeds That You Probably Never Knew Exists!

What Is The Rarest Cat In The World?

Cats have been around since the dawn of humanity, and they are still dependable companions today. Some cat breeds, on the other hand, are rare in comparison to their feline companions. 

According to the Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA), all purebred felines can be considered rare, with just two to four percent of owned cats making the pedigreed cut.

The reasoning can be traced back to the breed’s inception, whether ancient or modern. Similarly, a cat breed can be rare due to a scarcity of breeders. The breed could not thrive unless there are breeders who are committed to keeping the breed alive.

So whatever the reasons are, here are 11 rare cat breeds you probably didn’t know about!

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Why Does My Cat Sleep With Me and Not My Husband? Find out NOW!

Why does your cat sleep with me and not my husband? Well, there are several reasons. Have you checked out how your husband relates to the cat? You may be the only one feeding the cat and spending time with her. Cats get attracted to people who spend time with them.

The time you take to clean the cat bed and the general care will make the cat prefer you over your husband. Your husband may have started to complain about the issue. It is an issue that you can fix quickly.

You only have to know the proper steps you can take, and it will be easy to fix the problem. Here we are going to outline the reason why the cat prefers to sleep with you.

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Cat Dental Care

Cat dental care is very important for pet owners. Dental issues are very much common in cats. Generally, dental problems are observed in older cats. Usually, dental conditions are preventable and curable, if you give proper care to your cat. Cat owners ask so many questions about the overall oral care of their beloved cats.

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Common Health Problems of Cat Breeds; A Quick Insight


DVM M.Phil (Pet diseases & welfare)

There are so many breeds of cats it is difficult to know which is best suited to you and your family. This cat breeds guide aims to help inform your decision as it is helpful to understand the common health problems of cat breeds. If any particular breeds have common health concerns that may become an issue for you as their pet owner it is helpful to include that in your decision about what cat to bring into your family. In this article, we share details for a number of breeds of felines.

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An Ultimate Guide to Cat Flu

DVM M.Phil (Pet diseases & welfare)

Cats are prone to many diseases, just like human beings, so having a sick cat symptom checker of sorts can be very handy. Cat flu is somewhat similar to human flu. Many cat owners want to know the “signs my cat is sick” and often want to know about cat flu, its pathogenesis, causes, mode of transmission and management.

In this article we will provide a brief overview of feline flu under the light of scientific literature.

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Common Cat Eye Problems

DVM M.Phil (Pet diseases & welfare)

It is very important for cat lovers to understand their beloved feline friends when they are in pain. With common cat eye problems, it is important to have a timely diagnosis so there are good outcomes. Eye problems (ophthalmic conditions) are common in cats. There is a need for you to evaluate any abnormal condition of the eye when noticed.

Your cat’s eyes are shiny and bright. If your cat is rubbing their eyes against the sofa or anything else, then this is a clear indication that there is something wrong with their eyes.

Here, we will discuss some common ophthalmological conditions in cats, and a few tips for cat owners in detail.

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Common Health Conditions in Cats – A Quick Insight

Written by: Dr John Abbass, DVM. M.Phil (Pet diseases)

“What greater gift than love of a cat”.

Charles Dickens

Cats are such lovable and precious creatures. As with most pets, there are common health conditions in cats which owners should make sure they are aware of. Cats are one of the most commonly kept pet animals. Just like humans, they are also prone to a number of health-related conditions. The worrisome thing for every cat owner is how to evaluate and manage these health-related issues, to stop further complications in their family pet.

If you are worried about your cat’s health and looking for useful tips and recommendations to keep your cat healthy then you are in the right place.
Cat Informers, along with offering you with its other services, is also providing you guidelines related to the health and wellbeing of your cats.

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The Cat Litter Box Mystery Revealed

Are you searching for the best cat litter box? Has it become challenging to choose the best litter box for your cat? If yes, then worry no more.

Here in this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about cat litter box and will help you to choose the best one based on your requirements and suitability. So, let’s get started and explore the mystery behind a cat litter box.

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Your Most Burning Questions About Cat Litter

Choosing the best cat litter is not an easy task at all. It requires a lot more effort to select the one from plenty of other options available in the market. As a cat owner, you must make sure to select the cat litter that most suits your cat’s requirements and enhances its comfort-ability.

That’s why we will provide a detailed guideline on choosing the best cat litter for your cat and will also suggest a few options for you so that your selection process becomes more comfortable.

So, stay attached to this article and read till the end so that it becomes easier for you to choose the litter that meets your cat’s requirements.

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