Best Cat Blogs to Look Out for in 2021 [Don’t Miss Out!]

If you are reading this, you’re more likely to be a cat lover or interested in cats. Whether you are looking for advice, inspiration, reviews, guides, or kitten pictures, there are many great cat blogs out there. 

To help you find your favorite reading material, we have made this list to narrow down your search. These websites are worth reading and they provide quality information. So they shouldn’t go unnoticed! 

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  • Katzenworld

A group of friends founded this website because of their passion for cats. They are active bloggers and they post regularly on everything about cats that you should be concerned about. Their blogs include instructions and informative guides to look after your cat in the right way. Don’t miss out! 

Website: Katzenworld

  • Chirpy Cats

Yassar, the author of chirpy cats, is on a mission to help you enrich your cat’s life by innovative and fun DIY projects. They show you how to do DIY projects for your cat at home. If you want to provide your cat a better life, then you must check out Yassar’s blog. Chirpy Cats also got a different section for product reviews. 

Website: Chirpy Cats

  • Feline Behavior Solutions 

If you are noticing unnatural behavior in your cat, this site can help you. Dr. Marci Koski is passionate about helping cats and their people live happy lives together. If you are looking for ways to give your cat the best life and ensure their mental well-being, you must check out this blog. 

Website: Feline Behavior Solutions

  • Traveling Cats

If you are curious about cats from different world places, here is the solution to satisfy your thirst. Vanessa, the author of Traveling Cats, traveled to different places worldwide and gathered their information on her blog to share with us. As a result, the cats of Italy, Rhodes, Croatia etc. have been described elaborately on this blog. 

Website: Traveling Cats

  • The Purrington Post

This website posts fresh and updated content about everything that concerns a cat parent. Purrington post shares different product reviews for you to choose your ideal one.  They also share informative content and different guides and instructions for cats which is worth appreciation. You shouldn’t miss this awesome blog. 

Website: The Purrington Post

  • The Conscious Cat

Conscious Cat shares expert advice and information about feline health, nutrition and lifestyle. They also share product and book reviews and many other cat topics concerning a cat lover. However, Conscious Cat was inspired by Amber, who survived ten years. Though Amber inspired it, now King Ingrid is making it a platform for Buckley’s story. She has been blessed with more than one “Soul Cat’ over 35 years. 

Website: The Conscious Cat

  • The Creative Cat

Bernadette, the author of this site, regularly posts different stories about cats and enriches our knowledge about them. They also got a resource page for pets and share articles about pet loss. Rescue stories, cats for adoption, book reviews, living green with your pet, everything has been mentioned by Bernadette. Check out their blog to know about their stories. 

Website: The Creative Cat

  • Athena Cat Goddess

Marie, the mum of Athena and the author of this site shares stories, photographs, videos and cat rescue stories. Athena is also a rescue cat found by her dumped in a London garden. Marie’s creative blogs inspire the audiences to give the animals a better life and a new shelter. Her target audiences are cat lovers, cat parents, pet parents and animal lovers. 

Website: Athena Cat Goddess

  • Island Cats

Sue Doute, the Island cat mum and author of this site shares humorous and fun-loving blogs featuring the island cats. She shares the stories and pictures of the good life they live on a tropical Island. The blogs are told from an Island cat’s perspective and indeed her blog makes the audiences laugh out loud and desire if they could be an island cat. 

Website: Island Cats

  • The Cat on My Head

Janet created this fun and exciting blog where she shares her stories about her cats on different occasions and fantastic poems. You should check out their poetry section. You’d love it. This blog is also appropriate for those who faced pet loss. They have a different section remembering their friends. Check it out!

Website: The Cat on My Head

  • Rascal and Rocco

This is an informative and instructive blog by Mastilock. This blog contains updated information on how to respond to current citations and demands of cats. Everything you need to know about cats in spring and how to take care of them has been mentioned in Mastilock’s blog. This is worth paying a visit to enrich your knowledge about cats. 

Website: Rascal and Rocco

  • 15 and Meowing 

Ellens blog is featuring 15 cats with their stories. So if you’re a cat enthusiast and want some entertainment after a tiring day, check 15 and Meowing. I get my daily dose of entertainment from here. It’s actully fun reading their stories.

Website: 15 and Meowing

Litter Robot

If you are a busy cat parent and having trouble with your cat, check out this website. Almost everything you need to know is briefly elaborated here. You’ll get to know about litter, cats and dogs behavior, medicines and diseases. In addition, they publish unique and quality content that serves you at best.

Website: litter.robot blog

The Catnip Times

Check Lauren Mieli’s awesome blogs to learn more about cats and to meet all your cat needs. They have different sections for behavior, cat care, learn product reviews. Most importantly, Lauren Mieli has built a great resource section that is worth checking.

Website: The Catnip Times

Life With Cats

One of our top picks is Karen Harrison’s blogs. This is a unique website with both entertaining and informative content. Karen, the author of Life with Cats, has also included health and behavioral sections. You can learn about your cat’s health or certain behavioral issues from an expert here.

Website: Life With Cats

Jayne Taylor

Jayne started out as a veterinary nurse before she had her son, Joshua, and later her daughter Lily. Jayne is a passionate cat lover and has two fur-babies in Max and Silky. She admits to have a particular soft spot for russian blue cats and says she does her best not to make Max jealous when she pays special attention to Silky her russian blue. While Jayne was on maternity leave she noticed it wasn't easy to find the information she wanted about her beloved animal so she decided to start Cat Informer!

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