The Cat Breeds That Best Match Dog Owners

The idiomatic expression, “fighting like cats and dogs,” has gotten many dog owners worried about if a cat can co-exist under the same roof as a dog.

In all sincerity, both cats and dogs tend to express territorialities, and they’d always want to guard their space from one another. 

On the other hand, it isn’t strange to find dogs and cats cuddling up together, sharing playtime and toys, grooming one another, and joining forces in carrying out mischievous activities, such as stealing treats and food, together at home.

This brings up the question of whether both pet species can live together without creating a scene or struggling for space together at home.

Cats and dogs can co-exist together irrespective of their differences. They would get along just fine as perfect buddies. However, some cat breeds would do better living peacefully with their canine partners compared to other cats.

Take a ride with us on this exciting journey, where we will be exploring the best cat breeds suited for families that already have dogs at home.

The Birman cats.

Birman cat closeup

Native to Burma, the first on our list of dog-friendly cats is the Birman cats. Famously called the sacred cats of Burma, this breed of cats has silky long shot coats and has excellent social temperaments.

Birman cats are calm, and you’d find them spending time with family, and they surely get along with other pets, especially dogs.

The Birman cats can often be seen playing and running around homes with dogs, with alternating roles in who chases and who is chased.

While some cats love to have their space, the Birman cats would always prefer to share their space with other pets, and they would do fine not only with kids but with dogs at home.

Give them a chance with your dog, and the Birman cats would make perfect partners at home.

Abyssinian cats

Fondly referred to as Abys by many cat lovers. The origin of the Abyssinian cats has been rooted in Thailand. This breed of cats has a slender appearance that is medium-sized.

Abys are known to be extroverts, and they would love to catch the attention of family members or pets with their high activity levels.

Aside from being highly intelligent, the Abyssinian breeds are known to suffer from some depression if left unattended. Hence they would be happy having to share playtime with other pets, such as dogs.

Once the bond between the dogs and Abyssinian cats has formed, it would be a difficult task to separate them. They would remain best friends for life.

Don’t be surprised when you find the Abys cats resting heads on the laps of your dogs, or cuddling together, because both Pets would co-exist without thinking twice.

American Shorthair cats

Coming into the list of dog-friendly cats is the American Shorthair cat. Famous for their hunting abilities, American shorthair is always looking for rodent populations.

This Hunting trait in the American shorthair cat does not stop them from being social and affectionate. When kept indoors, they are known to be docile and friendly with family members and dogs.

American shorthairs are muscular, broad-chested, and athletic, and you shouldn’t be caught unawares when you notice them sprinting and taking part in high-energy activities with dogs at home.

This is attributed to the American Shorthairs’ patience, high adaptability, and tolerance levels. If you want a social cat that would be fine with a family dog at home, the American shorthair would be a great family addition.

British Shorthair cats

Believed to be one of the ancient cat breeds known, the British Shorthair, with its greyish-blue coat, is another cat on our dog-friendly cat list. The British shorthair cats are peaceful and show affection to kids and also other pets, such as dogs, in the family.

Once the British shorthair cats have established trust either with family members or with the family dogs, you would see them taking a stroll together around the home, despite being a docile type.

One good characteristic of the British Shorthair cat is that they would not show aggressive tendencies despite being trampled on. They prefer to keep their spaces until they compromise with family dogs.

This does not stop the British Shorthair from socializing with family dogs and other members when they feel calmer. 

This breed is an excellent addition to homes that want their dogs to socialize with cats and eventually become best of friends.

Bombay cats

They are famous for their panther-like looks and appearance. The Bombay cats were bred from crossing the Burmese cats and the American shorthair cats, native to Kentucky in the United States.

Bombay cats are also called miniature black panthers. Be rest assured they do not have a single bit of wildness in them.

Bombay cats, albeit scary in appearance, have a highly social personality and are affectionate towards family members and kids with family dogs. They are not only active but also a playful cat breed that bonds properly in homes with children and dogs. 

Aside from being a little more greedy than other cats, don’t be surprised when you find the Bombay cats holding arms together with the family dogs, as they would do just fine.

Japanese Bobtail cats

The Japanese Bobtail cats, just like their name, are native to japan with an appearance of shortened or Bobtail resembling that of rabbits, resulting from a genetic mutation.

This breed of cats is intelligent, with a high activity level, and is friendly towards humans. Because of their high intelligence, the Japanese Bobtail cats are easily trainable, making them perform various activities and tricks, including living comfortably with dogs.

Japanese Bobtail cats would crave serious attention and, coupled with the high energy levels, would be seen jumping around the homes with family members.

The family’s pet dogs talk about a cat breed that is highly social and is comfortable being with members of the family and dogs. The Japanese Bobtail cat should be a strong contender.

Maine coon cats

The seventh cat on our list of cat breeds that would do just fine with dogs is no other than the Maine coon cats.

This breed of cat is known to be one of the oldest cats in North America, native to Maine. Talk about a cat breed that is friendly towards kids, acceptable towards strangers, can vibe along with other pets at home, especially dogs, and would never neck joke with okay time with family members, then you have the Maine coon cats ticking all the boxes.

Despite being the largest cat breed, you need not be bothered about the Maine coon’s size, as they socialize well and should be seen as gentle giants. They are an intelligent cat breed and love to have as much fun as possible, making them one of the best fits for homes with dogs.

Norwegian forest

Another large-sized cat breed on the list of dog-friendly cats is the Norwegian forest cat. 

Referred to as wegie, this breed of cats is native to Norway, and they are excellent with family members and other pets such as dogs. 

Norwegian forests are known not to be demanding, and they have shown high levels of adaptation with family members and family dogs, despite being muscular and athletic.

The Norwegian forest cats have a family-oriented temperament, and when you have dogs in the family, they would want to form a good bond and play partners.

This is a cat that just wants to make friends with everyone, and be rest assured they will not be fighting cats and dogs with your canine pets at home, especially dogs.

Ragdoll cats 

Another large and muscular cat breed known to be dog friendly is the Ragdoll cat. Native to North America, the ragdoll cats are super-friendly for family and dogs at home.

Ragdoll cats are docile and quiet, with many cat fanciers starting to believe these cat breeds might even be pain resistant, as they always remain calm in most situations.

Asides from the calm personalities of the ragdoll cats, the breed is known to be smart and affectionate, and it wouldn’t be strange if you find them by the doorsteps welcoming you back home, running around with dogs in the house, or even sleeping side by side.

This is an inborn trait of the ragdoll cats and, in most cases, are seen going limp when you pick them up.

The ragdoll is a breed that craves that special attention and would stop at nothing to get them, even if it means having to be friendly with kids, other cats, or the family dog.

Siberian cats

The Siberian cat is the second to the last cat breed on the list of cats that are best compatible with dogs. Siberian cats are native to the Russian, known as Siberia.

This cat breed are not only loyal but also excellent companions for the family. Siberian cats get along with kids and other pets, inclusive of dogs.

Siberian cats are rugged, with strong bodies and thick coats. They have shown to have sweet-natured temperaments and would prefer to snuggle with their owners.

When they are not looking for hugs, you will find them playing around with toys and the family dog.

The Siberian cats have shown from experience that they are open to friendship with everyone, and it shouldn’t be surprising seeing them get along with kids and dogs when introduced to them.

Tonkinese cats

The Tonkinese cat breed has taken the last spot on our list of best cats for dog owners. Created from crossbreeding the Siamese cat and the Burmese cats, the Tonkinese is native to Thailand.

With a lively and playful characteristic, Tonkinese cats would give you a second thought about getting a golden retriever. They are very excellent at retrieving objects or playing the fetch game.

Tonkinese closeup
Tonkinese is medium-sized cats, weighing roughly between 6-12 pounds with muscular bodies.

Be rest assured the Tonkinese cats would co-habit with family members, kids, and dogs inclusive, showing they are truly companion built as a companion cat breed.

When they are seen not cuddling around your laps, the Tonkinese might be spotted jumping around the house with kids and dogs and sometimes sleeping beside your pet dog at home.

Despite their calm nature, this breed of cats is an excellent talker. Tonkinese might be seen starting a conversation with family and dogs at home.

For dog owners who love to have cats, the big question running through their minds is if both cats and dogs can co-habit peacefully. Once socialized properly, both dogs and cats can exist. However, the cat breeds mentioned above would be great partners with your dogs at home.