Mice just like other rodents have caused many issues to homes. From being grain destroyers in barns to being carriers of infectious diseases to pets and humans. Little wonder they have been declared persona non grata in most environments. Getting rid of mice can be a really difficult task, but one of the most effective ways of exterminating them is getting a cat, with who they have been sworn enemies from time immemorial.

Because of their inborn family traits, most cats would always prey on vermins such as mice, due to their hunting abilities. However certain cat breeds have higher hunting instincts and are excellent mousers compared to others. These cat breeds would stop at nothing until the neighborhood is properly sanitized of these little pests. 

Sticking with the cats in hunting down the mice population comes with its advantages. At first, they would not only make sure they deliver a mice-free environment but you can rest assured you have a companion pet in them. Without further ado, here are the best cat breeds that would do excellent justice to the mice population at homes or steads. 

1. American Shorthair Cats

American Shorthair cat

Originally brought into the United States from Europe, the American shorthair cats are large and well-built cats, with round faces and short ears. The American shorthair was brought into America on board the mayflower and was deployed to rid of the mice population in the cargo section housing valuables and grains.

These powerfully built cats are referred to as working cats because they would go straight up in hunting for rodents population in farms, barns, and even on ships. Asides from their hunting abilities, the American shorthair cats are an affectionate cat breed that would socialize easily with family members, kids, and even pets at home. 

Looking for a cat breed that adores family time but is also built to take charge in events where pest control is needed, most importantly mice population, the American shorthair cats are your go-to feline partners.

2. Burmese Cats 

Burmese Cats Breed

Native to Burma, the Burmese cats are small to medium-sized averaging about 5-7kg, and are well built with prominent muscle formation. Despite being known to have puppy-like characteristics and love to be around the family, the Burmese cats are not friendly towards rodents and other vermins.

Often times they are found entertaining the family and wanting your full attention, but this does not mean they wouldn’t chase off mice when they come encroaching into their neighborhood. Asides from being good mousers, Burmese have shown to do very well with kids, as well as other cats. They are also comfortable with family dogs and creating a long-lasting bond with them.

The Burmese would not only shower you and the family with enough affection but make sure you do not bother about the thoughts of rodents or mice within your household.

3. Maine Coon Cats

Maine Coon Cats Breed

Fondly referred to as the gentle giant of cat breeds, the Maine Coon is native to the United States, especially the state of Maine. These cats are large with water-resistant coats and are quite skillful at hunting. The Maine Coon cats would show dog-like temperaments, show loyalty, and are quite social towards the family.

Don’t take their social personalities for granted, as the Maine Coon cats are totally aggressive towards mice and other vermins. Their hunting skills coupled with their large body frame helps them in making sure no mice population survives within the Maine Coons territory. Little wonder they have been deployed on farms, steads, ships, and even homes to take control and bring some sanity to the rodent populations.

Maine Coon cats would love to have a good playtime with people and they are docile, showing their soft nature to family members but don’t expect them to be soft towards mice or rodents within their environment.

4. Chartreux Cats

Chartreux Cat

Taking its origin in France, the Chartreux cat is another large and muscular cats breed with fast reflexes. Known to always keep a cool smile on their faces due to the anatomical formations of their head, the Chartreux cats are excellent hunters and farmers would always trust their instinct at protecting their valuables from mice and rodents.

On the other hand, Chartreux cats have a calm personalities. They hardly make a sound or cry, making you think they are mute. Chartres cats are not only really good hunters of vermins but are an observant breed of cat and highly intelligent. You’d see them learning how to use the radio sometimes or participating in complex activities at home. This cat breed is also good with children, and other pets as well as great travel partners

Despite these friendly and people-friendly characteristics of the Chartreux cats, they stop at nothing in making sure their environment is clean of mice, as they are quite skillful mousers.

5. Japanese Bobtail Cats

Japanese Bobtail Cat Breed

Native to Japan, which is present in their name, the Japanese bobtail cat is another breed of cat that is an excellent mouser. These cats at some point were used to ward off the mice population affecting the silk businesses in Japan. In turn, they were adopted as street or farm cats used in curbing the menaces of mice or other rodents. With their characteristic bobtail, resembling that of rabbits, the Japanese Bobtail cats would show nothing but top-notch hunting abilities.

Japanese Bobtails are an energetic cat breed that loves to play a lot and chirp at their family member. They love to play with water and are good companions for households with other pets or children. Give them a chance to bond and socialize properly and they would become best partners with kids. 

It is believed that the Japanese bobtail cats would bring luck to their owners, however the same cannot be said for the mice population around cos they bring nothing but doom and extinction to rodents or pets in their vicinity.

6. The Manx Cats

Manx Cats Breed

Famous for its shortened tail or completely absent tail, the Manx cat is another breed of cat that would rain hell on the mice population. The Manx tailless is a result of a genetic mutation that has affected this breed. Native to the island of man, these breed of cats are not only excellent hunters of mice or rodents but suitable for families looking to keep with less risk of causing cat allergies.

Known to be very skillful hunters, the Manx cats have been used on farms and also on ships to prevent mice and other rodents from taking over and wreaking havoc on valuables. Asides from their hunting skills, the Manx cats are not only intelligent and talkative, but also playful, and would accommodate children and other pets at home. Often times they show puppy-like characteristics, despite being fierce to vermins.

Looking for a proven rodent killer as well as a chat partner at home, you should go for the Manx as they would not disappoint on both fronts.

7. Persian cats 

Persian Cat Breed

Characterized by its long hair and short face, this breed of cats is native to Persia. Oftentimes referred to as a lazy cat breed as a result of the quiet and calm temperaments. Persian cats have made it to the list of best cat breeds suited for hunting down mice. They have a sweet personalities and are known to mind their business when not called upon. This wouldn’t mean the Persian cats would keep quiet and let vermins take control of their environment, as they are excellent mousers.

When the Persian cats are not showcasing their hunting skills on mice and other rodents, this cat breed would love to be taken as companion pets, cuddled and gently stroked until they fall asleep. With their lovable personalities, the Persian cats would do amazingly well with families with kids and other pets.

Yes, they are quite gentle but the Persian cats would not take nonsense for an answer, especially from mice who lurk around their abode to wreak havoc.

8. Siamese Cats 

Siamese Cat Breed

Blessed with awesome beauty, and being one of the earliest breeds recognized in Asia, the Siamese cat is the eighth cat on our list of best cats suited for hunting down mice. Native to Thailand and famous for their pont coloration of darker extremities. They are mostly referred to as extrovert cats because the Siamese is not only outspoken but intelligent and super affectionate.

When the Siamese is not trying to keep the company of family members or getting attention with their cries like that of babies, the Siamese is on the lookout for vermins to prey on and pounce on. They are never going to take a rest until the last mice are eradicated within their environment. 

The Siamese cats are known to suffer from separation anxiety or getting depressed if they are not properly tended to by their owners but that wouldn’t mean they’d keep their eyes open while mice take over their residence.

9. Siberian Cats

Siberian Cat Breed

Also referred to as Siberian forest cats, the Siberian cats are native to a region in Russia known as Siberia. These cats are swift and extremely agile, with a solidly built body that can withstand harsh weather conditions. Siberian cats are family-friendly cats that are quite social and would do just fine with kids, as well as other family pets.

When the Siberian cats are not with the family for cuddles or spending time together, they don their adventurous instinct, by giving rodents and mice a run for their life. This cat breed is an excellent hunter and would show its swiftness in bringing down vermins within a twinkle of an eye.

Although they keep their calm and love a quiet lifestyle, the Siberian cats are ready to transform into hunting weapons in environments having the presence of mice or other rodents. Hence they are a cat breed we can refer to as excellent mousers.

10. Turkish Angora Cats

Turkish Angora Cat Breed

Last on the list of best cat breeds that are mouse hunters is the Turkish angora cat. Originating from central Anatolia known as modern-day Turkey, this cat breed has also been referred to as the Ankara cats. 

Known to be intelligent, the Turkish Angora cats can be seen solving a few common problems at home and would be at the forefront of helping you out with house chores. They are also very social towards people, and quite athletic, showing their energetic abilities by climbing to top positions at homes, such as refrigerators or even doors.

Despite being friendly towards members of the family, the Turkish Angora is a succinct hunter, who would stop at nothing in making sure they rid their environment of mice and other rodents. This is like an inborn trait of the Turkish angora cats, being descendants of the African wild cat.


It is a known fact that all domestic cats are pretty good hunters due to inherited traits and they would chase prey, till they snatch their life out of them. However, certain cat breeds have more hunting instincts compared to others. These breeds mentioned would take no nonsense from mice or other rodents and are born mousers.

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