The Best Cat Breeds for Kids

Cats, just like dogs, are an excellent addition to families looking to introduce pets to homes where there are children.

According to Tufts University’s School of Veterinary Medicine, “it is believed that children raised with pets often show well-balanced emotional health benefits, such as greater empathy, cognitive development, and improved social participation.

Although there are many things to be learned by kids from having to live and share their time with cats.

These lessons might include showing compassion, respect, and taking up responsibilities. However, the dilemma in most homes is knowing which cat breed, among the numerous breeds, is most suited for families with children.

In choosing the best cats for homes with kids, some factors must be taken into consideration. These factors would include the size of the family, the amount of available time the kids have to socialize with the cats, cat temperaments, and perhaps energy levels of the cats, to mention but a few.

This begs the question of what cat breeds are best suited to have at homes with kids. Follow us on this journey, where we would discuss the breeds of cats that would just do fine for families with kids.

Abyssinian cats

With no emphasis on position, the first cat breed suitable for kids is the Abyssinian cat. Abyssinian cats, fondly called Abys, are among the most popular cat breeds worldwide, known to have short tabby hair. Abyssinian cats have existed for a long period, dating back to the 19th century.

With a slender body appearance, moderate-sized body weight, and wedged-shaped head, this cat breed is highly social, intelligent, and playful cats. They tend to feel sad or depressed when they are left alone with no one to socialize or play with. Little wonder the Abyssinian cats are known as “clowns in the cat kingdom.”

American Shorthair cats

This is the second cat on our list of best cats for kids. Formerly called the domestic shorthair, they are known to have emanated from Europe and have been used to protect cargo from rats in the past.

Although the American short hair is not athletic, they have well-built body shape, round faces, and short ears. They are quite gentle, highly sociable, bold, and affectionate with strangers and also kids.

One of the top qualities of the American shorthair cat is that they require just very little maintenance with amazingly affectionate characteristics despite being used for hunting abilities in the past.

Burmese cats

The third on our list of kid-friendly cats is the Burmese cats. Known for their strong bond formation with humans, especially kids, Burmese cats are a highly energetic cat breed. These energy levels are maintained from kittens and through adulthood.

Searching for a cat breed that has high energy levels to match up with that of kids, then look no further than the Burmese cats. Asides from these, Burmese cats are known to play various games such as catch and fetch and would show “puppy-like” attachments to kids and owners. It is important to note that the Burmese cats have shown that they don’t like to be left alone.

Maine Coon cats

Sitting confidently on our list of child-friendly cats is the Maine coon cat breed. Quite known for their large body and hunting skills. However, they are an affectionate cat breed, especially for kids at home.

Because of their excellent sociable personalities, they have been called the “gentle giants.”

Maine coon cats have an above-average intelligence level, and they can be quite understanding during busy periods at home. Because of the trait, they are not quite clingy and most times loyal to the family and never mean to strangers.

Looking for a cat breed that has a gentle disposition and that is relaxed around kids, then the Maine Coon cat should be among the few cat breed on your watchlist.

Manx cats

The fifth cat known to be among the kid-friendly cats is the Manx cat. With a distinguishing characteristic of a shortened tail, this cat breed has good jumping power and has been used for hunting rodents.

This does not come in the way of the Manx cat being highly sociable and one of the best buddies for kids at home. Although shy of strangers, they are quite intelligent, playful, social, and attached to family members, especially kids.

Some have even related this social trait of Manx cats to that of dogs. The Manx cats are also great with fetch games, and if you need a feline friend for your kids, the Manx surely ticks all the boxes.

Ragdoll cats

Ever heard friends or other cat lovers mutter the word “puppy cats”? Then definitely that’s the Ragdoll cat breed.

Sitting confidently on the list of cats that are best for kids is Ragdoll cats. These cats are not only extremely docile but boast of an affectionate temperament. Just like the doll in their name, Ragdoll cats enjoy being picked up and played with, making them suitable for kids at home.

Because they are a muscular and large cat breed type, having kids play around and with them would help curb their weight, and this is a win-win situation for both the kids and the cats.

Siamese cats

Can the list of child-friendly cats be complete without referencing the Siamese cats? The Siamese cats are not only playful but entertaining, and they would surely make the best of friends with kids at home.

The Siamese cats are well known for their intelligence and social profiles, which has made cat lovers describe them as extrovert and definitely child-friendly cats.

A downside to having the Siamese is that when they don’t get enough attention, they suffer from depression or separation anxiety. Do your kids love an energetic cat breed? Then get them a Siamese cat, and you’ve got them a best friend for life.

Birman cats


Eighth on our list of kid-friendly cats are the Birman cats. Don’t be fooled by the low level of activeness in the early stages. The Birman cats are social towards children, affectionate, and are playful.

One notable activity seen with Birman cats in homes is that they love to follow people around, have fun, and are ready to get themselves involved in house chores. This is one cat breed to hold in homes interested in having felines friends for their kids.

Himalayan cats

The second to the last breed of cat best for kids is the Himalayan cat. This cat breed is somewhat similar to the Persian cats were created from a cross of the Persian and Siamese cats. Little wonder they have found their way into child-friendly cat lists.

The Himalayan cats with the roundish face would always crave human attention and companionship. They are playful around kids who can match their energy levels and can handle them properly.
This and many more reasons are why Himalayan cats have been extremely popular with families who love their kids to bond with cats.

Persian cats

persian care
Persian cats need to be brushed at least once every 2-3 week to keep them looking their best. If you don’t have time to brush your Persian cat, you can buy a grooming glove that will do it for you.

With their long-haired coats, round face, and short muzzle, the Persian cats have confidently sneaked into the list of kid-friendly cat breeds.

These cat breeds have been known to be quite gentle and love their indoor lifestyle where they’d have some family time, especially with kids. Persian cats have also shown affection not only towards family members but also to strangers. The Persian cats’ social personalities and intelligence have played roles in their relationship with kids.

Give the Persian cats some playtime with children, and you’d find out they were born to be best of friends and chat partners.

In conclusion, choosing the best cats for kids can be hard, especially for parents, as we understand there are lots of factors to be considered.

In the quest for looking for what fits the family, we can ascertain that these breeds have been known not to be only child friendly, but most kids, if not all, would do well having any of them as feline friends at home.