The Feline Einstein: The 10 Best Smartest Cat Breeds

Even though cats are very independent and introverted creatures but they are considered to be one of the smartest animals that are not only adorable but intelligent too. So, in this blog, we are going to make you meet the 10 best smartest cat breeds that you are going to love.


Chimpanzees, orangutans, dolphins, octopuses, and even dogs, to mention a few, have claimed top spots among animals that many have felt appear to be smart. However, recent studies have shown that cats have a higher-than-above intelligence and have started coming into the limelight as intelligent animals in the Animal Kingdom. 

From being able to learn new tricks to the ease of getting trained, understanding routines at home,  high adaptation rates to new environments or surroundings, as well as interaction levels with humans and other pets, it is becoming clear these felines possess a high level of intelligence. Despite these intelligent attributes in cats, certain breeds happen to be a lot wittier compared to others and this would be seen by the varying level of activities carried out by them.

Without having to mince words together, let us take a look at some of the smartest cat breeds in the feline kingdom.

1. Abyssinian Cats

Abyssinian Cats Breed

First on the list of smartest cat breeds is the Abyssinian cat. Native to Ethiopia, formerly known as Abyssinia, these cat breeds of African descent are witty. Abyssinian cats have a slender and athletic body frame, with a ticked coat, the Abyssinian breed of cats has shown a high level of intelligence as seen in their curious behaviors.

Abyssinians are quite an athletic cat breed and you’d find them ready to explore every bit of noon and cranny in the house, finding toys or treats that you seem to have kept away from them. This high level of smartness is also seen in how weak they relate with other pets, as well as members of the house and they would just be absolutely fine adapting to changes at home.

Talk about a cat breed that can easily be trained to learn new tricks, then the Abyssinian cats would always be open to learning and implementing them right away.

2. The Scottish Fold Cats

The Scottish Fold Cats Breed

Native to Scotland and having a striking appearance of a folded ear that bends downward and forward, Scottish fold cats are another cat breed that exhibits a good level of intelligence. The fold seen in the Scottish fold cat results from a genetic mutation affecting its cartilage. This gives rise to the characteristics fold in its ears. Ignore the folds on the ear of the Scottish fold cats and you have a smart cat at your disposal.

Scottish fold would not disappoint, when you need to train them on some basic tricks, such as fetching a toy or some commands. They are also good at various games, such as finding out the location of treats, and food puzzles, and can be seen concentrating on their interactive toys. Because of their high level of adaptation, the Scottish folds can socialize easily with family members and kids while exhibiting above-average intelligence.

3. Balinese Cats

Balinese Cats Breed

Native to the United States, this cat breed is often referred to as the Siamese with fluffy coats. The Balinese cats are devoted to family members and would be seen talking to you almost every time or following you from room to room. This breed of cat is super intelligent and always observes every single step you take at home.

Balinese cats are more than willing to put on their thinking cap and learn how to play various indoor pet games as well as new tricks. They can be taught how to walk on a leash and play the catch and fetch game. Although they do not suffer from depression or separation anxiety when left alone, the Balinese would rather use the opportunity to mentally stimulate themselves by playing with toys and having an interesting conversations with other pets at home.

Little wonder the Balinese cats are among the smartest known cat breed, give them a warm hug or lap time when you can, because they truly deserve them.

4. Havana Brown Cats 

Havana Brown Cats Breed

Created from carefully bred Siamese cats and domestic black cats, the Havana Brown cats are native to England and are intelligent cat breeds. This breed of cat is not only curious but super-smart. The Havana brown cats are keen observers, and you would see them right by their door trying to know who comes in at every knock or bell ring. Never be scared of strangers or visitors, instead of hiding, they are present to show you around their family homes as visitors.

The Havana Brown cats are also fond of trying new tricks and playing games with their toys. They do get bored, and it’s best to have their toys changed regularly to help mentally stimulate them and also keep their curiosity levels ticking.

They are not only one of the smartest cat breeds but the Havana Brown cats wouldn’t disappoint you with their troubleshooting skills.

5. Siamese Cats

Siamese Cats Breed

The last of the smartest cat breed wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the Siamese cats. Native to Thailand, the Siamese cats are among the first recognized cats in Asia. Beauty with brains, then you just called on the Siamese cats. They are not only intelligent but affectionate, and charming and would have a lot of people admiring them within your neighborhood.

Siamese cats are extremely smart, and you’d see them understanding your body language or words said to them by how they react to them. Be careful of saying harsh words as they understand every bit of them. These cat breeds love to interact with humans and have good social personalities, often seen playing with kids and other pets at home.

As one of the most intelligent cat breeds, the Siamese cats are ready to get your attention, and if ignored multiple times, the Siamese would get depressed.

6. Singapura Cats

Singapura Cats Breed

Originating from Singapore, the Singapura cats are the smallest domesticated cat known. Don’t be fooled by the tiny body frames, as the Singapura cats are loaded with the energy of a large-sized cat, extremely playful, and super-smart cats. The Singapura cats are extroverts, and they would not only demand attention but commandeer them from you.

This highly intelligent breed wants to help out with the house or office-related chores, and it’s not strange to see them staring at your laptops or trying to help out with editing your word documents. Blame that on their inquisitive mindset. They sometimes sense when their owners or other family members are upset and would come at your face trying to calm down things and making you smile back again.

Give them a challenging activity that stimulates their curiosity, and you’d see the Singapura cats running toward them and staying active all day without hesitations.

7. Savannah Cats 

Savannah Cats Breed

Born out of a cross of the domestic cat thought to be the Siamese, and an African wild cat known as the Serval cat, the Savannah cats are native to the United States. Savannah cats. Despite being bred with the African wild cats, the Savannah cats do not show traits of wildness asides from the spotted coat that gives them the looks of miniature cheetahs.

Savannah cats have exhibited super-smart characteristics. From being able to be trained to walking on leashes to learning how to catch and fetch, the Savannah cats ooze nothing but intelligence.

The Savannah cats are not scared of water or water bodies and can be found immersing themselves in them or playing closely towards pools. Don’t be surprised when they hop into the bathtub with you when you are about to get a shower. The Savannah cats and love for water seem inbuilt.

These cats are also ready to accept new challenges such as having interactive toys, watching other cats on the television, or playing cat-related games on tablets. The Savannah cats never get tired of showing how smart they can always be.

8. Cornish Rex Cats 

Cornish Rex Cats Breed

Another cat breed that showcases super smartness and above-average intelligence is the Cornish Rex cat. These cat breeds are noted for not having hair coats except for the ones underneath, which makes their skin appear velvety. The Cornish Rex cats are a curious and smart cat breed, boasting excess energy. One minute they are down looking at you and the next they have leaped to the highest points at home.

This breed of cat is never idle, and you would always see them in the movie. Give them a daily take, and they would deploy their high level of intelligence in solving them. From finding out food puzzles and trails to playing games,  the Cornish Rex cats would always be on top of their game with bursting energy and curious minds.

Talk about a cat breed that is super energetic and intelligent then you have got the Cornish rex cat on call.

9. Bengal Cats

Bengal Cats Breed

Looking for an intelligent cat breed that is not only smart but dons the look of a wild cat then Bengal is at your beck and call. Born from crossbreeding the Asian Leopard cats and the Egyptian Mau cats, this gives them the spotted or Marbled looks of a miniature leopard.

The Bengal cats are a curious type of cat breed and because of their high intelligence levels, they would need a lot of mental stimulation. This ranges from training the Bengal cats to making sure they have interactive toys to play with, in other to get their brains engaged. Furthermore, Bengals can also be thought tricks, trained to walk on a leash, and are water lovers.

Although they do not make lots of noise, Bengal cats always love great conversation and are smart enough to initiate them when they feel you are relaxed or when they need your attention at getting some needs. Strange and scary appearances, mixed with lots of intelligence at your disposal, then you have the Bengal cats as a breed you should watch out for.

10. Burmese Cats 

Burmese Cats Breed

Completing our list of smartest cat breeds is no other than the Burmese cats from Burma and the Thai-Burma borders. This breed of cats ticks the boxes as excellent play folks and highly intelligent cats. The Burmese cats are very social and they are quite active when it comes to playing catch such as tag or fetch as well as hide or seek.

They are good at seeking your attention and they would demand nothing but full attention when performing their dramas or having a fun time. The Burmese cats are smart enough to adapt to seniors, kids, and even other pets such as dogs at home, although they might seem reserved at first.

An attention-seeking cat breed that is smart, and also loves to have good conversations, then you should get no other cat asides from the Burmese.


Cats are starting to land on the list of animals known to be intelligent because of their many numerous activities. Among the many breeds, some have set themselves out as super-intelligent. Owning any of the cat breeds on this list would not only shower you with affection but showcase how super-smart these felines can be from the word go.

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