Buff-Colored Cat Names: 100 Incredible Ideas for Males & Females

Buff-Colored Cat Names: 100 Incredible Ideas for Males & Females

If you have a buff-colored cat, you might wanna give them a matching moniker. A good cat name makes your cat more elegant and fun, but finding the right name can be hard. Not to worry though, we’ve got some amazing buff-colored cat names right here! Let’s get started!

40 Buff Colored Cat Names – Male

  1. Amberjack (Inspired by the fish)
  2. Biscotti (Inspired by the Italian cookie)
  3. Butterscotch (Inspired by the candy)
  4. Chai (Inspired by the tea)
  5. Cinnamon Roll (Inspired by the pastry)
  6. Clove (Inspired by the spice)
  7. Curry (Inspired by the Indian dish)
  8. Fawn (Inspired by the deer)
  9. Ginger Snap (Inspired by the cookie)
  10. Hazelnut (Inspired by the nut)
  11. Honey (Inspired by the sweetener)
  12. Khaki (Inspired by the color)
  13. Latte (Inspired by the coffee)
  14. Maple (Inspired by the syrup)
  15. Marzipan (Inspired by the confection)
  16. Mocha (Inspired by the coffee)
  17. Mustard (Inspired by the condiment)
  18. Nutmeg (Inspired by the spice)
  19. Ochre (Inspired by the color)
  20. Peanut (Inspired by the nut)
  21. Pecan (Inspired by the nut)
  22. Saffron (Inspired by the spice)
  23. Sandy (Inspired by the color)
  24. Sesame (Inspired by the seed)
  25. Sorrel (Inspired by the herb)
  26. Tawny (Inspired by the color)
  27. Teddy (Inspired by the teddy bear)
  28. Toffee (Inspired by the candy)
  29. Topaz (Inspired by the gemstone)
  30. Turmeric (Inspired by the spice)
  31. Wheat (Inspired by the grain)
  32. Whiskey (Inspired by the alcoholic beverage)
  33. Woody (Inspired by wood)
  34. Caramel (Inspired by the candy)
  35. Latte Macchiato (Inspired by the coffee)
  36. Blondie (Inspired by the dessert)
  37. Buttercup (Inspired by the flower)
  38. Cheddar (Inspired by the cheese)
  39. Churro (Inspired by the dessert)
  40. Driftwood (Inspired by the wood)

40 Buff Colored Cat Names – Female

  1. Almondine (Inspired by the French almond cake)
  2. Biscuit (Inspired by the baked good)
  3. Blush (Inspired by the color)
  4. Buttercup (Inspired by the flower)
  5. Butterscotch (Inspired by the candy)
  6. Caramelita (Inspired by the caramel candy)
  7. Champagne (Inspired by the bubbly drink)
  8. Chardonnay (Inspired by the white wine)
  9. Chestnut (Inspired by the nut)
  10. Cider (Inspired by the apple drink)
  11. Cinnamon (Inspired by the spice)
  12. Cream Puff (Inspired by the pastry)
  13. Custard (Inspired by the dessert)
  14. Daffodil (Inspired by the flower)
  15. Fawn (Inspired by the deer)
  16. Goldie (Inspired by the color)
  17. Honeybee (Inspired by the insect)
  18. Latte (Inspired by the coffee)
  19. Maize (Inspired by the color)
  20. Marigold (Inspired by the flower)
  21. Muffin (Inspired by the baked good)
  22. Nectar (Inspired by the sweet liquid)
  23. Oatmeal (Inspired by the breakfast food)
  24. Peach (Inspired by the fruit)
  25. Pecan Pie (Inspired by the dessert)
  26. Pudding (Inspired by the dessert)
  27. Raisin (Inspired by the dried fruit)
  28. Sand (Inspired by the color)
  29. Sandy (Inspired by the color)
  30. Sorrel (Inspired by the herb)
  31. Tangerine (Inspired by the fruit)
  32. Toffee (Inspired by the candy)
  33. Topaz (Inspired by the gemstone)
  34. Turmeric (Inspired by the spice)
  35. Vanilla (Inspired by the flavor)
  36. Wheat (Inspired by the grain)
  37. Whiskey (Inspired by the alcoholic beverage)
  38. Willow (Inspired by the tree)
  39. Yolk (Inspired by the egg)
  40. Zinnia (Inspired by the flower)

20 Gender Neutral Buff-Colored Cat Names

  1. Amber (Inspired by the gemstone)
  2. Autumn (Inspired by the season)
  3. Blaze (Inspired by fire)
  4. Brandy (Inspired by the alcoholic beverage)
  5. Cinnamon Toast (Inspired by the breakfast food)
  6. Clove (Inspired by the spice)
  7. Curry (Inspired by the spice)
  8. Ginger Snap (Inspired by the cookie)
  9. Hazel (Inspired by the nut)
  10. Maple (Inspired by the syrup)
  11. Marmalade (Inspired by the orange preserve)
  12. Mocha (Inspired by the coffee)
  13. Nugget (Inspired by gold)
  14. Rusty (Inspired by the color)
  15. Saffron (Inspired by the spice)
  16. Sandy Beach (Inspired by the natural landscape)
  17. Sienna (Inspired by the color)
  18. Spice Cake (Inspired by the dessert)
  19. Teddy Bear (Inspired by the stuffed toy)
  20. Toffee Nut (Inspired by the candy)

We hope you’ve been able to find the right name for your buff-colored cat. I personally recommend Rusty – for no good reason. Feel free to continue browsing our website for more cat-related articles. Also, feel free to reach out to us if you’d like to request more cat-naming articles!

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