9 Top Toddler-Friendly Cats: The Top Breeds for Families

Best Cat Breeds For Toddlers

Families are starting to accept pets as companions in their homes. For a long time, dogs have been man’s best friend and this is quite evident in how they are welcomed easily in homes by most parents. In recent times, cats have now been adopted as pets that are not only social towards other pets but also friendly with family members, especially those with kids.

As parents with toddlers at home, who I either crawling or barely learning how to walk and can’t communicate fluently, there is this big dilemma on whether cats are most suited for that home, despite wanting to own one. Parental instincts kick in and for the love of wanting to protect the child, it becomes difficult settling down and come to a conclusion about which breed is best for toddlers.

In all sincerity, cats have been domesticated and most, if not all, would be fine in homes where there are kids. However, some breeds are certainly more child friendly and would be excellent companions not only for people but in homes with toddlers. 

In no particular order, here is our list of best cat breeds that would be ideal for families who have toddlers and at the same time love to have cats that won’t prey on these toddlers in their homes.

1. Devon Rex Cats Breed

Devon Rex Cats Breed

The first cat breed on our list of toddler-friendly cats is the Devon Rex Cat. This cat is native to England and is characterized by its long ears and short hair coats. The Devon rex cats are quite petite in size, weighing approximately 9 pounds which are estimated to be about 4kg, suitable for homes with toddlers.

This cat breed has sometimes been regarded as poodle cats cos of their short wavy coats, their intelligence, and how well they are family-friendly. They are not only cool with staying all alone by themselves but always happy to be around family, especially kids. 

In homes with toddlers, you have a play buddy for them in the Devon rex cats, because this cat breed is quite energetic and loves to play a lot. Often you’d see them at high spots at home because they are very good climbers and they love to entertain family members, toddlers inclusive. Devon rex cats are smart and easy to train. With their social attitudes and affectionate personalities, this cat breed would bond well with toddlers at home.

2. Manx Cats Breed

Manx Cats Breed

Originating from the British isle of man, the Manx cat is another cat breed on our list of best cats for toddlers. They are famous for their shortened or absent tails which is a result of a natural. mutation. The Manx cats are medium-sized cats weighing about 12 pounds or 6 kilograms, they would do fine with toddlers due to their social personalities.

Despite their gentle temperaments, these cat breeds are excellent hunters and would stop at nothing until they eradicate rodent populations. This ability of the Manx cat does not in any way affect the relationship with people, as they are people-friendly and would bond easily with other pets at home and toddlers.

Manx cats are playful and intelligent cat breeds. It would not be strange to see the Manx cats trying to play the catch and fetch game or see them wanting to get into pools because they love water. Although they can show attachment to family members, it does not mean they would not be okay if left alone. 

But with toddlers at home with the Manx cats, be rest assured they’d bond together while enjoying quality playtime together.

3. The American Shorthair Cats Breed

The American Shorthair Cats Breed

American in origin, with round faces, short ears, and hair, the American shorthair cat is another toddler-friendly cat on our list. Known to be a working cats, because they have been used to eradicate rodent populations, but this does not steal the shine if this beautiful cat breed is a family-loving cat breed.

American Shorthair Cats are well-built and muscular in appearance, although they are not athletic. This cat breed showers its owners and family members with enough affection. They are easy-going and are ready to bond with pets and toddlers at home. 

Despite being categorized as a medium to large-sized cat, the American shorthair cat doesn’t see this as a big deal, and you’d find them crawling, interacting, or playing with toys along with toddlers at home. This has been attributed to their ease of adaptation, intelligence tolerance, and patience, they certainly fit into homes that have kids especially toddlers with ease and create a strong bond with them right away.

4. Havana Brown Cats Breed

Havana Brown Cats Breed

The Havana brown cats also called Havana cats originated in England and were developed from crossing the Siamese cats together with a domestic back cat. This is another cat breed on our list of cats that are best for toddlers. Havana Brown fats are moderate in size, muscular, and brown haircoats. 

This cat breed is intelligent and curious at the same time and doesn’t be surprised when you find them by the door wanting to welcome strangers. Havana Brown cats are people-friendly with social temperaments and would in no way cause harm to toddlers at home. Instead, they may be seen trying to plan the next heist at home or sharing toys and keeping one another company.

Although they can be independent, the Havana brown cats would still love to share some time with family and would make excellent companions with toddlers and other pets at home.

 The next time you’re traveling with your toddlers, don’t be surprised when you see the Havana brown cat trying to tag along, because they sure love the family bond, and creating a strong bond with the family, especially toddlers has never been a problem for this cat breed.

5. Maine Coon Cats Breed

Maine Coon Cats Breed

This cat is native to the state of Maine in the United States and is regarded as one of the largest cat breeds. Albeit large-sized, Maine coon cats are extremely social, which has given them the name gentle giants, and has made it to our list of cats best for toddlers. This cat breed weighs on average about 18 pounds, which is equivalent to approximately 9 kilograms. They have moderate to long layered haircoats that help them survive harsh cold weather conditions.

Maine coons have docile temperaments and their large sizes wouldn’t matter when it comes to socializing with family members, especially toddlers. One big advantage is that the Maine coon cat is an intelligent cat breed thereby making them easy to train and would remain calm around kids or toddlers. Also because they don’t have aggressive temperaments, they can be left around toddlers and in no time they’d see themselves as best of buddies 

If you have a toddler at home who loves to play with water, then getting a Maine coon cat would double their water-loving activities, because this cat breed loves that as well. They can look really big but these gentle giants would form good friends with toddlers anytime any day.

6. Burmese Cats Breed

Burmese Cats Breed

This is another cat breed that is not only toddler friendly but perfect for homes with inquisitive toddlers. Burmese cats are native to Burma, and known for their slender body appearance, large pointed ears, and wedge-shaped head. This cat breed is not only elegant but a beauty to behold with extreme intelligence levels.

Burmese cats are inquisitive, playful, and mischievous and you would see them socializing with families and toddlers easily. Don’t be surprised when you find the Burmese alongside your toddler committing the “next crime” at home like stealing treats or playing with your clothes. Asides from binding easily with toddlers, Burmese cats are people-friendly and there is never a dull moment with this cat breed once you have them.

They love to play games such as fetch, can be quite vocal, and never want to be left alone for long just like most toddlers. This is one of the many reasons why they would just be the absolute best partner in homes with toddlers.

7. Birman Cats Breed

Birman Cats Breed

Starting as temple cats for monks and originating from Burma, like the Burmese, the Birman cats have been referred to as the sacred cats of Burma and this is another breed that is excellent for families with toddlers. Birman cats are characterized by a colored point appearance on their face, with silky long haircoats and blue eyes. Birman cats are quite social, easy-going, and would show affection to every member of the family including toddlers.

They sometimes would love to play games such as fetch or with toys and can be comfortable sharing some toys with toddlers. Other times they might just be seen taking a stroll around the house and making sure everything is in place.

Because they are so good at bonding with family members, you can find them curled up beside your toddler’s beds or wanting to catch your attention for some time on your laps. Either way, they are exceptional and we’ll lay breed whose beauty is not only but their cool personalities would make them excellent partners for toddlers.

8. Bombay Cats Breed

Bombay Cats Breed

Originating partly from the United States and Thailand, the Bombay cat is another breed of cat that could comfortably sit on the list of cats best for toddlers. Developed from crossing the Burmese and the black American shorthair cats, the Bombay cats have a characteristic appearance of short black hair coats, a muscular body frame, which gives them the looks of a miniature black panther.

Despite looking a tad scary, this cat breed is in no way scary at all. They have socially inclined with people-friendly personalities and would stop at nothing in making good friends with family members, and pets, most especially toddlers. Because the Bombay cat is an attention-craving cat, they never like to be left alone.

This is one of the reasons the Bombay cats would bond instantly with toddlers, as they have not only a companion but a play partner in them. They are also an intelligent cat breed and teaching them some games or learning to use a leash on them wouldn’t give any problems. In all this cat breed gets along with almost everyone at home and your toddlers would never be left out with the Bombay cats around.

9. The American Curl Cats Breed

The American Curl Cats Breed

This would be an incomplete list of best cat breeds for toddlers without the American curl cats showing up there. Native to North America, Lakewood California precisely, the American curl cats have a characteristic appearance of having their ears curled backward and downward swaying from the face towards the back. This is a result of a genetic mutation that has affected cartilage in the American curl breed.

This does not in any way affect the temperaments of the American curl cats as they have been known to be child-friendly cats and would welcome toddlers with open arms or better still open paws. American curl cats, although not quite vocal, are an active cat breed and with toddlers around them, their activity levels shoot up to the moon.

Always waiting for the next okay session with children, the American curl cats would always form bonds with kids, and you might see them with toddlers trying to crawl, walk around or even share their toys. Are you looking for a cat that would partner with toddlers at home with little to no concerns? Then be rest assured the American curl cat is your go-to feline always.


Homes with kids, especially toddlers, tend to be a lot more careful when recruiting cats into their homes, this is because first things first they must protect these toddlers from harm’s way. However cats, on the other hand, most times are people-friendly and would do just fine being around family members but some breeds show extra child-friendly personalities than others. You’d never go wrong picking from our list of best cats for toddlers because this breed is not only toddler friendly but ready to create more than a friendly bond with them right away.

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