Cat Lovers Get Surprised By A Box Of Kittens

“If you bite the mic then we can’t use this audio”.

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Hop Skip And A Jump
In It For Love
Licensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc.

SFX provided by Audioblocks. 

Made by BFMP
Becky Zak
Instagram/YouTube/Twitter: @randomcatcomedy

Kittens from Tails To The Wind Rescue
Special thanks to Christine Broyles


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Jayne Taylor

Jayne started out as a veterinary nurse before she had her son, Joshua, and later her daughter Lily. Jayne is a passionate cat lover and has two fur-babies in Max and Silky. She admits to have a particular soft spot for russian blue cats and says she does her best not to make Max jealous when she pays special attention to Silky her russian blue. While Jayne was on maternity leave she noticed it wasn't easy to find the information she wanted about her beloved animal so she decided to start Cat Informer!

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