Why Does My Cat Sleep With Me and Not My Husband? Find out NOW!

Why does your cat sleep with me and not my husband? Well, there are several reasons. Have you checked out how your husband relates to the cat? You may be the only one feeding the cat and spending time with her. Cats get attracted to people who spend time with them.

The time you take to clean the cat bed and the general care will make the cat prefer you over your husband. Your husband may have started to complain about the issue. It is an issue that you can fix quickly.

You only have to know the proper steps you can take, and it will be easy to fix the problem. Here we are going to outline the reason why the cat prefers to sleep with you.

Why Does My Cat Only Sleep With Me? Get the Answers.

Spending More Time With the Cat

You probably spend more time with the cat than your husband. Cats are social animals, and they will start developing attachment if you will spend a lot of time with them.

You may be the one who is left at home with kids and pets, and you tend to spend a lot of time with the cat. The cat will get used to you and become comfortable around you.

When you spend more time with the cat, there are high chances you will start enjoying good company with the cat.

Cat Feels Safe Near You

You are generally more gentle than your husband. The cat will start sleeping with you if it feels safe near you. Cats choose someone gentle to sleep with.

You will find her on your bed if you tend to be calm when handling the cat.

How do cats choose who to sleep with? They will take into account several factors. You should be friendly and provide the safest environment for the cat.

You may be gentle when dealing with kids and the cat. The pet will prefer spending more time with you in such a case.

You Are Calm

Why does my cat sit next to me? You are probably calm. Cats prefer someone calm. If you will relax when near the cat, it will associate your presence with a good environment.

Cats do not prefer someone who will yell at them. Even if the cat has spilled the milk, you will have to handle it with care and love then train it.

Ladies tend to be gentle when near cats, and it has made many cats prefer spending time near them.


You are showing the cat affection, and it is making it prefer sleeping next to you. There are several ways you can show affection to your cat. For example, you may be the one checking the condition of the cat. When it has been infested with fleas, you are the one applying the treatments.

Cats will prefer someone who will address their problems. If you are quick to address several problems that face the cat, you will make it prefer spending more time.

The way you treat the cat will matter a lot. In most cases, it will be attracted to people who care about it.

Warm Spot

You may be wondering why my cat sleeps on me. The cats prefer warm spots. They will sleep on you when they feel like your body is warm.

There are cases where the cats will leave their mats and look for warm places. You can address the problem by buying warm mats.

Self-heating mats for cats make their beds warm, and they will prefer the surfaces.

Why Does Your Cat Sleep With You or Lay on You?

Sometimes you can see people asking questions online about the behavior of cats. After research, I discovered the cat sleeps on me when it is cold. During winter, the cat will like a warm spot. After buying self-warming cat mats, they started sleeping on their mats.

Cats will try to get comfortable places where they can sleep. Introducing a warm mat will make the cats prefer sleeping on their beds. People looking forward to improving the comfort of cats invest in high-quality mats. 

Why Does Your Cat Sleep With You but Not Your Husband?

My cat sleeps on me, and it is making my husband feel jealous. There are several possible reasons why the cat prefers sleeping with me. Researchers have discovered cats would like to feel safe and comfortable.

The fact that the cat will move to a place where it will be more comfortable explains the reason why the cat prefers sleeping with me. Here are other reasons:

You Are Friendly to the Cat

The cat will prefer sleeping with you if you are friendly to it. For instance, each time the cat moves close to you, you welcome it and cuddle it. Cats feel good when they are showing love and care. It will keep on following you to bed if you are friendly to it.

Several issues can affect cats, and they need someone who can help them deal with the issues. If you are quick to help the cat deal with different issues, the cat will sleep next to you.

Your Bed Is Warmer Than That of Your Husband

Cats prefer places where they will feel comfortable and sleep. They will sense the warmth and spend time there. The location of the bed can determine where the bed will prefer sleeping.

For example, if your husband’s bed is close to the window, it will be colder than a bed placed away from the window. The cat will prefer a bed that is located in a warm place. If your bed is in such a place, then you will expect to get the cat there.

You Feed the Cat Often

Who spends time feeding the cat? If you are the one who feeds it often, then your cat will prefer spending more time with you than your husband. Cats sleep near somebody who can offer those treats any time.

You have become a friend of the cat over time because you feed it. There are some treats your cat loves. If you are the one who offers the goodies, it will always stay close to you when you are at home. It will even move to your bed to spend more time with you.

You Spend More Time With the Cat

The cat will love someone who will spend more time with it. There are high chances your husband is busy at work, and he will be at home for a few hours.

The cat may even forget him. You will create a special bond with the cat if you spend more time with it. Cats would not like to spend more time with strangers.

Try not to appear a stranger to your cat, and it will stay close to you more. People are looking for ways they can make their cats love them to create more time to bond.

How Can You Change the Sleeping Behavior of Your Cat?

There are many things you can do to change the sleeping behavior of the cat. Ensure you create a warm sleeping place for the cat. Introducing cat caves will be a great way to make the cat prefer sleeping in its place.

If you would like the cat to start sleeping with other people, you will have to let them associate more with the cat. Cats have instincts, and they will tend to stay close to someone they know can take good care of them.

How Can You Make Your Cats Sleep With Him?

The cat will be free to start sleeping with him to make the cat feel comfortable around him.

He can start by associating with the cat. It can take time, but with time the cat will get used to him.

Here are other tricks you can try to make the cat start spending more time with him:

Let Him Create Time for the Cat

The cat will start playing and even spending more time with him if he can spare time and be close to the cat. He can carry it during the day and groom it. When cats feel comfortable near him, they will even feel free to spend with him at night.

Ask Him to Feed the Cat More Often

Cats will prefer staying with someone who feeds them. If you were feeding the cat too often, change the role, and the cat will start following him. There are some treats your cat loves, you can let him give the cat the treats, and the cat will prefer his bed over yours. 

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