14 Low Shed Cats and Cats That Don’t Shed

Cats are adorable creatures, but they often shed hair that gets tiring to clean repeatedly and requires an extra budget for grooming your cat with tools like cleaning slicker brush, cat comb, etc. 

The sofas and carpets are often filled with cat fur, making a real mess. If you already own a cat, you would know better how to clean the couch and carpet with the lint roller several times. 

You also require grooming for your cat, who sheds hair. If you don’t groom your pet regularly there would be cat fur all over the house. Does it sound problematic? Don’t be afraid there is a solution for this. Cats that don’t shed save the house from their furs as well as being beneficial to allergic people. 

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18 Underrated Cat Blogs [Goldmines You Missed!]

Are you searching for the best cat blogs for taking care of your cat but you are not finding a suitable one? Many awesome blogs are often left behind in the competition but they actually serve you the quality and information. 

Today we will have a look over the most under-rated cat blogs that deserve more love from us. These are the actual goldmines I have listed for you after a prolonged digging. Let’s get it started!

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How to Force Feed Your Cat in the Right Way?

There are times when you will have to force feed your cat. Cats can lose appetite due to several reasons. For example, it can fall sick and fail to eat. Administer medication, then start feeding a cat to get the necessary energy to keep the organs working for the cat to recover fast. 

Force-feeding a cat is not easy, but you can manage provided you have the right tools. First, start by investigating the cause of a lack of appetite in your cat. After you have identified the cause, you can get the right medication and administer it. In some cases, you will have to force-feed the cat so that it can take the medication. Here are some of the things you need to know how to force-feed a cat:

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Why Does My Cat Chew on Cardboard?

Owning a cat presents an opportunity to have a cheerful and contented playmate. Then again, as your furry family member grows up, it’s possible you’ll get worried when you notice your cat chew on cardboard boxes.

 There are a few reasons why your furry friend might adopt this behavior.  Whatever the reason, you should stay close and keep an eye on your cat and look for any noticeable changes that may help determine the new behavior’s cause. 

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11 Rare Cat Breeds That You Probably Never Knew Exists!

What Is The Rarest Cat In The World?

Cats have been around since the dawn of humanity, and they are still dependable companions today. Some cat breeds, on the other hand, are rare in comparison to their feline companions. 

According to the Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA), all purebred felines can be considered rare, with just two to four percent of owned cats making the pedigreed cut.

The reasoning can be traced back to the breed’s inception, whether ancient or modern. Similarly, a cat breed can be rare due to a scarcity of breeders. The breed could not thrive unless there are breeders who are committed to keeping the breed alive.

So whatever the reasons are, here are 11 rare cat breeds you probably didn’t know about!

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Does your cat attack you and no one else? Find out why

Why does my cat attack me and no one else? The behavior may have disturbed you a lot. There are several reasons that can make the cat start biting you. Maybe you are not giving it enough attention. The cat may like you to play but you are too busy with your house chores. Some cats will bite because is aggression nearby.

The cat may be locked in the house but outside it has seen other cats or animals that pose danger to its territory. It will start biting as a way of relieving tension. Take time to study the behavior of your cat and you will know the reasons why the cat is biting. Get to research and it will be easy for you to know the reason. Here we are going to break down some of the reopens why your cat is biting you and no one else in your family.

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In-Depth Guide On Cat Wound Care

How to do cat wound care? Cats dealing with an extensive wound can become victims of infections, increased inflammation, and/or other unwanted medical conditions. Studies show trauma wounds are a common cause of vet visits among cats and it’s important to understand how to care for cat wounds due to this [1].

Without appropriate cat wound care, it can become difficult to keep your cat in good health.

This is why it’s time to look at the nuances of cat wound care, what to look for, and how to makes sure the cat recovers quickly.

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Kitten Health Guide

Kittens are fragile and delicate creatures and so it is important to follow a kitten health guide. They are susceptible to a number of medical conditions just as human babies are whilst their immune system grows. In addition to that, kittens need extra attention and care to stay healthy and active. This is the foremost responsibility of owners to take care of the overall health and well being of kittens.

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Cat Dental Care

Cat dental care is very important for pet owners. Dental issues are very much common in cats. Generally, dental problems are observed in older cats. Usually, dental conditions are preventable and curable, if you give proper care to your cat. Cat owners ask so many questions about the overall oral care of their beloved cats.

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Common Health Problems in Cats: An Overview

Just like us, there are a number of common health problems in cats which can either be hereditary, due to common issues in certain breeds or develop as they age. Cat owners like to be aware of what signs to look for so they can tend to issues before they develop into something more substantial. As cats cannot tell us if they are unwell, much like young children, we need to be on the lookout for changes, particularly in their behavior and habits.

Naturally, there are often obvious signs such as cat vomiting, cat sores on skin and cat seizure symptoms but often it is small signs such as your cat not eating or your kitten behavior shifts.

Here, we will have a quick look at some common health conditions in cats and their diagnosis and management.

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