When Should You Take Your Cat to the Veterinarian?

Cat owners are always wondering if their cats need to pay a visit to a veterinarian or not? The answer to this question is not that simple. Your cat is never in a position to be able to tell you directly what’s going on with them. Do they require a visit to the veterinarian or not? It’s the job of the cat owner to identify the symptoms and plan a visit when required.

Regular check-ups are necessary to maintain your cat’s health. To ensure your cat stays healthy and free of diseases, you must ensure you take it to a veterinarian for a thorough check-up once a year.

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The Secrets to CAT TEETH

We all love pets and spending our leisure time with them. As we cat lovers know, felines are among the most loved pets in homes across the world.

However, keeping pets is one thing, and taking care of them is another. Even the most low maintenance pet, like a cat, places demands on us as owners as they can be vulnerable to diseases and health issues. If you are one of those who loves to keep cats as a pet, then this article is worth reading. We highlight all the secrets you need to know regarding your cat’s teeth to ensure you keep their teeth healthy, clean and strong.

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It is hard to know what the right flea meds for kittens are. Many cat owners experience the issue of fleas with new kittens and cats. One of the questions we are asked is “are cat fleas and dog fleas different?” In short the answer is yes, scientifically, but in reality the issues they cause are much the same. Symptoms of flea infestation in your kitten include excessive itching, red skin and there can be secondary infections. In some extreme cases cats may develop flea allergy dermatitis.

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Tuna Juice or Tuna Water For Cats: Is It Good Or Bad

As a proud cat owner, spending time with your adorable ball of far is one of the most fulfilling things. We tend to focus on making them happier, and one of the ways is by paying attention to their food.

The smell of tuna is one that will have humble meows from your fuzzy friend as it slowly gets impatient for a taste of fish. Aside from tuna, have you ever considered feeding your feline friend tuna juice or tuna water for cats? If this seems new to you, you should stick on as we have an in-depth look at this cat feed. Shop Now

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