Feline Giants: 9 Largest Domesticated Cat Breeds

The Top 9 Domesticated Largest Cat Breed

For a couple of reasons, many homes, families, and even children have kept or would want to own cats. For some, it is because of the affectionate behaviors of cats, that make them good companion pets. While for others, the reasons could be related to work functions, such as hunting down mice and rodent populations. Whichever of the reasons chosen to keep these feline creatures, it is certain that large non-domesticated cats such as leopards and tigers are out of the picture.

However, for families who would always want their cats large and never petite, while at the same time domesticated, it can sometimes be difficult to find out the best breed that meets their functions and the same time gigantic in appearance.

While some cats like the Toybob and Singapura happen to be midgets in appearance certain cat breeds tick all the boxes, as they are not only large but would also form excellent companions, and pets, and even possess skilled hunting skills. On this journey, we would explore some of the domesticated breeds of large cats and the same time fits our home needs.

1. Maine coons Cat 

Maine coons cat Breed

Native to the United States, particularly in the state of Maine, the Maine coon cat breed is one of the largest cats on our big cat list. Asides from being big the Maine coon cat has a long two-layered and silky hair coat that would catch your attention right away. This cat breed weighs about 10 – 20 pounds or more like adults, which is around 5 – 10 kg while growing to a height of 10 to 16 inches tall. 

Maine Coon cats are one of the oldest cat breeds present in North America and are excellent hunters of mice end other rodents disturbing their neighborhood. Despite their large size and hunting skills. These cat breeds are quite social and gentle, which is why they have been fondly called gentle giants.

Maine coon cats are people-friendly and can be trained easily as a result of their high intelligence. They are never bothered by strangers or want to be around you. This cat breed would be happy playing with their toys and don’t be surprised when you find them binding with children and family members as they don’t see their size as a threat to anyone except for rodents.

2. Norwegian Forest Cat

Norwegian Forest Cat Breed

Like their name, this breed of cat is native to northern Europe, Norway precisely. Norwegian forest cats are another cat breed that is large and fits most families who would want to own large cat breeds. Their water-resistant coats are designed to withstand temperate regions and cold temperatures. Norwegian forest cats are sturdy with long body frames, and legs. They can weigh between 10 to 20 pounds as adults. This is estimated at 5 – 10 kilograms, with a height of about 12 inches.

These cat breeds are loyal companions, friendly to household members, and would not intimidate kids and other pets with their large size. Norwegian forest cats boast of high intelligence levels and this can be seen in how well they interact with family members, as well as their love for games such as catch and fetch.

Norwegian forest cats would slot in easily to homes that want people-friendly companion cats, that are not only intelligent but built and large.

3. Ragdoll Cat

Ragdoll Cat Breed

The third cat on our list of large-sized cat breeds is the Ragdoll cat. With a fairly long hair coat, muscular body frame, color points around the face, and blue eyes, the Ragdoll cat boasts of body weight of about 10 to 20 pounds, estimated at 5 – 10 kilograms, and can grow as tall as 11 inches. This cat breed is known for its calm temperaments.

Ragdoll cats do not see the large size as a reason why they would not want to play with their family. Despite their gentle personality, they are smart and intelligent and would love to maintain a good time with family members, especially kids and other pets. Just like the doll in their name, the Ragdoll cats are less demanding and they can be found having a chilled time on their own. 

Large, gentle, and affectionate are the words that should be used in characterizing the ragdoll cat breeds, and they would be just fine with owners who love large cats.

4. Persian Cat

Persian Cat Breed

Originating from Persia, the Persian cat is another breed that has positioned itself as a large cat breed. Also referred to as Persian longhair by many, this breed of cat is not only long-haired but has a round face with a short muzzle, giving them a flat face appearance. The Persian cats’ weigh approximately 8 to 13 pounds which is between 4 and 7 kilograms and have a height ranging from 10 and 15 inches.

Persian cats are not only charming with their luxurious looks but they are a social cat breed that would show so much affection to families. Because of their long hair, this cat breed requires regular grooming to avoid their hair from getting matted or tangled. Persians. 

Even with the large Persian cat sizes, they are not intimidating to family members, and always love to be silent and calm. They are smart and sometimes show curiosity but this does not mean you’d find them snooping around the house or causing some destruction. They would get along with everyone at home, including pets, and wouldn’t mind having some playtime with toys or games.

5. Siberian Cat

Siberian Cat Breed

This cat breed is native to Siberia, a part of Russia, and is characterized by the long water-resistant thick hair coat that allows them to survive the harsh weather conditions in their native country. Also called the Siberian forest cats, this is another cat breed making it the breed of the largest cat breed.

 Quite similar to the Norwegian forest cats, Siberian cats are believed to have an estimated weight of 12 to 15 pounds which translates to around 6 to 8 kilograms, and can grow tall to almost 10 or 12 inches depending on the sex. Siberian cats have strong bodies and their hunting instincts have made them excellent rodent hunters.

Asides from their extensive and solidly built body frame, Siberian cats have excellent social personalities with people-friendly temperaments. They are loyal to family members and also bond very well with children and even pets. Don’t be surprised when you find this large and muscular cat breed being silent most times, this is a result of their docile temperaments. The Siberian cats would offer you both the size and great affection if there are the qualities you’d want in a cat breed.

6. Bengal Cat

Bengal Cat Breed

This breed was created from a domestic cat known as the spotted. Egyptian Mau and the Asian Leopard cats. The Bengal cats are native to the United States and are another large-sized cat on the list. The Bengal cats are famous for their spotted or marbling hair coat appearance like those of wild cats or leopards. This cat breed boast of length and muscular body frame, with weights estimated to be between 8 to 15 pounds, which is equivalent to about 4 – 8 kilograms, and heights of 10 inches at most.

Despite their scary hair coat appearance, coupled with their large size, the Bengal cats are not only affectionate towards people but have social personalities. They are talkative and would do fine in homes with children and other pets so far they have been introduced to them at an early age.

Bengal cats are smart and have high curiosity levels. They often need to be mentally stimulated with various activities such as games and puzzles. This breed fully ticks all boxes on the list of owners that love their cats large, scary, and with good temperaments.

7. Savannah Cat

Savannah Cat Breed

Born from a cross of the African Serval cats and domestic cats, believed to be a Siamese cat, the Savannah cat is the seventh cat on our list of the largest cat breed. This breed of cat is famous for its leopard or cheetah-like appearance. Savannah cats are not only blessed with jungle-like looks but are one of the large domesticated cat breeds if not the largest of them. 

The early generation of the savannah cats has been estimated to have a body weight between 8 to 23 kilograms. However, the latest generation of this cat breed has been watered down to weigh about 12 to 25 pounds, which is equivalent to 6 – 12 kilograms.

Serval cats that can grow as tall as 14-17 inches are skillful hunters. Don’t be scared by their looks or prey drive, because the Savannah cats are not only affectionate at home but can bond with children and other pets at home.

Savannah cats can sometimes be seen leaping to high points at home such as cabinets, while other times they just want to enjoy some lap time or just sleep around the corner of the house. The Savannah cats are one the largest cat breeds that would do just fine at home.

8. Ragamuffin Cat

Ragamuffin Cat

The ragamuffin cats are another breed that has entered the list of large cat breeds. This breed is oftentimes referred to as a variant of the Ragdoll cat, one of the large-sized cats on our list. Ragamuffin cats originated from the United States and have a weight range of 10-20 pounds, equivalent to about 5 to 10kg at adult, and a height between 10-15 inches depending on the sex.

Ragamuffin cats have a large amount of long hair coat, which has been described as rabbit-like due to how soft they are. The breed also has big heads and they are quite muscular. Asides there physical characteristics that depict largeness, the Ragamuffin cats have large hearts, making them social and people-friendly cats.

They are oftentimes seen as easy-going and docile. Ragamuffin cats are not only friendly towards family members but also strangers, and other pets at home. Give them some lap time and snuggle, and the Ragamuffin cats would forget they are not petite but a large cat breed. Little wonder this cat breed has been referred to as teddy cats.

9. Chausie Cat

Chausie Cat Breed

Finally sneaking into our list of largest cat breeds is ten Chausie cats. Originating from the United States, this cat breed was developed from a cross of the jungle cat with some domestic cats. Chausie cats are characterized by their long body and legs, and wild looks and are conditioned for running and jumping

Chausie cats in adults weigh up to 20 pounds which amount to roughly 10 kilograms and have an average height of 14 to 18 inches. This breed of cats are not only pacy but we’ll skilled hunters, using their pace and size to outpower rodents.

However, don’t be surprised by the social and family-friendly personality of the Chausie cats. Despite their size, they get along with children and other pets at home and would always be seen demanding attention from family members. because they are quite athletic and energetic, these cats would be seen always on the move and wanting to take part in activities that they are not called to. They tick all the boxes when it comes to large cat breed sizes that can be housed as a member of the family.


Dreaming of having a large cat breed that is suitable for homes, the mentioned cats on our list would do justice to that, as most of them have shown they can grow as big as 20 pounds at an average weight without affecting their social personalities and relationship with family members. Furthermore, they would not only be good companion pets but the cat breeds are ready to take up a chunk of your space at home.

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