100 Elegant Cat Names for Totally Royal Kitties

Elegant Cat Names for Totally Royal Kitties

If your cat prefers premium wet food and refuses to eat regular dry food, they are most likely royal descendants. There’s nothing more adorable than having a posh kitty that has an air of royalty about them, and it’s only natural that you give them a befitting name. Hence, here’s a list of 100 names for posh kitties.

50 Elegant Cat Names For Male Royal Kitties

  1. Alexander (Greek meaning “defender of the people”)
  2. Apollo (Greek god of music and art)
  3. Aristotle (Greek philosopher)
  4. Atticus (Greek meaning “man of Attica”)
  5. Augustus (Latin for “majestic” or “venerable”)
  6. Bentley (luxury car brand)
  7. Caesar (Roman emperor)
  8. Caspian (referring to the Caspian Sea)
  9. Churchill (after Sir Winston Churchill)
  10. Cognac (luxury alcoholic beverage)
  11. Constantine (Roman emperor)
  12. Cosimo (Italian meaning “order” or “decency”)
  13. Dior (luxury fashion brand)
  14. Duke (referring to royalty or nobility)
  15. Emilio (Italian meaning “rival”)
  16. Fabio (Italian meaning “bean grower”)
  17. Finnegan (Irish meaning “fair-haired warrior”)
  18. Gatsby (after the fictional character in “The Great Gatsby”)
  19. Gucci (luxury fashion brand)
  20. Hendrix (after Jimi Hendrix)
  21. Hermes (luxury fashion brand)
  22. Hugo (German meaning “bright in mind and spirit”)
  23. Jaguar (luxury car brand)
  24. Kingston (referring to royalty)
  25. Leonardo (Italian meaning “brave lion”)
  26. Lincoln (luxury car brand)
  27. Luca (Italian meaning “bringer of light”)
  28. Maximilian (Latin for “greatest”)
  29. Montague (referring to royalty or nobility)
  30. Montblanc (luxury writing instruments and accessories)
  31. Napoleon (French emperor)
  32. Oliver (French meaning “olive tree”)
  33. Prada (luxury fashion brand)
  34. Raphael (Hebrew meaning “God has healed”)
  35. Remington (luxury firearms brand)
  36. Riccardo (Italian meaning “strong ruler”)
  37. Rolls (referring to luxury car brand Rolls-Royce)
  38. Salvatore (Italian meaning “savior”)
  39. Santiago (Spanish meaning “saint James”)
  40. Scott (Scottish meaning “wanderer”)
  41. Sterling (referring to precious metal)
  42. Tesla (luxury electric car brand)
  43. Tiberius (Roman emperor)
  44. Valentino (luxury fashion brand)
  45. Versace (luxury fashion brand)
  46. Viktor (Slavic meaning “victorious”)
  47. Winston (after Sir Winston Churchill)
  48. Wolfgang (German meaning “wolf path”)
  49. Xander (Greek meaning “defender of the people”)
  50. Zeus (Greek god of the sky and thunder)

50 Elegant Cat Names For Female Royal Kitties

  1. Anastasia (Greek meaning “resurrection”)
  2. Arabella (Latin meaning “yielding to prayer”)
  3. Astoria (referring to luxury hotel “The Waldorf Astoria”)
  4. Athena (Greek goddess of wisdom and war)
  5. Belle (French meaning “beautiful”)
  6. Bvlgari (luxury fashion brand)
  7. Camilla (Italian meaning “young ceremonial attendant”)
  8. Chanel (luxury fashion brand)
  9. Charlotte (French meaning “free man”)
  10. Cleopatra (Egyptian queen)
  11. Coco (after fashion designer Coco Chanel)
  12. Cordelia (Latin meaning “heart”)
  13. Dolce (Italian meaning “sweet”)
  14. Elizabeth (Hebrew meaning “God’s promise”)
  15. Empress (referring to royalty)
  16. Estee (after Estee Lauder, luxury cosmetics brand)
  17. Evangeline (Greek meaning “bearer of good news”)
  18. Gabriella (Hebrew meaning “God is my strength”)
  19. Ginevra (Italian meaning “juniper”)
  20. Gucci (luxury fashion brand)
  21. Isabella (Hebrew meaning “devoted to God”)
  22. Jaguar (luxury car brand)
  23. Jewel (referring to precious stones)
  24. Kate (after Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge)
  25. Kensington (referring to luxury neighborhood in London)
  26. Lillian (Latin meaning “lily”)
  27. Louisa (German meaning “renowned warrior”)
  28. Magnolia (referring to flower)
  29. Mercedes (luxury car brand)
  30. Mila (Slavic meaning “dear one”)
  31. Naomi (Hebrew meaning “pleasantness”)
  32. Opal (referring to precious stone)
  33. Ophelia (Greek meaning “help”)
  34. Paris (referring to luxury city in France)
  35. Penelope (Greek meaning “weaver”)
  36. Perla (Italian meaning “pearl”)
  37. Prada (luxury fashion brand)
  38. Queenie (referring to royalty)
  39. Raven (referring to bird with dark plumage)
  40. Rosalind (Latin meaning “pretty rose”)
  41. Sapphire (referring to precious stone)
  42. Seraphina (Hebrew meaning “burning ones”)
  43. Sofia (Greek meaning “wisdom”)
  44. Stella (Latin meaning “star”)
  45. Tiffany (luxury jewelry brand)
  46. Valentina (Latin meaning “strong” or “healthy”)
  47. Victoria (Latin meaning “victory”)
  48. Vivienne (French meaning “alive”)
  49. Whitney (referring to luxury fashion brand Whitney handbags)
  50. Yves (after fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent)

And there you have it, 100 elegant names that will make your cat rule your house with grace and sophistication. May your cat’s reign be long and majestic! Feel free to check out other cat-related content on CatInformers!

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