How to Force Feed Your Cat in the Right Way?

There are times when you will have to force feed your cat. Cats can lose appetite due to several reasons. For example, it can fall sick and fail to eat. Administer medication, then start feeding a cat to get the necessary energy to keep the organs working for the cat to recover fast. 

Force-feeding a cat is not easy, but you can manage provided you have the right tools. First, start by investigating the cause of a lack of appetite in your cat. After you have identified the cause, you can get the right medication and administer it. In some cases, you will have to force-feed the cat so that it can take the medication. Here are some of the things you need to know how to force-feed a cat:

Steps to Force-feeding Your Cat

When force-feeding your cat, there are several steps to take. First, get the right food, then use a syringe to force the food into your cat’s mouth. Ensure you force a small amount of food at each time.

 Some foods are easy for cats to take when they are sick. Look for seafood, and it will work when trying to force-feed the cat. The application of baby food has been proven to work. The baby food is easy for the fat to swallow and digest when it is sick. 

To encourage the cat to swallow the food, you can warm the food to make it easy for the cat to swallow. The addition of low sodium chicken broth will contribute towards making the cat enjoy its food. Canned food such as tuna and other types of meat will make the cat enjoy its food.

Should I Force Feed My Cat?

Yes, force-feed cat food, and you will likely save the life of your cat. Cats can develop health complications and lose appetite. The application of cat medication will contribute to improving the health of the cat. 

Ensure you get the right food to force-feed the cat. You may be wondering about when to force-feed a cat. You should start forcing the cat to eat if you notice it has not eaten for up to 72 hours. Anywhere from 24 hours, you should ensure the cat is eating. You can start by trying to make it eat on its own. If it fails, then force-feeding is essential to keep the cat alive.

Force Feed Cat Food

You can force-feed a sick cat to help in improving its health condition. The right food to force-feed the cat is tuna fish, canned food, cat treats, and baby food. Ensure the food is easy for the cat to swallow. A feeding tube may be required if the cat is too weak to swallow the food.

 Cat lovers would not like to relax and wait for the cat to die. You can apply the force-feeding method, which will improve the lives of the cat. 

How to Force-feed a Cat

You may be wondering how much to force-feed a cat. It is an easy process you can easily accomplish. You will need baby food and a large syringe. The syringe is used to draw the food then direct it into the cat’s mouth.

 For small kittens, you can use small syringes. Draw wet cat food into the syringe, then insert it into the mouth of the cat. After you have drawn the food, you will then proceed to give it to the cat. It is a simple process that you can apply, and it will go a long way in making your cat get a quick recovery.

How to Force-feed a Cat Without a Syringe

Are you looking for ways on how to force-feed a cat without a syringe? It is possible to force-feed the cat without the application of feeding tubes. You will need a polythene bag and wet cat food.

 Fill one corner of the polythene bag with the wet food, then make a small hole. Press the food through the small hole and direct it to your cat’s mouth. The food will be released into the cat’s mouth, making it easy to feed the cat. The method is easy to apply if you do not have a syringe.

Force Feeding a Cat With Hepatic Lipidosis

When force-feeding a cat with hepatic lipidosis, you should ensure the canned food you are applying is low in fat. A cat with problems digesting fats will face more challenges if you will force-feed it using food rich in fats.

 Take time to analyze the type of food you are feeding the cat. If you choose to apply for baby food, then the baby food should not have many fats. It is easy for you to get the right results after you decide to force-feed it.

Water and Liquid Medication for Cats

Apart from applying canned food when force-feeding the cat, you can as well apply medication. When a cat fails to eat, it will be hard to administer medication through ingestion. You can force-feed it using food mixed with medication.

 Family members would like to do something to prevent their cats from dying. The application of the force-feeding method can help the cat recover if you get the proper medication.

How Much Food Is Enough for Cats?

You may be worried about how often to force-feed a cat. It should not bother you. You can easily force-feed the cat provided you give it enough food. Check the packs of cat food and ensure you stick to the right calories.

 A cat that feeds on 35 calories of food each day will stay healthy. Ensure you give the cat food at different intervals to allow for easy digestion if it has not eaten for long.

When and How Often to Force Feed a Cat

The cat should get enough food to recover. Ensure you include force-feed cat water so that the cat can stay hydrated. If your cat does not eat for more than 245 hours, then you should start looking for ways you can force it to eat.

 Get wet cat food and draw it using a syringe, then administer. You will have to introduce a piece of cloth that will protect the floor against mess.

How to Encourage Your Cat to Eat

There are several ways you can encourage the cat to eat without forcing it. If your cat has energy, you can still encourage it to eat without applying force. Here are some of the steps you can take:

Allow the Cat to Feed Alone

Cats, when they lose appetite, will not struggle with other animals to eat. You can encourage it to eat by setting its food in a separate room. You will be encouraged to eat if you can set up the food in such a location. People looking for ways to improve their cats’ health apply the trick, and it works.

Source: Reader’s Digest

Feed Smaller Amounts

When an animal has lost appetite, you can help it eat by introducing small amounts of food. It will feel like the food is small and try to eat. After it has finished the small portion, you can then add more food in the process.

Wipe the Cat Nose Before Introducing Food

Sometimes the cat can feel sick and have sticky substances around the nose. Wipe the nose gently so that they can smell the food quickly and eat.

Make the Cat Comfortable

Due to illness, the cat may not be comfortable reaching for the food. You can move the bowl closer so that the cat can feel comfortable and feed. When you manage to keep the cat comfortable, it will be easy to enjoy the food.

Introduce Canned Cat Food

Canned cat food well perseveres. It will make the cat develop an appetite because of the attractive smell. Ensure you introduce the favorite food for your cat so that it can be encouraged to eat.

Hand Feed the Cat

Your cat may be sick, and it will struggle to feed. Hand feed the cat, and it will be easy for the cat to provide. When you hand feed the cat, it will be easy to enjoy the food and even get encouraged to eat.


Should I force-feed my dying cat? If the cat is almost dying, then force-feeding will add more discomfort. The aim of force-feeding the cat is to avoid cases where it will be weakened to an extent where the organs will fail. If the organs are already failing, then force-feeding may not work.

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