Harms and Applicable Solution on Obesity of Pets


We want to make pet parents aware of the obesity problem in the country. Obesity is a direct result of inactivity and poor food choices.

Obesity is a troublesome topic that requires all the pet parents’ attention. There has been a constant elevation in the obese rates of the pets. Such a drastic change in the pet’s lifestyle is not an appreciable thing. Pet parents lack in the knowledge of how to exercise the pets properly and how to feed well-balanced diet.

Obesity is a health condition that develops when excess of food is eaten and the calories are not burnt appropriately. Those extra carbs and calories are deposited in various parts of the body making the pet obsess. Such excess weight is harmful for your pet and causes varied defects and long-term diseases in the pets.

Obesity possesses the following threats to the pet’s body:

•    Diabetes
•    Joint Diseases
•    Stress on internal organs
•    Mobility issues
•    Risk of heart diseases, respiratory troubles, digestive disorders etc

How can obesity issues be controlled in pets? Several factors affects obesity and hence several ways are there to reduce this trouble for pets.

1.    Feeding a well-balanced diet, full of healthy nutrition ensures proper proportion of the entire nutrients intake and avoids obesity issues.
2.    Routine exercises with daily walking schedules burns off the excess calories and keeps the pet fit.
3.    Choose high quality, rich in ingredients food.
4.    Always measure the food quantity before feeding it to your pet.
5.    Feed treats that are of high quality and less fatty.
6.    Ensure that your pet has access to fresh water at all times.
7.    Use quality graded food and water bowls avoid the plastic ones.

A long, happy and healthy life is what everyone wants for their pet, so start working for it. You pet doesn’t know whether he should be obese or not or how much to eat or drink. It is you who’ll make it happen. Teach your pets good habits of not eating scraps off the table and any rubbish from the road to avoid having any troubles later on.


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Jayne Taylor

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