Havana Brown Cat: Breed Details, Facts, & Health

Havana Brown cats are perfect for families as they are super affectionate. They are highly adaptable and human orientated. 

They get along with kids and other pets. They love human affection more than playing with other animals. 

They are extremely intelligent, curious, and playful. With a medium energy level, they are happy to play with their favorite toy. 

Havana Brown
Havana Brown

Quick facts about the Havana Brown

Weight: 6 to 10 pounds Height: 9 to 11 inches
Life span: 8 to 13 years
Intelligence: high Temperament: social
Playfulness: medium Activity level: active
Vocalness: when necessary Coat length: short
Shedding amount: normal
Good with: kids | families | other cats
Traits: Havana Brown cats are a rare breed of cat. They are very playful and intelligent. They do not mind being around dogs and other animals, making them a good choice for families with pets.

Often the Havana Brown will attach themselves to one person. This will be their chosen person for life. They tend to follow their owners around the house like a dog. 

If you are not prepared to be stalked all day or give Havana Brown’s a lot of attention throughout the day, it is not the right breed for you.

It is best to keep the Havana Brown cats inside to keep them out of harm’s way. Their curious nature can get them into trouble.

These cats are extremely rare and must be bought from a reputable breeder. 

In the 1950’s British breeders crossed chocolate and seal-point Siamese with a black domestic shorthair. They were also crossed with Russian Blue’s.

Havana Brown

The result was a stunning chocolate brown cat with vibrant emerald eyes. They have a distinctive head that is longer rather than wider. 

Havana Brown cats tend to be slender and muscular. They have short to medium-length coats. Their coats are smooth and glossy.

Their coats are a rich deep brown with mahogany undertones.

Havana Brown cats need to be brushed once a week. They shed a medium amount.

They need regular nail trimming and ear cleaning. It is important to use vet-approved toothpaste to keep their teeth clean. 

It is a good idea to also use a vet-approved body cleanser for owners to keep their Havana Brown clean.

Owners need to start a cleaning routine when the Havana Brown is a kitten. Once an adult, they will not allow this type of grooming if they are not used to it.

The Havana Brown cats do not suffer from many health issues and live between 8 to 13 years.

They are, however, prone to calcium oxalate stones in their urinary tract. They also tend to become obese.
It is important for owners to buy vet-approved food. And for owners to keep their Havana Brown cats on a strict diet. 

Because of the rarity of the Havana Brown cats, it is essential to buy them from a reputable and safe cat breeder. 




Dr. Adedapo Adisa:

Native to England, the Havana Brown cats were born from the conscious breeding (a hybrid) of the domestic black shorthair cats and the Siamese.

Known for their muscular and short-haired looks, the Havana Brown cats are not only intelligent but have a reasonable life expectancy that falls between 10 and 15years.

Despite their rarity and large genetic pool, the Havana brown cats are pretty hardy and are impeccably healthy; however, the Havana brown cats have been associated with a urinary tract medical condition known as Calcium oxalate urolithiasis.

Urolithiasis is a medical term referring to the formation of stones or calculi in the urinary tracts, such as the Kidney, bladders, or even the urethra. 

In the Havana brown cats with calcium oxalate urolithiasis, calcium oxalate 

crystal forms within the urinary tracts and eventually solidifies to form calcium oxalate stones in the bladder of the affected Havana brown cats.

While it is normal to find a few calcium oxalate crystals in the urine of a typical cat, when the concentration of these crystals is high, they begin to solidify into stones within the bladder and urinary tracts.

Although there are numerous causes of calcium oxalate stones in the Havana brown cat, when there is a high concentration of calcium and oxalates in the system, this could predispose the Havana Brown cats to this medical condition.

Asides have been associated with specific breeds like the Siamese. The Havana Brown cats also get affected with calcium oxalate due to a low pH urine (acidic urine) which potentiates the formation.

Some common signs to watch out for in the Havana Brown cats having with calcium oxalate urolithiasis include ;


● Blood-stained urine.

● Excessive thirst and increased water intake.

● Increased urination in cats.

● Cats may experience pain when urinating.

● Swelling around the lower abdominal region.

● Loss of appetite in the cat and drastic weight loss.


Although some Havana brown cats with calcium oxalate urolithiasis do not show symptoms, it is essential to routinely take the Havana brown cats for Veterinary checkups.

If the signs mentioned above have been noticed in the Havana Brown cats, your veterinarian May request further tests to reach a confirmatory diagnosis of calcium oxalate urolithiasis.

Havana brown cats confirmed to have calcium oxalate urolithiasis may have to undergo a surgical procedure to remove the stones fork the bladder.

Other treatment lines include prescribing a diet that is low in calcium oxalate and a diet that can reduce the acidic levels of the urine in Havana cats.

It has also been found that Obesity might also play a role in the Havana brown cats prone to calcium oxalate urolithiasis. Hence it is essential to watch the weight of the Havana Brown cats by controlling the diet as well as the cats feeding pattern.

It is essential that Havana Brown cats should be screened for medical conditions before being bought from breeders. If they are found positive for inherited medical conditions, they should be withdrawn for breeding programs.

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