Top 75 Hilarious Cat Names Ever

Top 75 Hilarious Cat Names Ever

Cats are undoubtedly one of the most hilarious creatures out there. Their actions are unexplainable, intriguing, and sometimes downright funny. If you’ve got yourself a cat, you might want to give it a funny name. Hence, we’ve curated this list of the 75 most hilarious cat names ever.

Hilarious Cat Names

Chairman MeowIndiana JonesCleocatraSir Licks-A-Lot
Jean Clawed Van DammeWill FeralIsaac MewtonFuzz Lightyear
Notorious C.A.TObi-Wan Catnobi (sorry)Gallileo GallileowMister Fuzzybutt
The Great CatsbyMr MeowgiBenedict CumbercatEarl Grey Paws

10 Punny Names For Cats

  1. Chairman Meow [Play on words, “Chairman Mao”]
  2. Santa Claws [Play on words, “Santa Claus”]
  3. Cat Benatar [Play on words, “Pat Benatar”]
  4. The Great Catsby [Play on words, “The Great Gatsby”]
  5. Furrball [Play on words, “Furball”]
  6. David Meowie [Play on words, “David Bowie”]
  7. Meowly Cyrus [Play on words, “Miley Cyrus”]
  8. Billie Catish [Play on words, “Billie Eilish”]
  9. Jean Clawed Van Damme [Play on words, “Jean-Claude Van Damme”]
  10. Notorious C.A.T [Play on words, “Notorious B.I.G”]

20 Hilarious Movie Inspired Cat Names

  1. Catrick Bateman (from the movie “American Psycho”)
  2. Princess Purrcilla (from the movie “The Princess Bride”)
  3. Mr. Meowgi (from the movie “The Karate Kid”)
  4. Hannibal Cat-ter (from the movie “The Silence of the Lambs”)
  5. Meowrty McFly (from the movie “Back to the Future”)
  6. Clawdia Schiffer (from the movie “Zoolander”)
  7. Obi Wan Catnobi (from the “Star Wars” movie franchise)
  8. Fur-gon Legcat (from the movie “Lord of the Rings”)
  9. Catniss Meow Everdeen (from the movie “The Hunger Games”)
  10. Indiana Jones (from the movie franchise of the same name)
  11. Catpoleon Dynamite (from the movie “Napoleon Dynamite”)
  12. Furrball Focker (from the movie “Meet the Fockers”)
  13. Don Corleone (from the movie “The Godfather”)
  14. The Cat From U.N.C.L.E. (from the movie “The Man From U.N.C.L.E.”)
  15. Catrick Swayze (from the movie “Dirty Dancing”)
  16. Meowseph Stalin (play on the name of the historical figure Joseph Stalin)
  17. Meow Gibson (from the actor Mel Gibson)
  18. Catrick Stewart (from the actor Patrick Stewart)
  19. Meowl Gibson (from the actor Mel Gibson)
  20. Will Feral (play on the name of the actor Will Ferrell)

20 Hilarious Cat Names Based On History

  1. Cleocatra
  2. Sir Isaac Mewton
  3. Chairman Meow
  4. Fidel Catstro
  5. Marie Purrie
  6. Mewton von Neumann
  7. Queen Elizakitty
  8. Benedict Cumbercat
  9. Galileo Galileow
  10. Abraham Lynxoln
  11. Sir Meows-a-lot
  12. Amelia Furrhart
  13. Winston Furchill
  14. Isaac Mewton
  15. Beethoven (after the composer, but a pun on “cat” in German)
  16. Leonardo da Finci
  17. Sir Floofington
  18. Pawtrick Stewart
  19. Jane Clawston
  20. Che Guepurrda

25 Hilarious Cat Names

  1. Mr. Meowgi
  2. Fuzz Lightyear
  3. Chairman Meow
  4. Lord Fluffernutter
  5. Professor Snugglesworth
  6. Sir Reginald Whiskerbottom
  7. Captain Cuddles
  8. Sergeant Scratches
  9. General Purrfect
  10. Doctor Claw
  11. Princess Purrtie
  12. Duke Purrington
  13. Count Furrball
  14. Lady Whiskerface
  15. Sir Licks-a-Lot
  16. Madame Meow
  17. Mr. Fuzzy Wuzzy
  18. Baron Von Meowhausen
  19. Sir Fluffernugget
  20. King Whiskers
  21. Duchess Purrington
  22. Earl Grey Paws
  23. Sir Pounce-a-Lot
  24. Lady Mew-Mew
  25. Mister Fuzzybutt

We hope you were able to find a funny name for your cat, I’d suggest Mister Fuzzybutt or Lady Fuzzybutt if you’ve got Persian cats. Feel free to check out our other cat-naming articles as well as informative articles on cats!

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