How To Keep Your Cat Cool And Comfortable During The Summer?

Heavy and extreme summers are hated by cats and they get irritated with too much hot weather. In these long days of summer, you will often find your cat sleeping on some cold floor but there are some things that you can do for your cat to keep it cool during the summer. So, in this blog, you will find some tips for the same.

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1. Cat Water Fountain

It is best for you to switch your cat’s water bowl to a water fountain that will not only keep your cat cool during summer but will also provide them with entertainment. These cat water fountains can prove to be beneficial as they will make sure your cat stays hydrated during the hot summer days.

2. Cat Cooling Mat

Cat cooling mats are a great source of coolness when it comes to hot summers and these mats can be easily bought from the market and are suitable to both dogs as well as cats. You have to make sure that your cat’s nails are trimmed before using this mat.

3. Wet Food

During summer, try to replace your cat’s dry food with wet food because it will provide your cat with 66% more water as compared to dry food. You can also provide your cat with chilled wet food only if your cat is okay with it so that it stays cool and hydrated.

4. Haircut

If you have a long-haired cat with a furry coat then you can definitely help your cat by cutting out its hair shorter and providing it with a calm and cool feeling. Its long hair might be too irritating to bare on the hot summer days. So, do your cat a favor by cutting its hair short and saving it from all the extra heat and irritation.

5. Airflow

It is better to keep your cat in a room where there is AC but if you do not have an AC then make sure your cat gets proper airflow by keeping it under a fan or in a room where windows are open so that it gets proper ventilation and breathes properly.

6. Ice Treats and Cool Paws

Preparing ice lollies for your cats will be like providing them a useful means of entertainment during the hot days you can also apply cold water to their paws as cats are not good with thermoregulation and to keep them cool when they feel hot you have to start with their paws which will make them feel cooler and better.

7. Cool Baths

You can always give your cat a cold water bath whenever you feel it is feeling too much hot because cool baths can definitely help them cool down and stay fresh. But make sure you first try out this tip with your cat because some cats are not a fan of cool baths.

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We are very hopeful that you will try out these tips with your cat on these hot summer days and save your cat from all the hot and firey temperatures. Our tips are useful for your cat and have been framed keeping in mind your cat’s health and other things.

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