Kitten Health Guide

Kittens are fragile and delicate creatures and so it is important to follow a kitten health guide. They are susceptible to a number of medical conditions just as human babies are whilst their immune system grows. In addition to that, kittens need extra attention and care to stay healthy and active. This is the foremost responsibility of owners to take care of the overall health and well being of kittens.

In this article we will discuss some common medical conditions in kittens and the best solutions from scientific literature.

Cat Flu in Kittens

Cat flu is a multifactorial health-related issue that arises in cats mostly due to viruses. According to veterinary literature, cat flu is more severe and life-threatening to kitten health as compared to adult cats. The main reason is the low immunity in kittens.

Kitten and cat symptom checker:

  1. Sneezing and runny nose
  2. Eye ulcers/sores
  3. High temperature (pyrexia)
  4. Ulcers/sores in the oral cavity
  5. Depression and dullness

NOTE: Cat flu is usually fatal in kittens and can lead to other medical complications such as pneumonia, eye damage etc. Affected kittens also become stressed and anorexic due to oral ulcers.

Kitten Health Treatment:

This is important to monitor the overall health status of kittens and keep eye on signs and symptoms. Talk to your vet, if you see any sign and symptom of cat flu in kittens.

Remember, there is no exact therapy for cat flu of viral nature. Your vet can prescribe some antiviral agents. Additionally, various nutritional supplements can also be given. Give a lot of attention to the hydration status of your kitten, encourage your kitten to drink plenty of water.

Last but not least, isolate sick kittens from the rest of healthy ones. Keep absolute care of living area of kitten and clean it regularly. Don’t use the same drinking/feeding utensils for all kittens.  Vaccination is a shield against the cat flu. Make sure you are following the vaccination schedule as recommended by your vet.

Usually, kittens become healthy again, if you give them proper medical care. But in rare cases, some kittens become lifetime carriers of flu virus.

Eye Problems in Kittens

Eye infections in kittens are very much common. Kittens usually open up their eyes at nearly age two months. The major causes of eye infections in kittens have been listed below:

  1. A dirty environment
  2. During birth, while passing through the mother’s vagina
  3. Viral infections (mainly herpes virus, feline calicivirus infections)
  4. Bacterial infections (mainly streptococcal and staphylococcal infections)
  5. Any mechanical damage/injury

Kitten and Cat Symptom Checker:

The most important signs of eye infections have been enlisted below.

  1. Visible eye discharge (clear, pus-like, thick etc)
  2. Redness/ swelling of eye lining (conjunctivitis)
  3. Unable to open the eyes due to mucoid eye discharge
  4. Sores/ulcers on the surface of the eyeball (corneal ulcers)

NOTE: Don’t ignore the eye infections in kittens. These ocular infections may lead to permanent eye damage and make your kitten blind, if left untreated.

Kitten Health Treatment:

Talk to your vet, if you observe any of the above-given signs in your kitten. Your vet can diagnose the actual cause of the infection by doing a thorough ophthalmological examination.

Treatment depends upon the nature of eye infection.  Your vet can prescribe antibiotics and other ophthalmological preparations to deal with the situation. Gently clean the eyes of your kitten. Clean the living area of your kitten.  Pay attention to the overall hygiene of your kitten and provide a healthy and stress-free environment.


Cat flu and eye problems are quite common in kittens. These medical conditions can cause serious complications in your cute kittens. For sure, you won’t like to see your kitten in pain. We suggest you stay alert and keep an eye on your kitten. If you suspect any abnormality in behavior of your kitten, report it to your registered veterinarian.

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