Kitten Insists on Being Friends with Cat and Wouldn’t Take No for an Answer

A kitten insisted on being friends with a cat and wouldn’t take no for an answer.

An Miller @shortcake_the_cat

An Miller from Virginia adopted a kitten who needed a home. His name is Ham Biscuit aka Hammy, and he was very needy from day one. On his way home, he meowed nonstop in the car until his human mom picked him up and cuddled him in her arms.

He was an instant love-bug and demanded constant attention. For the first couple of days, An kept him company and showered him with cuddles while her other cats were getting used to his scent.

But little Hammy couldn’t wait.

An Miller @shortcake_the_cat

The other resident cats (Shortcake and Stinky) weren’t ready to play with him yet.

Despite having many snuggly toys, all he wanted was to be around other feline friends.

An Miller @shortcake_the_cat

When Hammy met Shortcake, he was completely smitten and started following her everywhere around the house.

“He kept trying to make friends but Shortcake wasn’t having it,” An told Love Meow.

An Miller @shortcake_the_cat

Despite the initial setback, Hammy was persistent and never gave up.

When Shortcake tried to hide under a blanket from the kitten, Hammy patiently waited for her to pop right up. When she was relaxing on the couch, the little one wrapped his arms around her, trying to win her over.

An Miller @shortcake_the_cat

Little Hammy was determined. “It took 25 days for Shortcake to finally warm up to him,” An told Love Meow.

“She is sweet-tempered and lets Hammy chomp in her face — It’s his way of playing.”

An Miller @shortcake_the_cat

Shortcake accepted the little new kitten and took him under her wing.

When Hammy wanted a cuddle, she leaned right in to give him a hug. Their bond quickly blossomed.

An Miller @shortcake_the_cat

She showed him the ropes and taught him how to play and eat like a big kitty.

Hammy was the happiest whenever he was with Shortcake and his other feline friend Stinky.

An Miller @shortcake_the_cat

Watch Shortcake and Hammy in this cute video:

Kitten insists on being friends with cat

Shortcake doesn’t mind his many antics and looks after him like a big sister.

An Miller @shortcake_the_cat

The ginger boy is all grown up now. Some things never change.

When Hammy is not scampering around the room, he’s cuddling with his best friend.

An Miller @shortcake_the_cat

They enjoy watching birds together every day.

Hammy looks up to his big sister, and Shortcake is so proud.

An Miller @shortcake_the_cat

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