Litter Robot 4 Big Review: Here’s What You Need To Know

Are you tired of scooping out your kitty’s waste material from the litter tray and having to endure the unwanted odor while doing so? Then let me reveal to you that Litter Robot 4 is a device that will relieve you of such gross activities as it is a completely automatic device. So, in this blog, we have mentioned whether Litter Robot 4 is worth all your money or not.

Litter Robot 4 Big Review: Here's What You Need To Know
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What Is Litter Robot 4?

Litter Robot 4 is an automatic, self-cleaning litter box that has made the lives of pet parents much easier as it saves them from the hardest part of being the pet parent and which is scooping out your kittie’s waste from the litter tray. It comes as a Wi-Fi enables automatic litter box that makes sure your kitty gets private and hygienic me time. You can also call it your feline friend’s personal bathroom.

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It comes in two colors which are shining black and shining white and is quite sturdy and elegant in its appearance. It uses highly advanced technology to make sure the litter is cleaned and waste is discarded automatically without the unpleasant odor being released outside. Moreover, you can also track your cat’s health by using the Whiskers app as it keeps an insight into your pet’s health by monitoring its fecal matter.

It is a compact and well-designed device that will fit anywhere in your house and you won’t require much space for it. Also, it is a multicat design that can be used for up to 4 cats in a household easily and your cat will become acquainted with this device within a week only.

Why Should I Buy Litter Robot 4?

If you look up self-cleaning Litter boxes, you will find many options to choose from but what differentiates Litter Robot 4 from other litter boxes is its unique technology, Wi-Fi enabled feature, and Bluetooth enabling feature that tracks and monitors the health of your cat. It also sends you notifications or alerts on your mobile phones.

It is a pretty smart and advanced option when it comes to choosing the best available option for your cat. And it also saves you from any unfortunate incident related to your cat’s health because it may alert and notify you if your cat is not keeping well.

This product with its sleek design is made keeping in mind how gruesome it can be for a cat owner to continuously scoop out his/her cat’s poop all day and this becomes difficult for those who are mostly out for their work. So, with Litter Robot 4, you can now keep a check on your cat’s health even if you are not at home.

Features of Litter Robot 4

Features of Litter Box 4
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Sifting Technology

It uses sifting technology to scoop out the waste from the litter inside the box gently and quietly without making much noise. So, you can rest assured that whenever your kitty enters the litter box, there will be a fresh bed of litter for your cat. It also makes sure that your cats are clean when it leaves the litter box so that you have a tidier and clean home.

Odor Control

It uses the OdorTrap system to make sure no unpleasant odor is sensed near the litter box. And this technology also ensures that the odor is controlled and neutralized within the sealed waste drawer where the waste is released. A carbon filter or OdorTrap packs are used for neutralizing unwanted odor. So, it focuses more on keeping your surrounding fresh, clean, and hygienic.

Health Insights

It uses advanced software to monitor, track, and analyze the level of waste and litter in a waste drawer. It introduces SmartScale technology that monitors your cat’s activity and lets you know about it by sending you notifications through its application. It also ensures that your cat is completely safe while using the device.


It comes with an elegant and compact design that doesn’t occupy any extra space in your house. And you will find 5 buttons and an LED display on the control panel of this box.

Is Litter Robot 4 Worth It?

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There are so many great features of Litter Robot 4 by whiskers such as it is a self-cleaning automatic litter box that doesn’t make any sound, tracks the usage of litter, monitors your cat’s health, controls unwanted odor, etc.

But this device is too expensive for a person who has a single cat and can take care of its needs using a simple traditional litter box. Litter Box 4 comes with a rate of a whooping $699 dollars which is too expensive and pricey.

Those people who have many cats at home and can’t manage to take care of the cats due to their work commitments should definitely go for buying the Litter Box 4 as it will make their life much easier and simpler.

Pros And Cons Of Litter Box 4


  • Quiet Sifting technology to self-clean the waste
  • Advanced Odor Control
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled
  • Best for multicat households
  • Provides real-time tracking.
  • Monitors the cat’s health such as weight, etc.
  • Sends your alerts and notifications.
  • You can control the device using the Whiskers application.


  • Too expensive for a single cat owner.
  • Large compared to its previous models.


We hope we have provided you with a detailed review of Litter Robot 4 with all its advantages and disadvantages. And now it is up to you whether you should buy it for your kitty or not.

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