9 Outdoor Cat Breeds: A Guide to the Most Adventurous Felines

Cats have always been wild and outdoor species that were later domesticated by humans. Are you looking for an outdoor cat breed that you can keep as a pet? Then we have mentioned 9 outdoor cat breeds that are energetic and adventurous in this blog.


It might appear a little strange to some pet lovers why cats should stay outdoors when they are not stray or feral cats. The reason is that many believe cats, just like other pets, should be indoors due to their soft nature and personalities.

Others with the same school of thought think that since pet cats have been living with men for a while, they should spend most of their time away from harsh outside conditions and live indoors. Moreover, they need to be close friends with men, just like dogs.

However, there are a couple of reasons why cats may be wanted or best suited for the outdoors. Some of these include the high energy levels of some cats.

Another reason cats are wanted outdoors is their ability to hunt down prey, especially mice or rats. These vermin can be destructive to belongings and also carriers of infectious diseases to other pets, livestock, and even humans. Leaving cats outdoors, especially in barns or steads, has proven to be a good way of getting rid of these vermins.

Albeit the numerous cat breeds, not all cat breeds are suitable for outdoor activities, it is important to know which exactly are the best breeds of cats built for outdoor activities. With no further delays let’s dive into the topic and find out the best outdoor cat breeds.

1. Maine Coon Cats

Maine Coon Cats Breed

On the list of best cats suited for outdoors are the Maine Coon cats. This is one of the oldest cat breeds originating from the United States. Fondly called gentle giants, this cat breed is not only intelligent and social enough with dog-like characteristics, but they are big and muscular cats weighing about 5-10kg as adults.

Maine coons have two-layered coats, which are waterproof and help the cat withstand harsh weather conditions, and are suited for life outdoors, especially during the winter period. Their anatomical structures are built to withstand snowy conditions, and they remain active despite subzero Conditions. When it comes to hunting down the troublesome rats or mice around the house, the Maine coon cats have top-tier instincts for doing that. 

The Maine coon cat ticks all the boxes for excellent outdoor cat breeds.

2. Norwegian Forest Cats

Norwegian Forest Cat Breed

Coming from Northern Europe, the Norwegian forest cats have found themselves on the list of the best outdoor cat breeds. Like the Maine coon cats, the Norwegian forest cats are energetic, built, and muscular cats breeds.

Their coats are fully resistant to water and extremely cold weather conditions. This is one of the reasons why they love to be outdoors.

The Norwegian forest cats are good climbers due to their long legs coupled with strong claws, and one shouldn’t be surprised if you find them climbing trees or spotted around mountains within the neighborhood. 

Although they can adapt to the indoor lifestyle, the Norwegian first cats would do well outside, engaging in hunting activities once done with climbing.

Looking to keep an outdoor cat that’s fun to be with, then go all-in for the Norwegian forest cats.

3. Manx Cats 

Manx Cats Breed

Known for their distinguishing characteristics of having an absent or shortened tail caused by a natural mutation, the Manx cats from the isle of man are the third cat on our list of best outdoor cats. This breed of cats is medium-sized with roundish heads and long hind limbs compared to the front legs.

Despite being known for their good social attitudes and tame nature, Manx cats are not only talkative but also an active cat breed.  Because they are very good hunters, the Manx cat has been deployed for working roles on ships and on the farm to help reduce rodent populations. This is one of the many reasons why the Manx cats are suited for outdoor activities.

The double-layer coats of the Manx cats have also played a part in making sure they are insulated adequately from the harsh weather. Looking for a cat that would do just fine outdoors and certainly has a good social personality, then the Manx cats win it all.

4. Bengal Cats 

Bengal Cat Breed

Bengal cats developed from crossing the ancient spotted Egyptian Mau cats and the Asian Leopard cats.  The Bengal cat is another breed very suitable for outdoor activities. This breed of cat has a  scary appearance of a  spotted coat similar to the looks of a leopard or wild cat.

Bengal cats are known for their high energy level and smartness. It is important to exercise and play with the cats regularly. Apart from their high energy levels, the Bengal cat breed is inquisitive, good with fetch games, and loves to climb as high as possible, including playing with water.

The mentioned traits have made the Bengal cat one of the many cats breeds best suited to be outdoors. With their scary spotted or marbled coat appearance coupled with their top energy activities, the Bengal cats would do just fine as outdoor cats.

5. European Shorthair Cats

European Shorthair Cats Breed

Do not be swayed by the fancy name as these cat breeds are just common domestic cats from Europe. They are excellent cat breeds suited for the outdoors. European shorthair cats are popular in Europe, especially in Scandinavian countries, and have originated in Sweden. Despite being broad-chested, strong, and muscular, this cat is social towards people, tolerant of strangers, and they do well outdoors.

European shorthairs were bred to be natural hunters, and they would make sure they end the rodent population in their environment before they have their eyes closed. Talk about being intelligent and able to play alone, the European shorthair cats have it all.

Even though European shorthair cats would love to be pampered indoors with toys and playtime, however, they are quite notorious for sneaking through open doors or windows to enjoy outdoor activities. Don’t be surprised if the European shorthair cats find a play spot on fences and nearby trees.

6. Abyssinian Cats


The sixth cat on the list of the best outdoor cat is the Abyssinian cat. Fondly referred to as the “clowns of cats”, this breed is built for outdoor activities. Famous for their ticked tabby coat, the Abyssinian cats originated from Abyssinia now known as Ethiopia.

The Abyssinian cats are not only intelligent but are excellent climbers. A minute they are staring at you from the garden floor, and the next minute you could find them on trees or fences. This cat breed is suited for the outdoors.

With their slender body appearance and erect ears, Abyssinian cats sometimes are fierce-looking and talkative. These cat breeds sometimes become depressed when they don’t play or have human interactions. This could be one of the many reasons the Abyssinian cats are an excellent outdoor cat breed.

7. Russian Blue Cat

Russian Blue Cat Breed

Just like their name, the Russian blue cats have their origin in Russia and are referred to as Russian blue or arch Angel blue. These cat breeds come in various colors. A striking characteristic is that they have short and dense coat that stands out from their body.  

The Russian blue cats are affectionate and fun to be with. They love playing various games and would prefer to be outdoors to express themselves. This breed of cat can sometimes appear quiet and keep its distance from strangers. However, this does not make them unfriendly, as they are social and intelligent.

A stand-out trait of the Russian blue cats is that they are fierce hunters of rodents, reptiles, and even birds. Russian blue cats would stop at nothing in making sure the rodent population goes extinct in your neighborhood. The best outdoor cat breed wouldn’t be complete without the addition of the Russian blue.

8. American Bobtail Cats 

American Bobtail Cats Breed

On our list of outdoor cats is the American bobtail cat. The American bobtail was born from crossing a domestic tabby cat and a wild Bobtail cat. The shortened tail of this cat breed is a result of genetic mutation.

Although the American Bobtail cats are not super energetic, they are playful, with muscular hindlimbs, and are seen jumping as high as six feet. You will find the American bobtail cats sneaking out of doors, windows, and even cages to play outdoors. Talk about intelligent and social cat breeds, and the American Bobtail cats would find themselves among them.

Because they are not shy cats, American Bobtail cats are lively towards strangers and love traveling. They make good travel partners and would do well as outdoor cats.

9. Korat Cats

Korat Cats Breed

The last cat on our list of the best outdoor cat is the Korat. Originating from Thailand and known to bring good luck and prosperity to their owners, these cat breeds boast a high level of intelligence and strong memory. Korats have been placed on the list of outdoor cat breeds by many cat fanciers because they always find their way home even if they stray away to places they have never been before.

Korat cats are never scared of strangers, and they always love to show they are in charge whenever they find themselves with other pets and even humans. Although they do well with families, Korat cats would always love to be among other cats, especially Korats, and would be fine enjoying their time outdoors.


There are numerous reasons why cats are wanted outdoors. From helping with vermin populations in the neighborhood to matching their high energy levels. The cat breeds listed would not only do just fine outdoors but would be an excellent addition if you intend to own outdoor cats.

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