Pregnant Bengal Cat Giving Birth to 4 Kittens

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This video is not intended for kids. This video is made for a mature audience.

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Our Bengal cat has given birth to 4 healthy and gorgeous kittens.
The kittens were born on 12-03-2018. Everything went well during the birth. The names that you see of the kittens in this video are the code names we gave so that we could keep the kittens apart from each other. Each kitten has a pattern and then we named each of them based on there pattern. The new owners gave them their own names for their official TICA pedigree. At the end of the video you see that mother cat is completely happy with her newly born kittens, so cute! We were crying the whole time, it was so emotional for us. A birth is one of the most beautiful things in the world!

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Mister x – he has a x on his back.
Diamond – she has a diamond pattern on her back.
Angel – he has a cross on his back.
Beast – he is fuzzy and the biggest one in size.

This video can be experienced as shocking for some. This video is for educational use. Copyrighted Kaja Cattery (do not use this video).

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“Almost New” Kevin MacLeod (
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“ National Express” by Dan Bodan
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?? Welcome on the Official Youtube Channel Of Kaja Bengal Cattery. We are a Bengal Cattery from The Netherlands. We specialize in Black Tabby Spotted Bengals. We like to make videos of our Bengal Cats and our Bengal kittens. We hope you enjoy our videos. ?

?? Welkom op het Officiële Youtube kanaal van Kaja Bengaal Cattery. Wij zijn een Bengaal Cattery uit Nederland en specialiseren ons in Black Tabby Spotted Bengalen. Wij vinden het leuk om video’s te maken van onze Bengaalse katten en Bengaalse kittens. We hope you enjoy our videos. ?

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