Ragdoll vs. Birman Cat: Best Comparison

Ragdoll vs. Birman Best Comparison


Ragdoll and Birman are two very similar cat breeds that are sometimes confused.

It is said that the Birmans are Burmese Sacred Cats. The Kitteh priests of Burma raised these cats. The tradition says they obtained their clear blue eyes from the adored deity, and their snowy paws were bright and beautiful.

The Birmans are thought to be descended from a pair of Burmese cats brought back to Paris in the 1920s. The Cat Club of France reported the breed in 1927. The breed was nearly wiped out during WWII and was rebuilt from two genuine Birmans with Persian and Siamese ancestry. The Fifé recognized the breed in 1949, and it was marketed outside of France in the 1960s.

Like the Birman, several tales surround the Ragdoll breed’s origins. Ann Baker established this breed in the 1960s from a single cat named Josephine. According to folklore, Josephine was a white Persian cat who had a loving personality and a tendency to become limp when picked up. 

Ann Baker decided to breed Josephine to selectively generate more cats with these characteristics. A stuffed doll’s tendency to fall limp inspired her to name the breed Ragdoll. Ragdoll was patented by Ann Baker and could only be registered in her registry for an extended period.

Ragdoll cats 

Birman cat


Have round eyes

Have oval and big eyes

Have silky fur

Have soft and plush fur

 6 to 12 Pounds Weight

12 to 20 pounds Weight

Large sized

Medium sized


  • Both have a long fur.
  • Both have medium sized ear with rounded tip
  • Both have rounded triangle face shape


Birman Cats Breed

Birman cats have round, medium-sized blue eyes, silky fur, minimal undercoat, and short tails. The Birman weighs about 6 to 12 lbs for an adult male, with the females being a little smaller. 

They are medium-sized semi-longhaired with darker colored points to their tail, face, and legs with four pure white paws. Their hind legs have a higher amount of white to their feet.

Ragdoll Cat Breed

Ragdoll cats are among the most beautiful and intelligent breeds to exist. This breed is of medium size with semi-long hair, which gives them a plushy soft texture. They are low shedding the majority of the year, with the exception of spring when they start to moult. Males have a larger size than females, with an average weight of 12-20 lbs in males and 7.7-15 lbs in females. They have blue-colored eyes and pointed coloration over the body. Their coat pattern can be classified into five groups: colorpoint, mitted, bicolor, torte point, and lynx point. Their coloring ranges from white, lilac, cream, chocolate, and blue.


Birman is a lover of puzzling toys and games when it comes to entertainment. While it is beneficial to keep him engaged, he is not a high-maintenance cat and is content to receive a forehead scratch here and a back rub there. Although the Birman is fluffy, their long coats require little more than an occasional brushing, making them extremely low maintenance in terms of grooming. The Birman is a highly healthy breed of cat predisposed to only one type of animal medical condition: hypertrophy myocardium, a kind of heart disease.

Ragdolls are recognized for their lovely, silky coats — which also means they require quite a bit of upkeep. Due to their semi-longhaired coats are prone to tangle and knot and hence require frequent grooming with a steel comb or brush. Ragdoll cats are enormous, gentle, and simple to care for pets. Provide toys for your Ragdoll to ensure it receives adequate activity, and brush the cat periodically. Ragdolls are best to keep indoors and tested for breed-specific health issues.


Ragdolls are sociable and company lovers. They are highly affectionate and are desirous of human attention. They have passive and calm nature and are very easy to handle. They tend to follow their owners within the house and run to doors to welcome them, earning them the title of “dog-like.” They are often described as being intelligent, humble, and gentle creatures. 

They are labeled as floor cats who do not like to jump up to a higher point, but they don’t mind jumping to their owners in bed or on sofas in the lounge. They can be a little demanding and attention-seeking at times.

They are typically described as docile, although that does not imply inactivity. They enjoy playing with toys and joining in family activities. Ragdolls quickly learn with positive reinforcement by using food rewards and giving praises. They will make it known with their sweet voice when they want to be pet and when it’s mealtime.

The Birman is a faithful friend whose love, tenderness, and dignity seem to beckon their family. Birman, being ex-temple cats, appear habituated to reverence. According to some owners, they are bright, loving, and, according to some owners, people-oriented. They are usually curious rather than fearful. Because of their mild disposition, Birmans are excellent pets for people who desire a peaceful, loving companion. A Birman cat has a pointed pattern like a Siamese but no yowl. She is a friendly, quiet cat who will follow you around the house.

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Which cat is right for you?

The Ragdoll is a giant cat that requires more grooming and a higher maintenance schedule. Both cats get along well with people, but the lovable Ragdoll gets along better with other pets. The appropriate cat for you may depend on your living space, other pets, or other factors. As you can see, the choice between a Ragdoll and a Birman cat is entirely subjective! Both are great pet cats with a developing global fan following.