Ragdoll vs. Maine Coon Cat: Best Comparison

Ragdoll vs. Maine Coon Cat: Best Comparison

The Ragdoll breed is considered one of the most famous among cat lovers. This breed was discovered in the 1960s in California. Ragdoll Cats are a blend of Burmese, Persian, and Birman. The Ragdoll cat breed all started with a beautiful white cat named Josephine. 

These cats adore human companionship and love to be held and cuddled and go limp when being petted. Ann Baker gave them a name due to their nature of being so relaxed that they go limp like a Ragdoll. 

The Maine Coon breed was well known as an expert mouser, and they can be traced as far back as the early 19th century on ship cargo records as they were transported around the world. 

This breed is the only long-haired cat native to the United States of America. One of the first historical references to this breed was back in 1861 about a black and white cat named Captain Jenks of the Horse Marine. 


Ragdolls cats are among the most beautiful and intelligent breeds to exist. Regarding physical characteristics, Ragdolls have a medium size with semi-long hair, which gives them a plushy soft texture. They are low shedding except in the spring season.

Ragdoll kittens
Ragdoll kittens

Males have a larger size than females, with an average weight of 10-20 lbs. in males and 8-15 lbs. in females.

They have blue-colored eyes and pointed coloration over the body. Their coat pattern can be classified into five groups: colorpoint, mitted, bicolor, torte point, and lynx point. Their fur comes in various colors, including white, lilac, cream, chocolate, and blue. 

Maine Coon: This cat is medium to large, and typically males are bigger than females. They have long bodies with rectangular shapes.

This breed has a beautiful coat that is heavy but very silky. They have thick legs and a broad chest, and tall ears sitting on top of a large head.

maine coon cat
Maine Coon cats are among the largest domesticated cat breeds. They’re known for their luxurious fur, sweet personality, and distinctive breed markings.


Maine Coon cats 

maine coon small

Ragdoll cats 

ragdoll small

Large domestic cat breed 

Large cat breed 

8-25 lbs.

8-20 lbs.

Long shaggy fur 

Medium-long fur 

Can live both indoors and outdoors 

Best suited to indoor living 

10- 15 years life span 

12-15 years life span

Remarkable hunters 

Not good hunters 


  • Both breeds are good with families 
  • Both are native American cats 
  • They have docile and gentle temperaments.
  • They are not aggressive.
  • Maine Coon and Ragdolls are highly intelligent breeds of cats.



Ragdoll cat

Ragdoll cats have incredibly silky soft fur and do not have an undercoat; therefore, this breed is low-shedding and requires a more manageable maintenance schedule. It is recommended to use a soft brush when grooming, and this should be undertaken at least every 2 – 3 weeks ideally. However, during Spring, their shredding may increase. 

It is recommended that you bathe a Ragdoll cat at least every three months and regularly trim their nails. Take your cat to a vet for a medical checkup once a year or six months to prevent cardiomyopathy and kidney diseases.

Maine Coon:

Maine Coon
Maine Coon

Unlike Ragdolls, Maine coon will require more attention and a giant litter box as they instinctively dig and bury their feces. You will need to think about where it would be best to place the litter box in your house. 

These cats can also suffer from digestive problems and may require a raw food diet to help overcome this issue. 

These cats are more muscular than other cat breeds and require more significant portions at mealtimes but ensure you do not overfeed them as they have a higher risk of obesity. 


Ragdolls are sociable creatures and love to provide company to their human companions. They are highly affectionate and love human attention. They have passive and calm nature and are very easy to handle. They tend to follow their owners within their house and run to doors to welcome them, earning them the title of “dog-like.” They are intelligent, humble, and gentle.

However, if they feel they are being ignored or not receiving the attention they think they deserve, they will make themselves known and purr loudly. Ragdoll cats do not like to jump up to a high level, but they are more than happy to jump up onto your bed or sofa. This breed can be a little demanding and attention-seeking at times. 

Maine coons are known for their gentle nature and friendly traits. They behave more like kittens than adult cats. They are easy to train because of their high level of intelligence. They love their owners and quickly adapt to their environment. They love to play with water and may try to jump into your bath with you. 

Suitable for:

If you are looking for a child-loving cat, then Maine Coon would be best for you. They are known to be very patient and will put up with being picked up and stroked by young children. They are also described as “dog-like” because of the level of loyalty they have to their owner and family.

Ragdolls love to be surrounded by people, especially children. They are playful with children and other pets around them. 

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Which cat is right for you?

If you live in a house full of other pets and children, then Ragdolls will be your perfect choice because they easily adjust to children & other pets.