Ragdoll vs. Ragamuffin Cat: Best Comparison

Ragdoll vs. Ragamuffin Cat: Best Comparison


Ragdolls are big muscular cats with silky soft skin, mesmerizing blue eyes, and pointed coloration. They have a calm and gentle aura. Having originated in 1960 in California by Ann Baker, they are the product of selective breeding over many generations from litters of kittens born by a white domestic cat named Josephine.

These cats derive their name from their tendency to droop when picked up. Their breed is loved due to their docile and gentle personality.

Ragdoll Cat Breed


Ann Baker, the founder of Ragdolls, restricted their genes. Some breeders wanted to broaden the gene of Ragdoll cats to create new colors and patterns.

Breeders interbred Persian, Himalayans, and domestic long-hair cats to change their size and appearance. If you think the Ragamuffin is related to Ragdolls, you are right about it. Both breeds are related to the same gene pool.

Ragamuffin Cat

Comparing Ragamuffins and Ragdolls:


Ragdoll cats are one of the most beautiful and intelligent breeds to exist. Regarding physical characteristics, Ragdolls are medium with semi-long hair, giving them a plushy soft texture. They are low shedding except in the spring.

Males are heavier than females and generally have an average weight of 5.5-9kg compared to females weighing between 3.5-6.8kg. 

They have shiny piercing blue eyes and pointed coloration over their body. Their coat pattern can be classified into five groups, color point, mitted, bicolor, tortie point, and lynx point. They have a variety of colors, including white, lilac, cream, chocolate, and blue.

Ragamuffin cats are heavy with a dense furry coat, appearing larger. They have shiny blue oval size eyes. They have a long chin and medium-sized ears that give an excellent rectangular shape to their face.

This breed comes in different patterns and colors; some are like the Ragdoll cats. The bicolor Ragamuffin shows some dark points on its body. They have a “V” on their forehead along with their stomach. The mitted Ragamuffin also exhibits colors but with white feet.


Ragamuffin cats 

 Ragdoll cats 

Average height 9-12 inches 

Average height 9-11 inches 

Average weight 10-20 pounds

Average height 8-20 pounds

Life span 15-18 years

Life span 9-15 years 

Trainability  High 

Trainability Moderate 


  • Both have blue eyes
  • Both are human friendly and other pets around 
  • Both have a variety of patterns


Ragamuffin cats are low maintenance, and they have thick coats which don’t tangle as frequently as a Ragdoll. They will require a regular maintenance schedule of grooming bi-weekly. 

While bathing them, make sure also to clean their ears properly. Ragamuffin cats don’t shed as much as other cat breeds, so you won’t find their hair all over your furniture or belongings. 

Ragdoll cats have incredibly silky soft fur and do not have an undercoat; therefore, this breed is low-shedding and requires a more manageable maintenance schedule.

It is recommended to use a soft brush when grooming, and this should be undertaken at least every 2 – 3 weeks ideally. However, during spring, their shredding may increase. 

It is recommended that you bathe a Ragdoll cat at least every 3 months and regularly trim their nails.


Ragdolls are sociable creatures and love to provide company to their human companions. They are highly affectionate and love human attention.

ragdoll playful
Ragdolls are playful and affectionate.

They have passive and calm nature and are very easy to handle. They tend to follow their owners within their house and run to doors to welcome them, earning them the title of “dog-like.” They are intelligent, humble, and gentle.

However, if they feel they are being ignored or not receiving the attention they think they deserve, they will make themselves known and purr loudly.

Ragdoll cats do not like to jump up to a high level, but they are more than happy to jump up onto your bed or sofa. This breed can be a little demanding and attention-seeking at times.

Ragamuffin Cats are not well known for their aggression and make great pets for a family home with children and get on amazing with other pets in the household. These cats have a friendly temperament and crave human affection. 

Suitable for:

Both cats are suitable for being kept as indoor-only pets, and they are not aggressive and are friendly with children and other pets. 

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Which cat is right for you?

According to Cat Fancier’s Association, a Ragamuffin is the most preferred breed if you are a family with children.

This cat breed is calm and serene around children. Ragamuffin cats tend to adapt to change quickly; they don’t become anxious or stressed if there is a change in their routine or a new pet arrives in your home.