Siamese vs Ragdoll Cat: Best Comparison

Siamese vs Ragdoll Cat: Best Comparison

Siamese cats were first discovered in Thailand. In Thailand, they are famous with the name of Sam among the native people. When they were brought to England, they were known as a nightmare and considered a weird species. As time passed, they became more popular, and now they are in the top ten popular breeds of cats. On April 6, national Siamese Day is celebrated.

Ragdoll cats were first developed in the 1960s by Ann Baker. Their Ancestor is a white long hair cat called Josephine. According to folklore, Josephine was a white Persian cat who had a loving personality and a tendency to limp when carried up. Ann Baker decided to breed Josephine to selectively generate more cats with these characteristics. A stuffed doll’s tendency to fall limp inspired her to name the breed Ragdoll. 

Life span: 12 to 17 years
Weight: 10 to 20 pounds
Height: 9 to 11 inches
Coat length: long
Life span: 8 to 15 years
Weight: 6 to 14 pounds
Height: 8 to 12 inches
Coat length: short




Siamese cats have muscular but thin bodies. They have a lengthy frame of body. They have shiny blue eyes which can not be easily resisted. They have a mysterious coat with a dark shade near the face, ear, legs, and tail. They have a very light, not very dense, and furry coat, which would be a good sign as it will not shed much. You might be imagining them in cream and black contrast but, they have four color combinations. Siamese always has color point bodies. Chocolate point (ivory body with dark brown colorpoint). Bluepoint (light silver bodies to dark greyish blue colorpoint).



Ragdolls cats are among the most beautiful and intelligent breeds to exist. Regarding physical characteristics, Ragdolls have a medium size with semi-long hair, which gives them a plushy soft texture. They are low shedding except in the spring season. Males have a larger size than females, with an average length of 5.5-9 kg in males and 3.5-6.8 kg in females. They have blue-colored eyes and pointed coloration over the body. Their coat pattern can be classified into five groups: colorpoint, mitted, bicolor, torte point, and lynx point. Their fur comes in various colors, including white, lilac, cream, chocolate, and blue.




 Oval blue eyes 

Round eyes 

Long length fur 

Long length fur 

10-12 pounds weight 

6-12 pounds weight 

Small- medium size 

Large size cats 


  • Both have beautiful and silky fur 
  • Both cats tend to have similar colors and patterns 


Siamese cats have pleasant and affectionate personalities. They show affection and closeness towards human beings, and they exhibit a positive bond with human beings, especially their loved ones. 

Siamese cats have a friendly personality and temperament, playful, compassionate, and affectionate nature. They will follow you around the house like a shadow, and they adore cuddles and will want to sit on your lap every time.

Ragdolls are sociable creatures and love to provide company to their human companions. They are highly affectionate and love human attention. They have passive and calm nature and are very easy to handle. They tend to follow their owners within their house and run to doors to welcome them, earning them the title of “dog-like.” They are intelligent, humble, and gentle.

However, if they feel they are being ignored or not receiving the attention they think they deserve, they will make themselves known and purr loudly. Ragdoll cats do not like to jump up to a high level, but they are more than happy to jump up onto your bed or sofa. This breed can be a little demanding and attention-seeking at times. 


Ragdoll cats have incredibly silky soft fur and do not have an undercoat; therefore, this breed is low-shedding and requires a more manageable maintenance schedule. It is recommended to use a soft brush when grooming, and this should be undertaken at least every 2 – 3 weeks ideally. However, during Spring, their shredding may increase. 

It is recommended that you bathe a Ragdoll cat at least every three months and regularly trim their nails. Take your cat to a vet for a medical checkup once in a year or six months to prevent cardiomyopathy and kidney diseases.

Siamese cats have a low-maintenance coat, but they require a regular bath to ensure their coat remains beautiful. Ensure you brush their teeth weekly and have a regular schedule for cleaning the build-up of dirt and debris in their eyes and ears. However, these cats can suffer from several health problems such as Progressive retinal atrophy (PRA), Hip dysplasia, and respiratory conditions such as asthma. They are also prone to gaining weight quickly, and therefore it is important not to overfeed your Siamese cat.

Suitable for 

Unlike many cats, Ragdolls will fall into anyone’s arms, even if held on their backs. They adore their owners and will meet them at the entrance, chase them all around the home, and climb on their laps or cuddle them in bed. They are typically described as docile, although that does not imply inactivity. They enjoy toys and family activities. Ragdolls quickly learn with positive reinforcement and food rewards given as praise when they do something you want them to do. They ask for petting or remind you of mealtime in a quiet, strained voice.

Siamese is known to have separation anxiety syndrome and will suit a home where they will get a lot of attention, and there is always someone at home. 

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Which cat is right for you?

These cats have different personalities. Siamese cats need more affection and care. They will become angry when they feel ignored or receive less attention than other people in the house. They like to follow their owner all the time. 

The Ragdoll won’t demand too much care and affection from their owner, and they like to play with their human family and enjoy their own company.