Siberian vs. Ragdoll Cat: Best Comparison

Siberian vs. Ragdoll Cat: Best Comparison

The Siberians, also known as Russia’s native forest cats, have been around as standard domestic cats for many years. These cats played an essential role as mousers in Russian society. 

The Ragdoll’s ancestor has been rumored to be a white-longhaired cat. They both have different personalities, temperaments, and maintenance necessities. 

Similarities and differences



Weight  10-20 pounds

Weight  10-20 pounds

Length  17-25 inches 

Length 9-11 inches 

Coat  Full collar ruff with a triple coat

Coat Thick and incredibly soft

Coat colour different patterns and colour combinations 

Coat colour Various colour markings on their coat

Eye colour Different colours

Eye Colour Dark blue colour

Life Span 10-18 years 

Kids Friendly High

Life span 10-18 years 

Kids Friendly High

Siberian cat breed overview


It’s a Russian Cat breed. As it shows from the name, they belong to Siberia. This area is famous for having extended periods of cold weather. These demanding cats are so affectionate and fun-loving. 

They love to bring their favorite toy to you and ask you to throw it. They are so human-friendly and love to have cuddles when they want to. 

The cost of Siberian kittens varies between $200-$400, depending on their size and health.  

They are considered loveable pets that get along well with other pets and children in the household. They love to play with water, so don’t forget to take them along if you plan on going fishing. 


Nature has perfectly designed these cats for their habitats in the frozen forests of Siberia. These cats have threefold water-resistance fur that seems heavy compared to their size. 

This cat typically weighs from 8-17 pounds. The thick coat of these Siberian cats has many colors, including Blue, Black, Red, and Silver. They also have a range of diversity in their patterns, including tortoiseshell, calico, tabby, and much more. 

These cats have muscular bodies. Nature has gifted Siberian cats with beautiful colored eyes such as golden, green, and copper. 

Having a thick hair coat on their body, they will shed a substantial amount of hair, but surprisingly, these cats are considered hypoallergenic.


Siberian cats are highly adoring and warm. These cats’ mental and physical growth is prolonged, which means they spend most of their life like a kitten. 

They don’t act like mature cats even when they reach adulthood. Siberian cats are very quiet. 

They don’t make much noise, but it generally is just a little chirp to show affection to the people they love. They love to be around people and not on their own.


Siberian cats have thick and dense coat which is surprisingly very easy to brush. They need to brush once or twice a week. 

Some Vets claim that Siberian cats are at high risk of kidney diseases, so a proper checkup is required. Adequate cleansing of their teeth is vital for their hygiene. After every few weeks, ensure you trim their nails properly and clean their eyes properly.

Suitable for:

Siberian cats are amicable. They love to be surrounded by kids and other pets. So, if you have kids or pets other than cats at home, these cats will suit you best. They are easy to handle and fit in with many different environments.

Ragdoll cat Overview


According to history, this cat originated in California. It is among the most famous breed of cats. 

This breed is a blend of the Burmese, Birman, and Persian. The original Ragdoll cat’s name was Josephine. 


These cats have darker faces and light-colored legs, faces, and ears. Ragdolls become full-size cats when they are 3-4 years old. 


These cats are gentle and polite. They love having cuddles with their owners and are not very demanding. They need some extra love from their humans, especially when they are growing. 


Ragdolls need some extra maintenance when it comes to their grooming. Ragdolls have silky coats and would benefit from starting a regular grooming schedule from when they are kittens to get used to the experience and enjoy it.

Suitable For 

They love to be around people. You may feel that sometimes they follow you like a shadow for some extra attention. When you come home, they might be the first ones to greet you at the door. They are perfect for families who have children. These cats are known as “cat dogs.” They have some dog-like qualities of love and affectionate

Which breed is right for you?

Both breeds, Siberians and Ragdolls, have similar kinds of qualities. 

They both love being around children and other pets. 

Siberians can easily adjust themselves in any kind of situation. Both are socially active.

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