Simply Nourish Cat Food Review + 6 better alternatives

Have a cat in your household that you want to administer some feeds to? We are glad to let you know that you have come to just the right place. Here, we have lined up and are going to showcase many of the leading cat feeds that have been touted to deliver healthy cats. 

While compiling this list, we have taken into consideration the nutritional values of these cat feeds, the species of cats for which they may serve or are intended, and the quantities in which they may be administered. We hope that by reading through, you will gain the head start you need to pick a great one. 


Let us take a look at some of the leading cat feeds at the moment here: 

#1: Simply Nourish Adult Dry Cat Food


This is an indoor chicken feed that also beats some oatmeal blend. When ingested by cats, it confers plenty of proteins that build the body and make it stronger. It weighs 7 pounds in total and is sufficient to take your kitten through to the adulthood stage. 

Outstanding Features and Benefits 

Chicken and Oatmeal Recipe

As part and parcel of its makeup, the feeds do have the chicken and the oatmeal. The former furnishes proteins, whereas the latter gives the carbs that the foods confer to your cats. Thus, it incorporates all the greatest recipes and ingredients your cat may need to stay healthy. 

Dry Adult Food 

The food is packaged completely dry, typically by squeezing out the moisture contents from it. On account of this drying process, the food is tolerant to the molds and the mildews that usually attack such recipes under normal circumstances. The same goes for the longevity of storage and applications. 

7-pound Packaging 

When all factors are taken into consideration, the food is packaged in a 7-pound container. This volume is definitely sufficiently large to meet all of the needs of your cat in one packaging. With it in your hands, you won’t have to look elsewhere for your cat feeding needs. 

Plastic Mixing Spatula 

To make your work even simpler is a plastic mixing spatula that integrates all the ingredients. The plastic nature of the spatula ensures that it does not react adversely with the ingredients in ways that may trigger corrosive reactions with the foods thereof. It also does not compromise the quality of the final outcomes. 


  • Its ingredients are sourced from worldwide locations 
  • Dried for excellent preservation and long-term reliability 
  • Devoid of any artificial colors and flavors 


  • May dehydrate a cat if taken without liquids 

#2: Purina Pro Plan Entrees in Gravy Adult Canned Wet Cat Food


As you may see from its designation, this cat food comes wet and hence relatively simpler to administer. Even when the ambient environmental temperatures are too huge, you may not have to worry about the possibility of choking your cats or making them die prematurely. 

Outstanding Features and Benefits 

Specialized Formulas 

Its formulation is somewhat special when compared to that of the rest of the feeds we have available. The ingredients it contains are designed to support the unique needs, tastes, and preferences of our cat.

When taken in great quantities, the nutrients also support the health of the gut and the management of the weight thereof. 

Targeted Nutrition 

One outstanding aspect of this food is that it suits each stage of the growth of the cat. That mainly stems from the wholesome and balanced nature of the ingredients that make it up.

It hence goes that with it in your hands, you do not have to set your eyes elsewhere, a fact that drives down your costs of operations. 

Real Meat, Poultry, or Fish 

In every bit and piece of the cat food, you will find real meat, poultry, or fish. Unlike your alternative feeds, this one is devoid of lab-grown foods and genetically-modified variants.

With this real meat and foods also come some great nutrition that furnishes great health to your cats. 

Exceptional Makeup 

The process of making this food entails a higher and in-depth selection of the necessary ingredients. These are geared toward the specific purposes that the feed is to achieve.

Also coming along this cat food is exceptional texture and the flavor that makes the meal great to the taste. 


  • Offers firm support to the immune system of the cat 
  • Develops the coat and the skin of the cats too! 
  • Confers a whopping 25 essential vitamins and minerals 


  • Comes at a cost that is somewhat expensive 

#3: Iams Proactive Health Adult Dry Cat Food Chicken & Salmon Recipes


It is no question that the kinds of seafood do contain a higher volume of iron and other sea nutrients. Is it not amazing to tap into such a portion of food for your cat too? In its packaging are the salmon and chicken recipes that add a higher value of nutrition to your cats. 

Outstanding Features and Benefits 

Real Animal Protein 

Its number one ingredient is the real animal protein. ‘Real’ here infers the lack of any artificial or genetically modified substances.

Thanks to the real nature of the ingredients that make the food up, you are guaranteed some healthy and vitality to your cats. Go for it also for the utmost safety of your cats. 

No Artificial Preservatives

Other than the real proteins and meat parts, the cat food does not have any artificial preservatives that may harm the health of the cats. Also, it lacks synthetic dyes, wheat, and gluten.

You may hence count on the food to keep your cat in an absolute state of safety and overall well-being all the time. 

100% Complete 

Unlike many of the ordinary foods we have around, this one contains all the nutrients that your cat may ordinarily need when in the course of growing and developing.

On the strength of its balanced nutrition, you may count on it to enhance the health of your cats in ways that are exceptional. 

Omega-6 and -3 Fatty Acids

Also contained in the cat food are Omega 6 and 3 fatty acids. These have the attendant impacts of improving the health and the overall appearance of the coat and the skin of the cats thereof. You want to tap into this food to bolster the appearance of your cat and make it great to the eyes. 

0% Fillers

When you choose to purchase this food, you get nothing but the highest return on your investments. Reason? The food lacks any fillers and is wholly made of the real meat that is derived from living animals. As such, your cat also gets to get the highest levels of nutrition it may derive from such food. 


  • Nourishes your cats with essential nutrients 
  • Invigorates the cats in ways that make them play actively 
  • The natural fiber contents help with the digestion of the foods 


  • May overwhelm the digestive system of a weaker cat 

#4: Blue Buffalo Wilderness High Protein, Natural Adult Indoor Dry Cat Food, Chicken 11-lb


Does your cat suffer protein deficiency? If you answered back in the affirmative, you need cat food that is similarly packed with great levels of proteins like this one. Indeed, the entire packaging of this dry food contains exceptionally high levels of protein contents. Count on it to replenish the protein contents of your cat. 

Outstanding Features and Benefits 

Grain-free Indoor Cat Food 

By and large, this food is devoid of any grains in its ingredient mix and overall makeup. Considering its lack of grain in its nutrition mix, the food is unlikely to predispose your cats to the risks of obesity and allied nutritional disorders. It is also easier to digest and absorb in the bodily systems. 

Life-source Bits 

All the ingredients are packaged in a series of small life source bits that are convenient to bite and ingest in the bodily systems. These bits come with a blend of minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants. They work to support the immune systems and enhance the growth of the cats through all stages.  

Natural Cat Food 

Its manufacturer has made deliberate attempts to use only purely natural and healthy ingredients. These ingredients incorporate the healthiest nutrients you may ordinarily require to prop the health of your cats. They also contain the minerals and the vitamins your cats desire to have to grow. 

Healthy Muscle Maintenance

Overall, the food does encourage the development and maintenance of the healthier muscles of your cats. If you intend to have your cat to thrive well and to be strong enough to deter all kinds of deterioration, you have this specific food to set your eyes on. 


  • Packed entirely with real chickens 
  • Builds and maintains stronger muscle mass 
  • Promotes shiny coats and a healthier skin 


  • Lacks carbohydrates and energy 

#5: Hill’s Science Diet Dry Cat Food, Adult, Urinary & Hairball Control, Chicken Recipe


Some cats may generally be prone to diseases or may in fact have some deformities that need to be worked on. You can never look up to any kind of food to make this reality happen. Instead, you must only dip into this one that is optimized for the proper health of the body. 

Outstanding Features and Benefits 

Optimal Levels of Magnesium

Contained in the cat food and optimal levels of Magnesium. These have the attendant impacts of supporting the urinary tracts of the cat altogether. You will need this nutrient to bolster the proper and optimal performances of the entire systems of your cats when walking around. 

Natural Fiber

Also forming a vital part and parcel of the nutrient mix is the natural fiber contents of the ingredients that have been employed to make the same. These many natural fibers are particularly suited for the optimal digestion of the other foods that are ingested by the cat besides this one. 

Omega 6s and Vitamin E

The diet also contains Vitamin E and Omega 6. These two work interdependently to offer support to the skin of your cat. They particularly enhance the health of the skin to make the same glow in ways that are sparkling to the natural eyes. You won’t hence have to use too much oil to achieve the same ends. 

High-quality Protein 

Though this cat food contains just about every other nutrient that the cat has to feed on to grow, the high-quality protein dominates its ingredient mix. This high level of protein in the food helps your cat’s muscle to grow and tone. You can never dream of a healthier and rigorous cat without it. 


  • Composed of purely natural ingredients 
  • Made of ingredients that are sourced globally 
  • Supports the coat and the skin 


  • Excess intakes may overwhelm the digestive tract of the cat 

#6: Rachael Ray Nutrish Super Premium Dry Cat Food, SuperFood Blends


In case you have commercial elements, we can never ask you to use or administer any other food but this one. It comes in a premium quality makeup and is also larger in scope. You may hence look up to it for your large scale ends and other commercial applications. 

Outstanding Features and Benefits 

Unique Superfood Blend

In its entirety, this is a unique superfood blend in the sense of comprising the mix of wholesome lentils, red salmon, and a host of dietary supplements. If ingested in the body, it brings about the envy of the ordinary kinds of meals. With it their dietary regime of your cat, you won’t have to look elsewhere. 

Natural Prebiotics 

A host of natural prebiotics also exists in the nutritional mix and packaging of the cat food. Most of them are derived from the pumpkins and are great at boosting the digestive tracts of the cats. Your cat hence stands some healthier and overall great health if you opt to administer the same to it. 

Antioxidant-rich Berries

For a more balanced approach to your cat, this food also contains some antioxidant berries that furnish a higher quantity of vitamins and natural ingredients. This subsequently means that you won’t really have to spend too much to supply the balanced nutrients to your cats as is normally the case. 

Excellent Weight 

The entire packaging of the food comes in some excellent weight. Its bag contains 14 pounds of the dry food cat that is easier to transport to a desired location of use without too much ado. Thanks to the dry content or nature of the food, the same does not deteriorate too fast and may stay fresh for longer. 


  • Contains a host of dry recipes that are richer in nutrients 
  • Possesses the amino acids, minerals, and vitamins in its packaging 
  • Suited for large scale cat feeding 


  • Quite tedious to administer 

#7: Sheba Perfect Portions Paté Wet Cat Food Tray Variety Packs


Most felines tend to get fat when fed with grain-based foods. To be on the safe side, you need food that is completely devoid of any grains. We ask you to attempt this one, specifically. It is packed with flesh-derived foods and also contain no artificial preservatives or flavors. 

Outstanding Features and Benefits 

Light and Delectable Texture

In its entirety, the food does exude some light and delectable texture. It hardly imperils the tongues of the cats that choose to take it. The texture is further enriched with the tuna, whitefish, seafood, and delicious salmon flavors. They also add to the overall nutritional value of the meal on the whole. 

Universal Administration 

Unlike your ordinary cat food that is somewhat restricted to a specific cadre of cats, this one tends to enjoy universal administration. You may administer it to the kittens and the mature cats alike. That of course reduces the costs of operations while at the same time cheapening the use thereof. 

Easy-to-use Cat Food Trays

Also coming along with this food is the set of easy-to-use cat food trays. You use these to administer the feeds to the cats. Owing to the individual nature of the trays, they lead to limited loss of wastes. That of course makes the task of clearing the mess after use a breeze. 

Wholly Natural 

As hinted earlier the formulation and makeup of the food are wholly natural. Thanks to this wholesomeness, it is lacking the artificial preservatives, flavors, and other ingredients that are derived from synthetic sources. Expect the health of your feline hence to be greatly upheld and kept in the best shape. 


  • Contains loads of proteins 
  • Comprises some delicious seafood components 
  • Its lack of artificial preservatives makes for easier digestion 


  • Nutritional value per calorie is somewhat low 


We leave you now with some bonus recommendations 

Overweight Cats

Cats, just like humans, also tend to be overweight with age. The issue of overweight is largely brought about by the kinds of diets that the cats take, the sedentary lifestyles that the cats devote themselves to, and some inherent genetic issues that the cat may possess or have. 

If the issue is not mitigated in time, it may pose some irreversible damages to the interior body organs like the liver. Also, it may trigger certain problems like joint pains, diabetes, and liver. Consistent exercising is definitely the surest way to combat this menace once and for all. 

Senior Cats

Like any other animals, cats also begin to manifest age-related issues as they advance. These manifestations usually begin to crop up at the age bracket of 7-12 years. They tend to impact the metabolism, immune system, and other organs of the body. 

While they are to some extent unavoidable, their impacts may nonetheless be mitigated through a combination of factors. Chief examples of these are proper dieting, consistent exercising, and preventive medicine.

The administration of these intervention measures has to start early and be undertaken consistently. That is to stave off the issues from escalating further and irreversibly. 

Adult Cats

Adult cats generally eat a lot to maintain their body in the proper shape and form all the while. The foods that are administered to them ought to be of high-quality and be capable of meeting the bare minimum energy requirements. That stems from the need to repair the tissues also. 

Since adult cats are less agile and active, the foods that are administered to them should contain a higher volume of fiber and roughage. It is in this way that they shall also be ingested and absorbed in the body systems with minimal losses in the forms of excretion. 

Weaning a Kitten

Weaning refers to the process of introducing solid foods to the kittens. The introduction is done slowly, steadily, and progressively. Usually, it starts with semi-solid foods such as milk and porridge after which the meat is introduced. It kicks off from 6-8 weeks and proceeds through to the 9-11th week.

While at this stage, you should administer the meals strictly as per the recommendations of the manufacturer of the feeds. That is to prevent any issues from arising or serious health problems that may often arise when in the course of indoctrinating the cats to the new foods. 

Nutrition Tips for Kittens

Follow the steps and procedures below to administer the foods well: 

  • Learn about the unique feeding preferences of the kitten at hand 
  • Follow the guidelines and the schedules as per the unique manufacturer’s recommendations 
  • Adhere strictly to the regimes that relate to the gender and the health stature of the kitten 
  • Administer plenty of water and roughage to the kittens to aid with digestion
  • Give the cat food in smaller quantities for a prolonged duration of time 


We now trust that the insight you have received has been eye-opening. What more could we possibly add to you? Is it wise of you to now proceed hastily and administer the right food to your cats? To enable a smooth and consistent feeding program, we recommend a careful re-read of the facts above. 

Chances are that there could be people around you who are in dire need of this insight as well. Could you consider passing this information on to them? Help them also to accrue the selfsame benefits by letting them know what to anticipate from the feeds and how to make great administration.

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