Singapura Cat Breed: Everything you need to Know

These small and petite cats are full of personality. Singapuras like to be the center of attention. And is not afraid to demand it. 

They are considered to be ‘micro-sized when compared to other cat breeds. This is a rare breed as they only have 2 to 3 kittens in a litter. 

Singapura cats are curious and engaging. They are known to be extroverted. They thrive on human attention. They like to be in their owner’s faces all the time. 


Quick facts about the Singapura

Weight: 4 to 7 pounds Height: 6 to 8 inches
Life span: 11 to 15 years
Intelligence: high Temperament: social | affectionate | shy
Playfulness: high Activity level: hyper
Vocalness: howler Coat length: short
Shedding amount: infrequent
Good with: kids | seniors | other cats | families
Traits: Singapura is a cat breed that has a gentle, easy-going personality. They are not overly active and they are very friendly to humans, other cats and dogs. They can be easily groomed with just a brush or comb.

They are high-energy and love to play. Often they will leap to high places and climb cabinets. They have been known to ride around on their owner’s shoulders. 

Singapura cats are intelligent and learn tricks easily. They enjoy toys that challenge them physically and mentally. Tall cat trees and puzzle toys are recommended. 

They respond well to treats as rewards. 

Singapura cats do not do well on their own. They do not become destructive, but their moods are deeply affected. 

Although they love human affection, they do not do well with a lot of noise. These cats are not suited to families with a lot of small children. They struggle with vocal dogs.

If the neighborhood is noisy, they will become unsettled. 


Because of their small size, they are often timid and need gentle socialization. They need to be rewarded after a new interaction.

They are, however, busy and keep themselves busy with games. They love to play, whether it be with their owners or on their own. 

These cats mature into adults at the age of 2. But they stay just as playful as kittens. They are very chatty. They will meow for no reason. But their soft, sweet voices make the constant chatter pleasant. 

Singapura cats have big ears and large rounded eyes. They are mainly green, hazel, or yellow. They only come in one color, which is sepia agouti (ticked tabby pattern). They have blunt-tipped tails.

Their fur is short and silky. They do not shed a lot, but their skin does have a lot of dander. This can be a problem for owners with allergies. 

They will need to be brushed once every two weeks. But nails need regular trimming. Their ears need to be cleaned often.

These small cats live between 9 to 15 years. But they have a few serious health concerns.

Singapura cats are prone to a genetic disease called pyruvate kinase deficiency. This causes anemia and other blood-related issues. The only treatment is a bone marrow transplant. 

They also suffer from renal failure, hypothyroidism (must be on a vet recommended diet), and diabetes. They struggle with small-uterine inertia. 

It is essential to screen the breeder as they lack genetic diversity.  




Dr. Adedapo Adisa:

Among all cat breeds globally, the Singapura cats are believed to be the smallest cats with a controversial origin. Many believed the cats emanated from Singapore, while further findings have found the Singapura cats originated from the United States.

However the origin, the Singapura cats are known for their characteristic large almond-shaped eyes and ears. Singapura cats are believed to enjoy good health with their life expectancy averaging 9-15 years and battle with very few inherited medical conditions.

Some common genetic health issues the Singapura cats have been associated with is affecting the blood, known as bad pyruvate kinase deficiency.

Pyruvate kinase deficiency is a genetic health condition that is passed down from parents of the Singapura cats to their kittens. This health issue is caused by the lack of an enzyme pyruvate kinase in affected Singapura cats. 

The pyruvate kinase enzyme is responsible for providing the energy needed for the production a d maintenance of red blood cells.

In the absence of this critical pyruvate kinase enzyme in the Singapura cats, this leads to a form of anemia known as hemolytic anemia. Red blood cells begin to die due to lack of energy, and also the production is also limited due to the lack of energy required for red blood cell synthesis in the affected Singapura cats.

A few signs to watch out for in Singapura cats affected with the inherited pyruvate kinase deficiency include; 

● The cat may get tired easily.

● Pale ocular mucous membranes.

● Weakness band cats getting tired easily.

● Fluid may begin to build up around the abdomen.

● Yellow discolorations around the eyes and skin, typical of cats having jaundice.

● Increased breathing.

● Weight loss and splenomegaly (increased size of the spleen on examination).

If one or more of these symptoms have been observed or detected in the Singapura cats, it is essential to report immediately to your veterinarian.

Although there are DNA screenings to identify the defective gene that causes pyruvate kinase deficiency in the Singapura cats, treatment is tricky.

However, early detection helps increase their chances of survival and expected treatment outcomes. Your veterinarian may want to conduct other diagnostic tests in other to come up with a management plan for Singapura cats with pyruvate kinase deficiency.

Once the Singapura cats have been diagnosed with pyruvate kinase deficiency, they should be taken off breeding programs to prevent offspring from inheriting the condition. 

Another medical condition common to the Singapura cats is a birth issue seen in pregnant Singapura cats known as uterine inertia. In this condition, during parturition, the Singapura cats find it difficult to give birth to kittens due to the uterine walls failing to contract or not contracting enough to push out their kittens through the birth canal.

This eventually leads to functional dystocia and needs the immediate attention of your veterinarian to carry out an urgent Caesarian section to birth the kittens.

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