Striped Cat Names: 100 Creative Ideas for Males & Females

Striped Cat Names: 100 Creative Ideas for Males & Females

Are you looking for a fierce yet adorable name for your tiger cat? Look no further, since you’ve come to the right place. Here are our recommended names for your striped cat – from cute names to fierce names based on history, pop culture, and much more! Let’s get started.

50 Male Tiger Cat Names

  1. Raja (Hindi for “king”)
  2. Shere Khan (from The Jungle Book)
  3. Apollo (inspired by the Greek god of the sun and light)
  4. Maximus (Latin for “greatest”)
  5. Khan (Mongolian for “ruler”)
  6. Thor (from Norse mythology)
  7. Leo (Latin for “lion”)
  8. Simba (from The Lion King)
  9. Onyx (after the black stone)
  10. Jupiter (from Roman mythology)
  11. Salem (inspired by Salem, the black cat from Sabrina the Teenage Witch)
  12. Magnum (from the Latin word for “great”)
  13. Phoenix (inspired by the mythical bird)
  14. Blaze (inspired by fire)
  15. Cato (Latin for “wise”)
  16. Odin (from Norse mythology)
  17. Thorin (from J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit)
  18. Phoenix (from Greek mythology)
  19. Atlas (from Greek mythology)
  20. Haku (from the movie Spirited Away)
  21. Loki (from Norse mythology)
  22. Nero (from the Roman emperor)
  23. Orion (from Greek mythology)
  24. Zephyr (from the Greek god of the west wind)
  25. Thor (from Norse mythology)
  26. Ajax (from Greek mythology)
  27. Raven (inspired by the bird)
  28. Balthazar (from the Bible)
  29. Azlan (from The Chronicles of Narnia)
  30. Hercules (from Greek mythology)
  31. Alaric (from the Gothic king)
  32. Zeus (from Greek mythology)
  33. Titan (from Greek mythology)
  34. Blade (inspired by a sharp weapon)
  35. Salem (from the TV show Sabrina the Teenage Witch)
  36. Helios (from Greek mythology)
  37. Nero (from Roman history)
  38. Sirius (from the brightest star in the sky)
  39. Zephyrus (from Greek mythology)
  40. Attila (from the leader of the Huns)
  41. Caesar (from the Roman emperor)
  42. Draven (inspired by the word “raven”)
  43. Enzo (from the Italian name Lorenzo)
  44. Finn (from Irish mythology)
  45. Koda (from the movie Brother Bear)
  46. Khan (from Mongolian for “ruler”)
  47. Lancelot (from Arthurian legend)
  48. Phoenix (from the mythical bird)
  49. Thor (from Norse mythology)
  50. Zeus (from Greek mythology)

50 Female Tiger Cat Names

  1. Azula (from the TV show Avatar: The Last Airbender)
  2. Cleo (short for Cleopatra)
  3. Nala (from The Lion King)
  4. Luna (from the moon)
  5. Kaida (Japanese for “little dragon”)
  6. Selena (from the moon goddess in Greek mythology)
  7. Sahara (after the desert)
  8. Sari (from the Hindi word for “essence”)
  9. Stella (from the Latin word for “star”)
  10. Ivy (after the plant)
  11. Jinx (meaning “bad luck”)
  12. Kali (from the Hindu goddess of destruction)
  13. Kira (Japanese for “sparkle” or “shine”)
  14. Zara (Hebrew for “princess”)
  15. Freya (from Norse mythology)
  16. Gaia (from Greek mythology)
  17. Isis (from Egyptian mythology)
  18. Kiara (from The Lion King II: Simba’s Pride)
  19. Khaleesi (from Game of Thrones)
  20. Arya (from Game of Thrones)
  21. Leia (from Star Wars)
  22. Lyra (from the constellation)
  23. Marla (from the movie Fight Club)
  24. Maya (from the Mayan civilization)
  25. Minerva (from Roman mythology)
  26. Neveah (Heaven spelled backwards)
  27. Nyx (from Greek mythology)
  28. Ophelia (from Shakespeare’s Hamlet)
  29. Pandora (from Greek mythology)
  30. Raven (after the bird)
  31. Seraphina (from Hebrew for “fiery one”)
  32. Shiva (from Hindu mythology)
  33. Siren (from Greek mythology)
  34. Tala (from Tagalog for “star”)
  35. Tasha (Russian for “born on Christmas Day”)
  36. Tempest (meaning “stormy”)
  37. Trinity (meaning “threefold”)
  38. Vega (from the constellation)
  39. Vesper (from the Latin word for “evening”)
  40. Xena (from the TV show Xena: Warrior Princess)
  41. Yara (from Game of Thrones)
  42. Zahara (Arabic for “flower”)
  43. Zephyra (from Greek mythology)
  44. Ziva (Hebrew for “brilliance”)
  45. Zora (Slavic for “dawn”)
  46. Calypso (from Greek mythology)
  47. Celeste (from the Latin word for “heavenly”)
  48. Daphne (from Greek mythology)
  49. Electra (from Greek mythology)
  50. Hera (from Greek mythology)

We hope you enjoyed this list of adorable and fierce tiger cat names. Let us know which name you ended up with for your striped cat in the comments below! Feel free to check out more cat-related content on our website!

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