Tonkinese vs. Siamese Cat: Best Comparison

Cat: Best Comparison


Tonkinese is a hybrid generation of Burmese and Siamese, expressing features closely to Siamese parents. They derive their name from an Indo-Chinese region named “Tonkin”; however, they bear no link to this area. They have point coloration and are available in different colors. Tonkinese is famous for their extroverted and intelligible personality. Their hair length varies in different varieties, and other regions of the world have different preferences. 

The easily recognizable Siamese cats have distinctive features. Their long slender body with triangular heads and splendid blue eyes accompanied by large-sized ears make them recognizable from a distance. The traditional Siamese cats have been found to be documented since ancient times. However, they are divided into two categories: traditional breed and modern Siamese differing in physical features. Siamese cats are foundation stock for many other breeds.


Tonkinese Cats Breed
Tonkinese is medium-sized cats, weighing roughly between 6-12 pounds with muscular bodies.

They are 12-15 inches in height, thus giving them a slim appearance. They have thin legs, which are proportionate to the body’s overall size. The length of the tail is also in proportion to the body’s length and weight. Almond shape eyes are bright and alluring. Their coat pattern has various types such as high contrast, mink or median contrast, and low contrast or solid pattern. They have short to medium-length hair, which is low-shedding. They have various colors, including chocolate brown, beige, and stable. 

Siamese Cat Breed
The Siamese cat is a breed of cat that has a distinctive appearance with deep blue eyes and a coat patterned in shades of brown or black.

Siamese cats have long-legged slender bodies with a muscular appearance. They have a long triangular-shaped head with long pointed ears pointed coloration on their extremities. Another striking feature is their blue eyes which add glamour to this beautiful cat. 

Males can be slightly heavier than females, with an average weight of 8-10 pounds with a short and glossy coat. They have a variety of colors such as chocolate, seal, lilac, cream, or fawn. 




  1. Both have blue eyes 
  2. Both have average weight of 10-12 pounds and similar height. 
  3. Both have pointed coat color pattern 
  4. Tonkinese are a breed of Siamese cat so have similar level of intelligence and playful nature




Highly vocal 

Not very vocal 

Little reserved in nature 

Get along with everyone


Tonkinese cats require a weekly grooming schedule to ensure their coat remains shiny and free of tangles. They don’t shed as much hair as other cat breeds and need a bath every month. Ensure you regularly trim and clean their nails. To maintain a healthy weight, provide a healthy balanced diet and feeding schedule as these cats can become obese quickly.  

However, to avoid periodontal diseases developing, brushing their teeth regularly is essential. 

Siamese cats have low-maintenance coat, but they require a regular bath to ensure their coat remains beautiful. Ensure you brush their teeth weekly and have a regular schedule for cleaning the build-up of dirt and debris in their eyes and ears. However, these cats can suffer from several health problems such as Progressive retinal atrophy (PRA), Hip dysplasia, and respiratory conditions such as asthma. They are also prone to gaining weight quickly, and therefore it is important not to overfeed your Siamese cat. 


If you want a perfect companion, Tonkinese cats are famous for being excellent friends. They get adjusted to guests easily and are very playful. They have a high intelligence level from their parental genes. In addition to high IQ, they also have an increased curiosity level, and you will find them exploring all nooks and crannies. If you are patient, they can be trained and learn tricks and solve puzzles. They love to get involved with the family, join in with activities, and follow you around the house. They are very playful and talkative and a bit demanding at times as they will want an instant response from their owners.

Siamese cats have similar personalities and temperaments, being extrovert, playful, compassionate, and affectionate. Unlike the Tonkinese cat, who will bond and socialize well with everyone in the household, Siamese cats develop a deep loving bond with one person. They are intelligible but on their terms. They have a loud voice to ensure they are paid attention to. Like Tonkinese cats, they are also very demanding. 

Suitable for 

Tonkinese cats are suitable for a spacious and socially inclusive environment. They tend to get along with strangers, children, and other pets very well. They are also great attention seekers, so if someone is looking for a companion who’d stay with them 24/7, they are the cat for you. 

They are fit for those families who can provide them with the necessary love and attention they will require.

Siamese cats are known to have separation anxiety syndrome and must be kept in an environment where someone is always home.

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Which cat is right for you? 

If you are looking for a cat breed who’d follow at all the places you go and you never mind it, Tonkinese is right for you. They are also suitable for those looking for a companion and a game partner who can be easily trained and taught to solve intelligence and physical games.

Siamese cats do provide companionship, but they require it too. These cats get along with children, toys, and other pets very well. 

If you are looking for a low-shedding cat, then a Siamese cat is better than a Tonkinese.