Top Reasons Why Meditating With Your Cat is Beneficial

the hectic work schedule to the household chores, your life is aligned with the
hush-hush of responsibilities. People crave to find their solace in the chaos
of life. Hence, there is a traditionally trusted technique called meditation
that helps to detach from the knots of a stereotyped and stressful life.
Meditation is a great way to calm the storms within you. The more deeply and
regularly you meditate, the sooner you will find yourself acting from a center
of inner peace.

has a great influence on your cat’s well-being as it has on you. Hence,
considering the significant influences on you and your pet, it is highly
beneficial to have a mutual meditation practice. In addition to feeling more
relaxed, meditating with your cat also serves you with many other benefits.

are the benefits you and your cat will enjoy during shared meditation practice.


are uncontrollable creatures. They like to do whatever they want to, but when
you sit to meditate, you can notice your cat also sitting beside or curling up
in your lap. Cats are the masters of focus and one can surely witness that when
they meditate. Though cats may get distracted for a moment, they do possess a
great ability to regain their focus. Thus, your cat can teach a lesson of mindfulness
and bring the lighthearted mood to sessions.

Degrades Stress

there is a stress of meeting your work targets, stress of fulfilling your
family expectations or the stress of coping with everyday life problems,
meditating with your cat works as a great stress buster. All you need to do is
put away the stress-ball and squeeze on to your furry ball. Having your cat
around while meditating, keeps you in a haze of happiness. Your brain generates
the happy chemicals called oxytocin and prolactin that reduce stress and adds
up feel-good factor.

Safety & Trust

you meditate, you naturally calm yourself down and your energy center opens and
realigns. That energy is much more than the physical body as it takes you to
gain a level of calmness also in your mind and soul. It creates an environment
where you and your pet can communicate or achieve a powerful level of peace.
You and your furry companion will feel more grounded by following this
meditation practice. Moreover, this practice will invoke a sense of security in
your cat and will also strengthen the trust in your relationship.

Uplifts Your
Daily Routine

cute creature in your house can be a cure for many of your health problems. No
matter how hectic your routine may be but your cat’s habit to live a structured
life will be an ultimate motivation for meditation. Pet parents are likely to
be healthier; moreover, meditating with their pet keeps them lively. Following
a session of meditation, every morning, is a great way to boost your energy
levels and kick start your day with an uplifted mood.


increases the synchronization and efficiency of your nervous and cardiovascular
systems. Therefore, when you meditate with your cat in silence, it creates an
aura of synergy. Your cat can feel the message of your heart at the vibrational
level. Another way to connect with your cat is to place your hand on the chest
area and feel their breath. Then, as long as you are comfortable, try to match
your breathing pattern to theirs. This will strengthen the bridge of
communication between you and your pet.

Helps To Get

Animals are instinctively aligned with the rhythms of nature. They generally do not prefer to stay indoors all day long. No matter what, they will always be ready to go out with you. They might even drag you outdoors in the fresh air to meditate early in the morning if you deny following their daily routine. Escaping from indoors actually changes your mind and makes you more focused. So, having an animal that always needs a daily dose of outdoor meditation will constantly encourage you to step out, and stay mentally and physically fit.

There may be many interesting ways to spend time with your cat but meditating together is one of the most meaningful things you can do. It is very beneficial to meditate in the green grass and fresh air with your pet but you need to pay heed on the dangers of fleas and ticks that are ever ready to haunt your cat. Thus, to safeguard your cat from flea and tick infestation while you are busy meditating in the garden or backyard, you can use preventatives like Frontline Plus for cats.

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