Toyger vs. Bengal Cat: Best Comparison

Toyger and Bengal cats appear to be very similar in terms of looks and characteristics. However, there’s much more to cats than that. These cats have differences in their personalities, shedding, and several other traits. Let’s take an in-depth look at the two breeds to learn more about them.

Toyger vs. Bengal Cat: Best Comparison

People widely believe that a Toyger cat is simply a striped Bengal cat, but that’s not true. Toyger cats have many differences when compared to Bengal cats. Here’s a quick overview of the differences between the two breeds of cats.

Toyger Cats vs Bengal Cats – Overview

OriginsUnited StatesUnited States
Average Length 8-11 inches (Adult)10-16 inches (Adult)
Average Weight10-15 pounds (Adult)8-15 pounds (Adult)
Coat TypeShortSleek and Glossy
BehaviorVocal, PlayfulEnergetic
Lifespan12-15 years12-16 years
Grooming RequirementLow MaintenanceLow Maintenance
Family FriendlyYesYes
Pet FriendlyYesYes
TrainabilityEasy Easy

The Toyger breed was bred in the 1980s by Judy Sugden. She crossed a striped domestic shorthair cat with a Bengal, and then the Toyger was born. The name is a combination of two words, “toy” and “tiger.” These cats are fearless; they are not the ones who beat around the bush. They are also very athletic and muscular

The Bengal is a cross between a domestic cat with an Asian Leopard cat producing a generation of domestic cats with wild coats. Although not every Bengal has a wild parent, Today, many Bengals are bred with other Bengals, which produces a somewhat-less-wild cat.

TICA first accepted these cats in 1983. This is a newer breed of cat that has been allowed in shows since 1991, so you can say it’s a newly introduced breed. Hence, Bengal cats are a bit harder to find than the other breeds.


Toyger Cat

Toyger cats look like tigers, though they are much smaller in size. They are considered medium tigers. They have circular patterns on their heads. They are also referred to as “glamorous” Mackerel Toby cats. They have wide horizontal stripes on their legs and a striped tail on the back, in addition to the thicker and broken vertical striping on their body.

Bengal Cat

On the other hand, Bengal cats have high cheekbones and athletic bodies. They are the same size as a simple house cat. Their weight lies in the range of 8–15 pounds. As far as their physique is concerned, they are a bit longer than a domestic cat but almost weigh the same as a domestic cat.


Toyger closeup
Toyger cat

Toygers are brilliant cats. They loved to be challenged and stimulated by the humans they love. They love to learn tricks and play catch and throw with their toys. These cats are genuinely loyal, gentle, and soft. They can be very affectionate towards their handlers.

Similarly, Bengal cats are highly active by nature. They follow their wild heritage. They’re into hunting and running around. Generally, they are very hyperactive and try to get everything they set their eyes on. However, they are also intelligent; they love to play tricks and learn new things.

Bengal cats love playing with water, so you’re in for a few surprises when you try to bathe them.


Toyger cats shed a lot of hair on your couch and carpets. But if you brush their hair often and well, you can help stop them from shedding. Brushing their coat will also aid in the development of a special bond, as they are very affectionate and playful toward their caregivers.

On the other hand, Bengal cats have thick coats, which means they require brushing very often. Unlike Toygers, they don’t shed their hair as much. They know how to keep themselves clean. They have a high risk of periodontal disease, so cleaning their teeth is important.


Vertical StripesSpotted Fur
One Standard ColorDifferent Colors
Friendly with strangersNot very friendly with strangers


  • Both cats look like a tiny, wild cat
  • Similar quality coats 
  • Both breeds are intelligent and playful 
  • Both breeds are almost newly invented 

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Suitable for 

Toygers are best for people who want a house cat. They are social and rely on people. All you need to do is have some spare time to give proper attention to them. On the other hand, Bengal cats do not get along well with children and pets around; they are more aggressive than other house cats.