100 Unique Latin Names for Cats (Male & Female)

100 Unique Latin Names for Cats (Male & Female)

Welcome to this perfect list of lovely Latin names for your new cat, regardless of gender. Latin names are often known for their elegance and sophistication, two things that your cat probably already has. So why not enhance on those aspects by giving your cat a Latin name? Let’s get started!

50 Unique Latin Names For Male Cats

  1. Amadeus (Latin for “lover of God”)
  2. Augustus (Latin for “great” or “magnificent”)
  3. Benedict (Latin for “blessed”)
  4. Caesar (Latin for “emperor”)
  5. Cato (Latin for “wise” or “intelligent”)
  6. Cicero (Latin for “chickpea”; also the name of a famous Roman philosopher)
  7. Cornelius (Latin for “horn”)
  8. Decimus (Latin for “tenth”)
  9. Emrys (Latin for “immortal”)
  10. Fabius (Latin for “bean grower”)
  11. Felix (Latin for “happy” or “fortunate”)
  12. Flavius (Latin for “golden-haired”)
  13. Gaius (Latin for “rejoice”)
  14. Horatio (Latin for “hour”)
  15. Ignatius (Latin for “fiery”)
  16. Julius (Latin for “youthful”)
  17. Lysander (Latin for “liberator of men”)
  18. Magnus (Latin for “great”)
  19. Maximus (Latin for “greatest”)
  20. Nero (Latin for “strong” or “vigorous”)
  21. Octavius (Latin for “eighth”)
  22. Ovid (Latin poet and author of Metamorphoses)
  23. Percival (Latin for “pierce the veil”)
  24. Plinius (Latin for “descendant of Pliny”)
  25. Pompey (Latin for “five”)
  26. Remus (mythological founder of Rome)
  27. Rufus (Latin for “red-haired”)
  28. Sabinus (Latin for “Sabine”)
  29. Seneca (Roman philosopher and statesman)
  30. Silvanus (Roman god of forests and fields)
  31. Tiberius (Latin for “of the Tiber”)
  32. Titus (Latin for “honorable”)
  33. Urbanus (Latin for “urban”)
  34. Valerius (Latin for “strong”)
  35. Varro (Latin for “versatile”)
  36. Vespasian (Roman emperor)
  37. Virgil (Roman poet and author of Aeneid)
  38. Vitus (Latin for “life”)
  39. Augustin (Latin for “majestic”)
  40. Baltazar (Latin for “God protects the king”)
  41. Cassius (Latin for “hollow”)
  42. Demetrius (Latin for “follower of Demeter”)
  43. Evander (Latin for “good man”)
  44. Florian (Latin for “flowering”)
  45. Gratian (Latin for “graceful”)
  46. Hadrian (Roman emperor)
  47. Lucius (Latin for “light”)
  48. Marcellus (Latin for “young warrior”)
  49. Octavio (Latin for “eighth”)
  50. Zephyrus (Latin for “west wind”)

50 Unique Latin Names For Female Cats

  1. Aelia (Latin for “sun”)
  2. Agrippina (Roman empress)
  3. Alma (Latin for “nourishing”)
  4. Amata (Latin for “beloved”)
  5. Anastasia (Latin for “resurrection”)
  6. Antonia (Latin for “priceless”)
  7. Artemisia (Latin for “gift of Artemis”)
  8. Aurora (Roman goddess of dawn)
  9. Aurelia (Latin for “golden”)
  10. Beatrice (Latin for “she who brings happiness”)
  11. Calpurnia (Roman empress)
  12. Camilla (Roman mythological warrior queen)
  13. Carina (Latin for “beloved”)
  14. Cecilia (Roman saint)
  15. Claudia (Roman empress)
  16. Cornelia (Roman matron)
  17. Domitia (Roman empress)
  18. Drusilla (Roman empress)
  19. Emilia (Latin for “rival”)
  20. Fabia (Latin for “bean grower”)
  21. Faustina (Roman empress)
  22. Flavia (Roman empress)
  23. Fortuna (Roman goddess of luck)
  24. Gaia (Roman earth goddess)
  25. Helene (Latin for “bright” or “shining”)
  26. Hortensia (Roman orator)
  27. Iulia (Roman empress)
  28. Junia (Roman matron)
  29. Lavinia (Roman mythological princess)
  30. Licinia (Roman empress)
  31. Livia (Roman empress)
  32. Lucilla (Roman empress)
  33. Lucretia (Roman matron)
  34. Marcella (Roman matron)
  35. Marcia (Roman matron)
  36. Martina (Roman martyr)
  37. Melania (Roman saint)
  38. Minerva (Roman goddess of wisdom)
  39. Octavia (Roman empress)
  40. Paulina (Roman matron)
  41. Petronilla (Roman saint)
  42. Placidia (Roman empress)
  43. Portia (Roman matron)
  44. Prisca (Roman saint)
  45. Proserpina (Roman goddess of spring and queen of the underworld)
  46. Sabina (Roman empress)
  47. Sulpicia (Roman poet)
  48. Tertia (Latin for “third-born”)
  49. Valeria (Roman empress)
  50. Vesta (Roman goddess of the hearth and home)

Your new feline friend definitely deserves an elegant, sophisticated name with a touch of the ancient world, and we’ve given you a 100 of those! Feel free to browse around for more of our cat-related content on our website!

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