Your Most Burning Questions About Cat Litter

Choosing the best cat litter is not an easy task at all. It requires a lot more effort to select the one from plenty of other options available in the market. As a cat owner, you must make sure to select the cat litter that most suits your cat’s requirements and enhances its comfort-ability.

That’s why we will provide a detailed guideline on choosing the best cat litter for your cat and will also suggest a few options for you so that your selection process becomes more comfortable.

So, stay attached to this article and read till the end so that it becomes easier for you to choose the litter that meets your cat’s requirements.

What is Cat Litter?

A cat litter box (also called sandbox) is a tray-type box or a litter pan, which is used as a collection box for the cat’s feces and urine. Cat litters are mostly made of plant-based materials such as corn or wheat. They offer more and enhanced options for disposal of the waste.

They are generally safer, particularly for kittens, and are available at an economical price.

In most of the cat, litters clay is used because it can absorb the liquid. Another advantage of using clay is that it can absorb its weight in cat urine. It is also useful in separating the urine effectively.

Furthermore, clay plays a vital role in controlling the odor as well. So, using sand is compulsory in a litter box.

Features to Consider While Buying an Ideal Cat Litter

When it becomes difficult for you to choose the best cat litter for your cat, then the best way is to make comparisons among the features of the best available cat litters in the market. Then choose the one that comes with the best features and most suits your requirements.

So, let’s have a look at the features that a Cat Litter should have in it.

1.      Controls the Odor

The best and most important feature that must be considered while buying a cat litter is its ability to control the odor. A cat owner must set the odor control at the top of its priority list. That’s good not only for the owners but is equally suitable for the cats as well.

An uncontrolled odor is one of the primary reasons due to which the cats refuse to use their litter boxes. So, while buying the car litter, opt to go for the one that is best in odor control.

2.      Offers Good Clumping

Another noteworthy feature of cat litter is that it provides good clumping. It means that the litter combines with the cat urine to form hard lumps, which can be scooped out quickly.

That’s how a clumping litter controls the odor in a better way as compared to non-clumping ones. Hence, the stronger the clumping power better the odor control.

Furthermore, it makes the dumping process much more relaxed, because scooping a litter box daily is more comfortable as compared to dumping and replacing contents every week.

3.      Produces Low Dust

A suitable cat litter must produce low dust. A notable disadvantage of clumping clay litter is that it creates a lot of dust, which is not suitable for both i.e., the cats as well as humans.

This dust spreads all over the area as the cat carries it through its paws to the entire house. Hence, consider buying the litter that produces minimum dust, for example, crystal litters produce minimal or no dust.

4.      Granular Size

A cat litter comes in its various granular sizes, such as coarse and fine. Both of these have their advantages. A fine-textured litter is suitable for the cats, which offers a softer feel on their paws. Whereas, coarser litters are considered safe for kittens, which are under three months old because such kittens my inhale or swallow finer-grained litters.

5.      Comes at A Reasonable Cost

Cost is another crucial factor to consider while buying a cat litter. It’s the cost that makes the clumping litter the best option to consider because it is available at an economical price.

Another vital factor that you must consider while buying the cat litter is the duration of time after which you change the litter. For example, a cheap litter that you change every weekend up, costing you more in the long run than a litter that keeps working for a month or so.

The Best Cat Litters

Having read all the features of the best cat litters, let’s now discuss some of the best cat litters that you can choose for your cats.

1.      Dr. Elsey’s Premium Clumping Cat Litter

Dr. Elsey’s Premium Clumping Cat Litter is a dust-free, hypo-allergenic natural litter that keeps your surfaces neat, clean, and tidy. This is a medium-grained hard clumping litter that helps to prevent moisture.

It offers superior odor control and keeps the area fresh and free from smell. This is the best litter for mechanical litter boxes and makes it easier for you to dispose of the waste.

So, if you are interested in buying Dr. Elsey’s Premium Clumping Cat Litter, then click here to proceed.

2.      Arm & Hammer Platinum Double Duty Clumping Cat Litter

This litter is also dust-free and offers hard clumping for easy scooping. The litter contains a powerful moisture-activated odor neutralizer along with Arm & Hammer baking Soda crystals, which destroy the urine faeces odors on contact.

To buy this litter for your cat, click here.

3.      Purina Tidy Cats Instant Action Clumping Cat Litter

Purina Tidy Cats Instant Action Clumping Cat Litter is another dust-free litter which also offers immediate odor control. It provides intense clumping action, which makes the scooping easy.

To get this litter, click here.

4.      Cat’s Pride Fresh Ultimate Care Lightweight Unscented Hypoallergenic Multi-Cat Litter

This hypo-allergenic odor control litter helps in destroying the toughest litter box odors and deliver a long-lasting freshness to the cats. It comes with a highly absorbent clay that traps the moisture quickly and forms strong clumping, which is extremely easy to dispose of.

To get this litter for your cat, click here.

5.      Cat’s Pride Drawstring Jumbo Litter Box Liners

Cat’s Pride Drawstring Jumbo Litter Box Liners is a dust-free litter that provides ultimate care and protection to your cats. You can get this litter by clicking here.

Final Words

We hope this article helped us understand the features of cat litter and then buying the best cat litter for your cat. Consider all the factors discussed above while purchasing the best cat litter and for your cat.

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