70 Amazing Names For Bobtail Cats

70 Amazing Names For Bobtail Cats

From their unique curled tails to their playful personalities, Bobtail cats are fun to be around. And just like their tails, they deserve a moniker that stands out from the rest. Hence, we’ve curated this list of 70 impressive names for Bobtail Cats

Amazing Bobtail Cat Names

Female BobtailMale BobtailGender Neutral

30 Names For Female Bobtail Cats

  1. Wisp (Inspired by their short tails)
  2. Nugget (A fun and adorable name)
  3. Sassy (For their feisty nature)
  4. Peanuts (For their small size)
  5. Willow (Inspired by the graceful tree)
  6. Luna (The Latin word for moon)
  7. Poppy (Inspired by the red flower)
  8. Kiki (A simple and cute name)
  9. Misty (Inspired by the soft and dreamy fog)
  10. Tilly (A sweet and feminine name)
  11. Niblet (A combination of “tiny” and “rabbit”)
  12. Gidget (A fun and quirky name)
  13. Fluff (Inspired by their soft fur)
  14. Lulu (A popular and classic name)
  15. Hazel (Inspired by the brown nut)
  16. Gigi (A sweet and classic name)
  17. Ivy (Inspired by the climbing plant)
  18. Molly (A popular and classic name)
  19. Sophie (A popular and classic name)
  20. Bella (Italian for beautiful)
  21. Roo (Inspired by the character from Winnie the Pooh)
  22. Minnie (Inspired by Minnie Mouse)
  23. Thalia (Inspired by the Greek muse of comedy)
  24. Cleo (Short for Cleopatra)
  25. Ginger (Inspired by the color of their fur)
  26. Goldie (Inspired by the color of their fur)
  27. Nell (A simple and sweet name)
  28. Jelly (A fun and silly name)
  29. Frida (Inspired by Frida Kahlo)
  30. Ava (A popular and classic name)

30 Names For Male Bobtail Cats

  1. Stumpy (Inspired by their short tails)
  2. Cobby (A combination of the words “cute” and “bobtail”)
  3. Rascals (For their playful nature)
  4. Sprout (For their small size)
  5. Whisker (A nod to their whiskers)
  6. Jax (A modern and trendy name)
  7. Dobby (Inspired by the famous house elf in Harry Potter)
  8. Roo (Inspired by the character from Winnie the Pooh)
  9. Simba (Inspired by the lion in The Lion King)
  10. Coco (A sweet name inspired by chocolate)
  11. Taz (Inspired by the Tasmanian Devil cartoon character)
  12. Marley (Inspired by the famous Bob Marley)
  13. Moo (A fun and silly name)
  14. Rummy (For their love of playing)
  15. Scrappy (For their feisty nature)
  16. Rusty (Inspired by the color of their fur)
  17. Louie (A classic name)
  18. Smudge (For their love of getting into mischief)
  19. Spud (Inspired by potatoes)
  20. Charlie (A simple and sweet name)
  21. Munchkins (For their short stature)
  22. Otis (A unique and uncommon name)
  23. Stretch (For their love of stretching)
  24. Casper (Inspired by the friendly ghost)
  25. Bob (Inspired by their breed name)
  26. Zorro (Inspired by the Spanish word for fox)
  27. Jasper (A gemstone name)
  28. Gizmo (For their love of playing with gadgets)
  29. Alfie (A popular British name)
  30. Zephyr (A Greek word for west wind, inspired by their playful spirit)

10 Gender Neutral Bobtail Cat Names

  1. Bubbles (Inspired by their playful nature)
  2. Nimbus (Inspired by cloud formations)
  3. Sprout (For their small size)
  4. Mango (Inspired by the sweet fruit)
  5. Flicker (Inspired by their playful movements)
  6. Pippin (Inspired by the small apple)
  7. Jolt (For their energetic nature)
  8. Wink (For their mischievous behavior)
  9. Zest (For their zesty personality)
  10. Noodle (For their playful and flexible movements)

We hope your new bobtail cat has gotten a deserving name. Feel free to check out our other cat-naming articles.

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