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Cats are cute, and they make our lives better by just being there for us. It is our responsibility to take care of them and bestow all our love upon them. Unfortunately, even after proper care, these feline friends can

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Toys & Accessories

Cat furniture and toys can be both fun for your pet but also has many physical and behavioral benefits. Cats have a natural instinct to scratch and climb so having furniture designed for these activities will help to reduce boredom

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Find articles and information about topics such as fleas, cat obesity, best cat food, kitten care and more. There is also a collection of eBooks on a range of cat related topics and stores. CatInformer’s Top Picks for Cat eBooks

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Caring for a Cat

If you are considering adopting a cat or bringing home a new kitten you will want to know what’s involved in caring for them. No matter what their age is cats use their natural hunting instincts to play. If you haven’t seen it before you will get great amusement from watching them chase a light or laser around trying to catch it. Climbing and “kneading” are two other regular activities so having the right accessories will be important to keep them amused and protect your furniture.

Cats make for wonderful pets and they are reasonably low maintenance. They are extremely clean and will be constantly found self-grooming. They often have a reputation for being aloof and whilst that may be true for some cats it is also true for some humans! Most cats are very affectionate and make great companions especially if you want an extra “heater” in winter as they will curl up on your lap.

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