Ragdoll Cat Breed: Facts, Characteristics, & Health

For any would-be cat owner that lives in a flat, the Ragdoll might be the perfect breed for you. They are big cats with long bodies. These felines are social animals that get along well with their humans. 

These cats have an average-sized that sometimes looks bigger than what it is. This is because of their fur. The eyes on each side of their head make them look like they have a triangular face. They have oval blues and a well-developed chin. 

These felines have soft, silky, and plush coats. With this breed, their coats can vary from semi-long to long fur. Ragdoll cat’s coats come in different color patterns. In most cases, their body will have light fur. This will contrast with a dark color on their mask, ears, and their extremities. 


Quick facts about the Ragdoll

Weight: 10 to 20 pounds Height: 9 to 11 inches
Life span: 12 to 17 years
Intelligence: high Temperament: social | affectionate | brave
Playfulness: high Activity level: calm
Vocalness: quiet Coat length: long
Shedding amount: occasional
Good with: kids | seniors | dogs | other cats | families
Traits: Ragdolls are a breed of cat that is known for being very friendly. They are typically low-key and laid back, making them easy to train. They are also very friendly to humans as well as other pets. In fact, Ragdolls are often considered one of the best breeds for families with kids or pets because they get along with everyone.

With the Bicolour Ragdoll, there might be some dark points. There will also be an upturned V on their foreheads. This is while their bellies, ruff, and four legs are all white. On the other hand, the Mitted Ragdoll will have white feet and chins. 

Their coat is super easy to take care of. All you need to do is brush your coat daily. This should be enough to their fur knot and tangle-free. 

With the Ragdoll, their cats will have a fatty bad on the lower part of their bellies. This is perfectly normal, but you still shouldn’t let your cat get overweight. For this reason, you should keep a careful eye on their nutrition. 

Your Ragdoll will need a playing room and lots of exercises to keep in shape. It might be a good idea to set aside time every day to play with your cat. 


The Ragdoll is a calm cat that knows how to keep a level head. These social felines will get along with your family members. They are also able to adapt to changes pretty easily. 

The Ragdoll is one of the most popular cat breeds for would-be cat owners. The breed originated in California during the 1960s. The Ragdoll may be the result of breeding between Persian, Birman, and Burmese cats. 

But there is the common belief that Ragdoll cats are descendants of a white cat named Josephine. This is why Ragdolls are sometimes called the daughters of Josephine. 

Their creator, a woman named Ann Baker, believed that she felt limp when Josephine was in her arms. This belief led to the breed named the Ragdoll. She would later copyright the name, so it could only be used for this breed. 


United States


Dr. Adedapo Adisa:

Closely resembling the RagaMuffin cat with a striking color point appearance and bluish eyes, the Ragdoll cat is a large and muscular cat breed native to the United States.

Besides being known for their docile temperaments, Ragdoll cats also have good health seen in average life expectancy that ranges from 12-18 years

Though a healthy cat breed, Ragdoll cats do have a few genetic health issues due to their genetic pool. A common inherited issue seen in the Ragdoll cat is Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM). Another health issue the Ragdoll cats have experienced is urinary tract conditions.

Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy in the Ragdoll cat is a result of the thickening of the heart’s muscular wall as a result of the mutant gene. 

This thickened wall affects the main chamber that pumps blood (left ventricle) in affected Ragdoll cats.

The thickened muscular walls of the left ventricle in the Ragdoll cat affect how the left ventricle works in pumping out blood and filling with blood due to reduced ventricle space. 

Subsequently, other chambers of the heart and even the lungs hold blood more than they should, leading to the formation of clots, fluid accumulation, and in turn, congestive heart failure in affected Ragdoll cats.

Furthermore, the reduced oxygenated blood in the cat’s system due to reduced blood flow from the heart causes an increase in the heart rate, which can lead to the death of heart cells from a lack of oxygen.

Ragdoll cats with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy might show one or more of these symptoms;

● Rapid breathing and increased heart rate.

● Heart sounds or murmurs.

● Fluid can build up around the lungs.

● Pain or paralysis of the limbs due to broken clots blocking blood vessels.

● The cat can appear weak and exercise intolerance.

Although there are DNA tests to screen Ragdoll kittens if they have the mutant gene causing hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. However, if any of these signs are present in the Ragdoll cats, it is important to report to your veterinarian to start early management.

Ragdoll cats with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy should be discontinued from breeding activities to prevent the mutant gene from passing to the offspring.

Another health condition seen in the Ragdoll cats is urinary tract issues. A common one is calcium oxalate bladder stone. Bladder stones sometimes are referred to medically as uroliths.

The condition is characterized by the presence of minerals, organic matter, and crystals, which form stones in the urinary tract.

Some causes of this bladder stone urolithiasis in the Ragdoll cats include inflammation or infection in the urinary tracts, an inadequate diet, or the cat not taking enough water. An imbalance in the acidity of the urine is another cause of bladder stones.

In Ragdoll cats with calcium oxalate bladder stones, the cause is a high amount of calcium and oxalate minerals present in the urine. Furthermore, acidic urine assists in the solidification of the minerals and the formation of the bladder stone.

Ragdoll cats with bladder stones might show one or more of the following symptoms.

● Difficulty passing out urine.

● Painful urination.

● Blood may be present in urine.

● Cats cannot pass urine entirely but spray them in various places.

● Frequent urination.

It is best to report to your veterinarian in situations where the above signs have been seen in the Ragdoll cats. Your veterinarian would, in turn, conduct a couple to test to confirm which type of bladder stone and the treatments therapies.

It is essential to screen Ragdoll cats for numerous health conditions before engaging them in breeding activities. This helps prevent the offspring from inheriting genetic diseases from the parents.

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